Do Testimonial Ads Matter To You?

Here is a testimonial ad from the Frank Rizzo campaign for Mayor in 1987.  Rizzo was the former mayor of Philadelphia and this was his comeback campaign.  Rizzo lost to incumbent W. Wilson Goode in this election.

Do testimonial ads make a difference to you when you cast your vote on Election Day?  Why are testimonial ads used?


38 responses to “Do Testimonial Ads Matter To You?

  1. It is good that testimonial ads are out there before election because it gets the last word in before election day. Also, it makes the people running for the position look not cocky and actually put forth effort that they want the position. Lastly, they don’t diss the other opponents which is good because they are in it for themselves.

    • Wisam Fakhouri

      to make up my mind on who am I going to elect takes more that testimonial Ads; specially if that political figure is an incumbent, I think that the reasons of may opinion is because this political figure had the opportunity to spend time in his position and he had the chance to prove if he is worthy to continue in holding that position or not, however testimonial ads can play a big role in citizens decisions; testimonial Ads are used to target inexperience young adults. We all know the powerful impact that media can have on the public opinion. I believe that we must be aware where do we stand and who is the best to represent us by looking at his achievements or by judging his potentials

  2. Testimonial ads are helpful because they show that the candidates have made some people impressed and happy. It helps those citizens that are unsure of the candidate to see what difference they have made and what they can do for the people. It shows that they have made a difference in someones life which means they can most likely make differences in everyones life.

  3. Ania Tomaszewski

    Testimonial Ads do matter to us because they are shown to us before we go and vote for the candidate. This can maybe make or break our decision. You can be sure in your decision of candidate. They put the candidate in a good light

  4. Alejandro Medina

    I dont think that testimonial ads make a difference when is comes to the day of election day. I believe that the testimonail ads are just opionions of what people think and have to say about the situation. I dont think it would many any difference to change my mind on who i will vote for days before the election. Testimonial ads are used are just used to try to convince other people.

  5. A testimonial, especially when it concerns a candidate running for office on Election Day, is about as useful and important to a voter as a ripped tennis ball stuck on the roof of a high building. The video shows a few ethnically diverse people saying that they support Rizzo. First, this handful of people was asked to give a testimonial in favor of Rizzo. This shouldn’t deter you from voting for the candidate you were originally going to vote for because, obviously, people have different opinions about candidates. If you go to a voting booth and don’t know who you’re going to vote for, do more research next time. These people just seemed to want to provide a testimonial in Rizzo’s case because they support him. Second, there is potential that these people have something more important in mind when they were giving testimonials: their jobs and future contracts. Testimonials are used to put a human aspect to the support that a candidate is getting. For example, if you compare a newspaper advertisement that said “Rizzo is a great man” to a live actual human saying “Rizzo is a great man,” the latter would connect better with voters.

  6. To me testimonials have no affect on who I would vote for, but overall they may have an effect on voters that have no idea who they are voting for. Everytime i vote i know who i am voting for, i do not need a testomonial of someone for or against my choice, and i believe most people are like that to. Also who says that these people giving the testimonials aren’t getting something out of it? Maybe they are getting payed, or something else?

  7. Testimonial ads (like most campaign ads) are very cheesy. They are not particularly believable, because of the random people off of the streets reading scripts. In most cases though, it does not matter what the challenger says or what his/her ads look like. As was discussed in class, the incumbent normally has the upper hand in the election.

  8. Testimonial ads are used for obvious reasons. There to gain votes. However, testimonial ads seem very scripted and in other words “trying too hard”. They don’t effect my decisions when it comes to voting. They seem cheesy and rehearsed.

  9. Testimonial ads mean absolutely nothing to me. These people are giving their opinion or are being paid to advertise for the candidate. I question why some average joe or jane would do this to themselves especially if the candidate lost! How embarassing…hey jane saw you on TV…your candidate lost…loser!
    Testimonial ads are used to get the candidates’ names out there. It is an attempt to have everyone know who this person is even if the ads are meaningless…people will remember the ads and names…the stupidest ads are the most memorable.

  10. Charlene-Grace Crisostomo

    Testimonial ads don’t make any difference to me. For me, they are just opinions of other people and who knows, they are just saying whatever they are saying for the sake of money or maybe just for the fame of showing up on national television. In muy opinion, testimonial ads are just an ordinary ad trying to put the best foot forward. These ads may be convincing but, not a hundred percent reliable.

  11. Testimonial ads do not influence my vote. I feel that the people in the ads were chosen by the candidate that the ad is for. Therefore, all of the people chosen to be in the ad are supporters of the candidate. The people in the ad do not include those who are not for the candidate. I feel that testimonial ads are biased. I think that testimonial ads are used to put a positive picture of a candidate in the voters heads. The more people here positive responses from real people, the more likely they may be to vote for the candidate. I, however, am more skeptical than the average person might be.

  12. I believe the testimonial ad somewhat works. If you don’t like the candidate the testimonial ad will not matter. You are trying to reach the undecided who don’t come out too often on Election day. Testimonial ads do not influence my vote. It might work if the candidate did something wrong late in the race. Plus, these ads could be bias and the testimony people could be payed.

  13. Jennifer Hendel

    Personally I do not think tht this testimonial strategy of advertisment works. I don’t think testimonial ads make a difference to my vote. Testimonial ads are used to strengthen an advertising campaign. They are used to influence voters decisions. These types of ads are seen as an important way of adverising because “real people” are seen and doing most of the talking and the public finds that these “real people” are more credible then just listening to an announcer.

  14. I can only speak for myself on this subject but it has to take a lot more than testimonial ads to get my vote. I feel like any type of advertisement is just a business trying to get more money. Testimonial ads may have the truth but in my opinion they are just peoples opinion on that candidate. In the end it is what i see in the actions and words of the candidate that will get my vote in an election.

  15. Chantise Bennett

    I don’t think that testimonial ads matter that much when election day comes. I believe that most people already have in mind who they will be voting for, and testimonial ads probably wont change their mind. I do believe that they help a little with getting that last minute advertisement out there about the candidates.

  16. Muhammad Shukair

    Testimonial Ads are techinically bias. The Ads are run by that party and ONLY allow those clips that sound like they would help the candidate. The testimonials might be able to help get some extra votes from people that had no intentions on voting but happened to see the Ad run on a network they were watching and figured they should go and vote for this candidate. It is almost as if it is only intended for those with very little knowledge on the actual election. If I was not going to vote and I saw this Ad it would honestly make me go vote for the opponent. Just because you run an Ad like this doesn’t mean it is at all the true characteristics of that candidate. Testimonial Ads mean absolutely nothing to me.

  17. I can understand the logic behind the use of testimonial ads. I would never vote based off of one because I am sure every candidate has these ads going out for them. All it means to me is that he has supporters, nothing more. It tells me that common people like me support and why they do. To me, the equivalent is seeing those new febreeze commercials and how the people are blindfolded and think they are in some fruit paradise but in reality are in a stinky mini-van. The ads are funny, they shouldn’t be used to determine your vote at all.

  18. No these ads dont make a difference to someone that follows the campaigns preety closely, but it does make a difference to the unsure voters. They see these kind of ads and they think its all true and dont think about how its a stratergy they use. They think since theyre campaigning it that it has to be true, but to someone like me who watches the campaigns, no it does not change my opinions about the canidates.

  19. Fernando Moctezuma

    Personally i would never base my vote off testimonial ads. Sure they are a good way to grab peoples attention in hopes to grab an extra vote but to me i would rather look at the facts and look at all the information for myself before i vote. testimonial ads i believe are more of a way to changes opinion on where they should vote rather then who is a better candidate in the end its all propaganda.

  20. Patricia Vargas

    Testimonial ads do not influence my vote. The purpose of it is to persuade the audience of course. I do believe that there are a lot of people who get influenced by these ads, and for many others it is a helpful tool in order to take their final decision.

  21. Julie Rodriguez

    Yes, testimonials are somewhat effective and powerful. When someone speaks their opinion and plan of action, it helps build their rapport with voters. It also makes politicians look trustworthy

  22. Yes and no. Sometimes we just can’t be sure how reliable the source is. Many times one person can have a negative opinion, but more are happy with somebody’s performance. It’s just like reading reviews before going to a new restaurant. It happened more than once in my experience to go to the restaurant with medium ratings, but I didn’t found anything wrong with the restaurant and/or their service. So, I think that people should be also careful of trusting the testimonial ads.

  23. The testimonials ads do not make a difference to me when I vote. I think that in these kinds of ads only participate people who are in favor of the candidate in question. For me these ads do not have credibility. The credibility is behind the candidate’s work. The testimonials are used only for those who are undecided at the time of the election.

  24. No, We vote because there is no reason NOT to vote. I am an educated voter who studies all the facts and makes a rational decision based on those facts. We all should vote because I believe every President needs a chance to finish what he started. In addition, I am voting for healthcare. I know many people who are un-insurable and they deserve to have a chance to get insured.

  25. Political testimonials are the same for a candidate as an infomercial is for a product. I would not watch the testimonial / infomercial unless I was already interested in the candidate / product. That tells me you are preaching to the choir, which is a waste of my time and your money.

  26. I take political testimonials into consideration when casting my vote, but they are just a small part of the things I look at at when making my decision. I think they probably work because those watching consider the people giving the testimonials are average citizens just like they are facing the same everyday problems they are. The “viewer”can relate to them.

  27. Political testimonies have no influence on who I vote for. Testimony adds are predominately geared towards the undecided. Personally, most testimonial commercials appear to be simulated or artificial. Also, one must take into account all the negative feedback people are giving that aren’t being advertised, for obvious reasons.

  28. i think the ad is important on election day. its important because it reminds the voter why he/she are voting for them. ads like this are important because it lets everyone know who is running and it gets the person name out to the public

  29. I personally think that testimonials don’t influence my decision. When I see these testimonials it is not real enough for me, because I the only purpose of a testimonial is to influence peoples vote and I would like to believe that people really don’t listen to this. I think people pay more attention to the negatives of a candidate than the positive.

  30. Testimonials ads are a pure example of the age old adage of treating your market like they are of lower intelligence. Where do these political officials, corporations, and the like get the idea that things like this will work?

    I heard a joke the other day, the punch line was along the lines of: “Ted Nugent was the GOP spokesman.. Why didn’t they win the election?”

    The point being that although tying celebrity, fame, emotional attachment, etc. to a party or candidate through testimonial ads was a cute idea and may have ultimately been effective at some point in our countries history, i feel it has come to a point in time where the “fake” feel offends the audience more than anything.

  31. Khafra Powell

    Testimonials don’t really mean or affect me in any way, shape, or form. As much as the people may be really speaking positively about that particular candidate it’s always possible they are getting paid. It’s a small conspiracy theory but it’s always something valid a candidate might use to get votes. Billions of dollars go into elections and paying someone $500 to say “so and so” is a great candidate is easy and is nothing. They’re meant to try to sway votes and in politics it’s been shown that in some way the motto to get votes is “by any means necessary”. A prime example is in the last election between Obama and Romney when Paul Ryan went to a soup kitchen and brought the media with him to show that he was doing dishes. It was later shown that he was washing dishes that were clean already and doing other unnecessary things. In politics sometimes illusions become a paradox and become the reality.

  32. Mark Mou Hong

    Personally I do not appeal to the testimony ads. Testimony ads has narrow opinion on the candidate. The performance on the television can be both way. The person is telling the truth about the politician or they are hired actors who need couple extra bucks to pay the bill.

  33. Testimonial ads to me are just there to remind me they are running for something. The person creating them is obviously getting paid so your going to read the positive things he is going to do not, therefore i dont pay much attention and i hope many people don’t and start looking at the cons instead of the pro’s!

  34. Testimonial ads are used to get the viewer’s vote and show that the candidate is there to help and make a difference… By using everyday people to give their testimony, the viewer is meant to feel a connection and relate to them. To me the ads don’t make a difference because I feel that they people giving their testimony are just actors, and obviously getting paid to be a part of the commercial, the candidate just wants to win.

  35. Michael Hernandez

    I do not believe that testimonial ads are useful to myself, however to the majority of the population, being able to persuade someones opinion on a topic may be easier if its announced by a average person. They will obviously not pay for someones opinion if it is negative, so you do not get to hear both sides. I do believe they work for those who aren’t willing to formulate there own opinion.

  36. Personally, I don’t think testimonial ads make a difference to me. When I see those type of ads it makes me think that they are actors that were paid to say things in favor for the candidate. How does one know if they are real people telling us their real story? It’s unknown, so I don’t even bother to pay attention to them.

  37. Michaela Sheeran

    Testimonial ads are obviously important. It’s like being in a store and as you are about to go to the check out line they have all sorts of stuff on shelves around you that you might pick up last minute to buy. Well this remiss me of testmonial ads. They can have the same affect on people as the impulse buying. It can sway your decision and can make or break them

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