Staying Focused

A lot has happened in the first three months of President Obama’s second term.  Stocks have seen signs of improvement, while unemployment has held steady between 7 and 8 percent.  North Korea has threatened the West and its Asian neighbors.  This past week, President Obama witnessed a failed attempt at gun control in the United States Senate.  He began the week with the bombings at the Boston Marathon.

54 responses to “Staying Focused

  1. Koraima Nieves

    I think that at this point Obama needs to focus on terrorism. I think that the safety of the united states is more important than anything else. we need to feel safe at home to then be able to deal with the other problems we are facing.

  2. The Economy should be the main focus point for President Obama which is still way behind. He has organizations which are doing a fantastic job while people are stil losing their homes or have no jobs.

  3. The economy!!! I cannot stress that enough. Even though there are many things going on in the world the presidents main focus should be about us. The growing national debt and the economy must be addressed.

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