The Aftermath of the Boston Marathon

Pundits and political commentators have already begun to speculate as to who committed the deadly bombings at the Boston Marathon on April 15.  Some have blamed Middle Eastern terrorists.  Others have pointed their fingers at right-wing extremists or militia groups.  While others have suggested that the bombings could be the work of someone who did not want to pay his taxes on Tax Day.  Each of these opinions comes with a liberal or conservative slant to it.  The question remains:  Is there ever a time for individuals to make political points when an event such as the one at the Boston Marathon occurs?


78 responses to “The Aftermath of the Boston Marathon

  1. I do not think that people should use peoples lives as bait to make a political statement. the boston marathon was a tragedy. when we look back we will not look at what the statement was of those who did the bombing, we will remember the innocent lives that got ruined because of what those people chose to do.

  2. Matt Kaczorowski

    No, politics should be the last thing to be discussed at a time like the Boston Marathon. I understand that may be the first thing on everyone’s mind, or the thought of terrorism, but a lot of people lost loved ones that day and that should be kept in consideration. Maybe after the person(s) are caught is a somewhat appropriate time, but when people are scared and dealing with a loss, politics should take a very far back seat.

  3. It is in the poorest of taste to use a tragedy to pursue a political agenda. If you want to build a soapbox to pursue your political agenda, thats fine. What’s not fine is when your soapbox is built on the graves of the innocent victims.

  4. When a tragedy of this nature occurs the focus needs to be on finding the cause of the problem and uniting as a country. When people make a political statement in these situations in causes disagreement and makes it more difficult to become unified. It also prematurely pushes ideas into the ears of the public and creates more false hate. After a tragedy there is no time for political statements.

  5. I think at a time of a tragedy our main concern should be helping the victims and their families and making sure that not another attack is about to take place. I know finding the human beings who committed these crimes Is important but not right away. We should take care of these victims, not worry about who were going to point the finger at and arrest first. Seems like everyone n owe the name of the guy who committed these crimes but not the names if the victims…

  6. During the tragedy that occurred this past week in Boston our main concern should be the victims of the bombing and their families. We should be more focused on making sure something like this does not occur again.Yeah we should bring justice to the people who committed the crime of hurting and killing innocent people, but first is first lets help the ones in need of real help. We shouldn’t start looking at different groups and trying to blame it on people who weren’t involved.Seems to me that everyone is focused on the people who did it and not the people who lost their innocent loved ones, it should be complete opposite of that.

  7. The lost of life is always paramount over a political statement. The fact that a political stance seems out of place in a time of enormous grief, and in many ways in bad taste. A tragedy like the one in Boston is always going to have people trying to make sense of it in their state of shock.

  8. There is a time and place for everything; the immediate aftermath of a tragedy is not the time to start on politics or speculate who was responsible until more facts are established. I find it extremely irresponsible for the networks to go live with panels who sit around and guess who is to blame and air erroneous reports. The focus in the aftermath of a tradgey such as the marathon bombing should be honoring & supporting the injured or those who perished and capturing those responsible. Let law enforcement do their job. During this tragedy there were too many items that were reported on the turned out to be wrong.

  9. Politics should be the last topic discussed, if not at all, in an event such as the Boston Marathon. Political parties should have a say in such a tragedy. The focus, instead, should be on the victims and the people who are in need of help. The ones that are suffering should be the main priority. Politics are not a priority as many make it to be. Everything has its time and place; the Boston Marathon, and other horrendous acts such as, is not a place for politics to be discussed.

  10. Samantha Garcia

    There isn’t a right time to make political statements during the Boston tragedy. After all the people that have been injured and those who’ve died politics is the furthest thing on people’s mind. There needs to be respect and give those who need it time to recover from this incident.

  11. When something so big such as Boston marathon happens discussing politics is the last thing that should be discussed. A lot of people’s lives were affected by the bombing and I don’t think discussing politics is something that is comforting to them or something that is on America’s mind right away as well. Especially in this case where they couldn’t find out who the bombers were and were on a man hunt. Even if politics was discussed I don’t think people would really pay attention to what was being discussed.

  12. Wioleta Takuska

    During a tragedy, such as the Boston Marathon, I think people should come together to help the victims and push politics aside. It’s not the right time to discuss politics during a tragedy. We should focus on helping the victims and their families because they’re the ones suffering and they should be the first priority.

  13. When atrocities are committed on a national level, in our country, pundits and the like should keep their political bias to themselves. Blaming right-wing conservatives? Really? The last thing this country needs is media further dividing this nation over ideologies and it is outright slanderous to make such claims. I always thought that before accusing someone of anything, have the common decency to wait until all the facts present themselves one way or another. And never assume either. We all know what happens when we assume. Until then, a simple apology would be nice.

  14. Jazmin Gutierrrez

    After a tragedy like this happens, politics should be the last thing on someones mind. Helping those who were hurt or injured and helping families who have lost a family member in the tragedy should be running through every ones mind first. The families of the people in the tragedy would not want to hear any political statements towards the bombing and that should be respected.

  15. i think it is very sad that this happened its tragic and people need to come together poilce are always gonna be on the edge now many familes were hurt and no one is trying to hear about politics in a matter like this there is no room for politcs for this.

  16. Cristina Calderon

    I don’t think there is ever a time for individuals to make political statements when an event such as the bombings at the Boston Marathon occur? Helping the victims and the public cope with the tragedy by creating support programs and funding is a better representation of how well a politician will serve than any words he/she can say. Also, politics is a weak excuse for the evil deeds behind these type of events.

  17. I don’t think their is time for politic when people have been attacked. I think that their first priority should be the people and catching the people responsible. I don’t think it is time to point fingers.

  18. Patryk bryniarski

    Things like this should not be happening anymore with the security we have now after things that happened in the past. It’s really sad what happened in Boston and it should show people to unite and stop attacks like this from happening to save life’s of innocent people .

  19. I believe that politics should be the last idea that is talked about when a tradegy like that happens. We should be worrried about the lives that were lost the people that were injured and how to catch the people who would do such a terrible act. Politics should never get in the way of that. Alot of ideas are always revolved around politics but disaster should never be one of them even know sometimes it doesnt work out that way.

  20. I think that we the people shouldn’t bring up or try to make a statement such as the tragedy of the Boston marathon. At that moment we need to help each other out especially the people that lost loved ones. I’ve always wondered, what goes through people’s minds when they do such a thing, that makes them take so many innocent people away from this earth. If they’re not happy then they should just take their own lifes.

  21. Alejandro Ballesteros

    The Boston Marathon Tragedy was horrific! Can we not be safe anywhere? People would like go out on family outings to enjoy a movie and take a walk in the park without being terrorized or harassed, but that just doesn’t seem to work anymore.

  22. No, I do not believe that politics should be talked about at a time like this after such a tragedy. People need to come together at a time like this and put a stop to these terrorist acts. Its a shame that families and people want to go out and enjoy life but always have to take precaution while stepping out of their house because of terrorist acts such as this.

  23. Kimberly Rodgers

    After this tragedy I do not think politics should get involved. Like everyone else said people need to put a stop to these acts whether they were terrorist ones or not. This really makes people scared for when they are going out doing something so simple because you never know what can happen these days.

  24. I do think there is a political statement to make during a extreme event like the Boston marathon. By agreement i think the politician should only comfort the people and building up his political reputation at the same time. a good political strategey should be layout and future precaution should be discuss on the agenda of the prosposal.

  25. When tragedies like this happen, politics should not make any statements other than their condolences to the victim’s families. It ‘s not the right time for politicians to make any statements especially in times like this. Whats important is to find the suspects of the tragedy and get through the trauma together.

  26. There is nothing to be said other than the people who carried out this act should be brought to justice. Any political agenda from this tragedy could back fire.

  27. Sean McDermott

    After the fact, yes I believe there can be political arguments about the tragedy. There should be a time of togetherness and mourning as a nation first.

  28. Politics shouldnt have been discussed during the attacks. They should think about comforting the people and set politics aside.

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