North Korea Threatens South Korea

47 responses to “North Korea Threatens South Korea

  1. I think North Korea will launch the Musudans along with other missiles around April 15th (a large North Korean holiday commemorating his Jung- Un’s grandfather) on South Korea. Our radars detected missiles not long ago and the equipment for them to be launched are set up and on stand- by. They have threatened and terrorized too much not follow through with it. Kim Jung- Un will not be taken seriously if the missiles are not launched soon.

  2. There is no way to tell if North Korea will actually precede with the attack. It depends on how crazy their dictator really is. Kim Jong Un must realize if he does go along with this attack on South Korea, Japan, or the U.S. then he will be pushing other countries to get involved and it will inevitably be the World against North Korea.

  3. I do not think North Korea will send a missile directly at a South Korea or any other country. I believe they will set there missile for the ocean to outrage and scare people. North Korea has been doing this kind of stuff for a long time they like to scare people and get the worlds attention to show power. If they do go through with the bombing of South Korea it is basically a suicide mission for North Korea.

  4. I don’t think North Korea will take action on their threats. They would be asking for a lot of trouble if they do in my opinion. I feel like it’s all talk in order to scare people.

  5. I believe these treats are just to scare other countries. Kim Jong-Un wants to show his power so he will continue to make threats. I think Kim Jong-Un knows that he can’t bomb South Korea because other countries will get involved.

  6. Yes, I think North Korea will act on his threat of attacking South Korea. Kim Jong-Un needs a war or battle to prove his ability in leading the country. Kim Jong-Un’s father has fought many battles. Kim Jong-Un’s father had set up his reputation during last century but Kim-Jong-Un basically inherited his father’s position as the chairman of North Korea. Kim-Jong-Un wants war more than anything but the reality reflects North Korean insufficient in material and war technology. Meanwhile South Korean is receiving all the information and technology from United States of America as the country slowly westernize.

  7. North Korea is capable of lunching its nukes to America but other countries like China and Japan would get involve if they do. Also Kim Jong-Un persnoally is like another Hugo Chavez all talk. Just becuase people have power they want to sound like they are not afraid of anyone and will say anything to prove that. Hence why Kim Jong-Un says all this stuff but probably won’t do it because other countries for sure will get involved.

  8. Alexander Bacon

    I don’t think Kim Jung Un will launch any type of attack on South Korea because he knows it will be suicide. He is doing this because he is a young, inexperienced, and untested leader with military generals who are as old as his father is. Therefore, in order to prove to his generals that he is the real deal, he will continue to make threats but he will not attack the South.

  9. Antonio Rubino

    I believe that North Korea will try to act on its threat of attacking South Korea. The U.S. Navy has moved a warship closer to the North Korean coast in order to monitor North Korea’s military moves. I strongly believe that North Korea should be monitored closely and dealt with accordingly.

  10. I do not think that Kim Jung Un will act on his threat of attacking South Korea. In the past, Kim’s father used to have a similar pattern he would threaten other countries and then pull back. We should still be prepared regardless, however, I believe Jung Un knows what the repercussions will be if he does act. I feel that Kim realizes he cannot intimate the U.S and we will take action if necessary. If Jung Un does attack South Korea, the backlash will be more severe and I think he knows this.

  11. I do not think that Kim Jung-Un will completely act on his threats. He may continue to do missile tests and try to vamp up his “show of force” with his military, but I think that if he does initiate the nuclear attack, he is asking for a war against the world. The United States, Japan, and other surrounding countries will get involved. At this point, the United States has enough invested, financially and militarily, in South Korea, that we will not allow North Korea to effectively get away with any type of attack on South Korea. To me, it seems as though Jung-Un is trying to show the world that he is a serious leader, but in reality, he is the further from that. I think it is only a matter of time before our military gets more involved with this issue.

  12. With the new leadership, I doubt anyone outside of North Korea can give you anything but his own guess. I doubt NK will do anything. Its the same game they’ve been doing every time joint military exercises have been conducted. they dont want to seem weak in front of the world and poke back at south korea and the us.

  13. North Korea has the little dog, big bark syndrome. They are trying so hard to be this big tough country but they are, in reality, just hurting their own country. China is the super country in the east and it seems that North Korea just does not know it’s role. Instead of feeding the people of their country, they just pour money into their military and try standing tall on their toes. They will not attack South Korea, they have been threatening the south side of Korea country since the end of the Korean war.It seems though that even their ally China is getting sick of the North Koreans antics. Pretty soon it is going to be North Korea by itself with no one behind them.

  14. I think its going to be hard to tell if North Korea will commit this attack. We don’t really know what they’re capable of. However, NK should consider the possible outcomes of their actions.

  15. Michael Hernandez

    The worst type of leader is an unpredictable one in charge. Kim Jung-Un is the type of leader who will act upon emotion and with this being said, I believe that North Korea will attack the South. Although, the North has been threatening the South since the Korean war, The stakes are much higher now, especially with nuclear weapons being involved.

  16. I don’t think North Korea will send missiles to any county. Kim Jung Un is just a immature kid who is trying to scare other countries. He has been on a power trip ever since his dad died. Also, the US has sent warships and other military installments close to Korea just incase. Overall, North Korea is just putting on a nuclear scare and will not launch anything to different countries.

  17. I do not think North Korea will attack South Korea right now. I think they are testing the U.S and seeing how far they can go until we say something or threaten them. I think their new leader is trying to gain popularity around the world but more importantly in North Korea, and he is trying to prove himself to his military leaders. North Korea knows that they do not have the same military power as the United States and I don’t think they want to go to war with us or even get us involved.

  18. Maisem Nakhleh

    I don’t think North Korea would attack South Korea because that would cause a big war between many countries. I’m pretty sure South Korea has many allies and America and China are the biggest countries that would probably help South Korea. So I highly doubt North Korea has enough weapons for war. Or is even ready for a huge war.

  19. I really hope they do so that US can deploy anti nuclear weapons and just nuke North Korea. They are playing a mouse and cat game and they will not win unless China or someone else steps in for them. So long as we do not repeat Vietnam, we should be ok PLUS I believe that US needs to show the world that we are a power not to mess with.

  20. There’s no way we can really predict if they will act on the threat of attack. North Korea is pretty known for the radical ideas and government. We can maybe predict by looking back at their actions in the past during similar periods of time? The only person(s) that know if attack is imminent are kim juan-un and maybe Dennis Rodman.

  21. I honestly feel as though North Korea is a lot of talk but no action. I think they are just threatening to attack South Korea to get a rise out of everyone. I do not have enough knowledge on the topic to really argue one way or another, but I think North Korea is smart enough to know that if they actually attack South Korea, a huge war could break out.

  22. I don’t think they will. In my opinion, they’re just bluffing; trying to get other countries to fear them, or take them seriously. I think it’s just a tactic to make them look more intimidating. In any event, I really hope they don’t!

  23. North Korea is way over there heads with there missle launches threats. Their dictator is the son of a crazy father who shared his beliefs to his son. If he is dumb enough to launch the missles to south Korea he is just making war against himself because other countries would help out South Korea and take North Korea out. I believe that King Jong Un is just overwhelmed with power he believes hes unstoppable.

  24. The possiabilty of north korea attacking is just threating the world i dont beileve it wants a war with south korea or any other nation, in my opinon the young leader is just trying to flex his muscles and scare the world, if he attacks south korea i believe that they will have to many allies and he knows that.

  25. In my opinion I don’t think North Korea will attack South Korea. The young leader is pretty much trying to scare everyone into thinking he will attack. I’m pretty sure that if North Korea attacks they will regret it because many other countries will have South Korea’s side and fight back at North Korea.

    • In my opinion I don’t think North Korea will attack South Korea. The young leader is pretty much trying to scare everyone into thinking he will attack. I’m pretty sure that if North Korea attacks they will regret it because many other countries will have South Korea’s side and fight back at North Korea.

  26. Miguel Benitez

    No I do not think that North Korea will attack South Korea directly , but i do think that they will shoot a missle through South Korea only to scare them. If they do hit South Korea, the U.S. will end North Korea within a week. its the whole world against North Korea, i doubt that it will seriously be a big war.

  27. Patricia Vargas

    I dont think North Korea act on its threat of attacking South Korea. I do believe that North Korea knows better what is best for them. Kim Jung probably doesn’t realized the consequences of the threats. In my opinion he is not going to do anything, however that lider is very young and he might wants to get the respect from everyone in his country, so he could do anything stupid.

  28. I cant say i know to much aout the situation but i feel that something will happen eventually. North Korea has been the focus for a while now and i thin they will do something small. I dont think they hae the weapons they say they do.

  29. I dont feel like North Korea will really attack South Korea. Although, anything can happen with a young volatile ruler, I feel that North Korea is reluctant to attack because of the US flexing its muscles and continued pressure from the western world. North Korea is just using scare tactics to get some sort of leverage for something that they want, or to simply isolate themselves even more.

  30. I don’t think that North Korea will act on attacking South Korea. I think North Korea just likes the publicity and like stirring up trouble with South Korea and everyone else. I think they are just trying to send a message that they do have power and that South Korea and other countries should be aware and fear them.

  31. North Korea will not make good on their threats of South Korea because of the fact that they are not prepared for the backlash of the US. Kim Jung Un maybe seen as crazy and irrational by most but he would be unwise to make his threats a reality. At the risk of upsetting the US, and by association Dennis Rodman and the entire Chicago Bulls organization, i feel Kim Jung Un will holster his weapon.

  32. Personally I do not know what to think or say about this. I have read a little bit of the threats that North Korea has made against the U.S and South Korea, and I thinking that maybe it is possible for those threats to become reality. But also on the other hand North Korea would have to be a little crazy to do so because if they did send missiles to South Korea it would be the start of a new world war. This might all be for some publicity and a scare tactic. But who knows! We will find out sooner or later what North Korea has up their sleeve!

  33. North Korea will not attack because it knows that South Korea is backed by the United States, and the United states would defend South Korea and abolish the North Korean government through military force.

  34. North Korea will not attack South Korea. They are using the tactic of Brinksmanship. Pushing South Korea and the United States to the brink with out actually going to war. North Korea is testing the world on what they can get away with Politically for moral in the nation. North Korea will “win” if they do not attack South Korea for the North Korea government will tell the people they won the negotiations.

  35. Jeremy Witherspoon

    I dont believe North Korea will attack South Korea. Jung is trying to show his power that he has and he knows that if he does attack he is going to have many other countries on his back. Jung just wants to be the big bully thaf attacks the little guy to show his power.

  36. Sean McDermott

    North Korea is a joke. Honestly all they can do is run their mouth. The Koreans are hurting themselves by ticking off their own allies with these feeble threats.

  37. I think that North Korea will attack South Korea in the near future. Even though many countries will defend South Korea, I don’t think it will stop North Korea from attacking them and other countries around the world. All of the threats from North Korea remind me of WWII and the Nazis wanting to dominate the world.

  38. I can see North Korea indeed acting on its threat and starting another pointless war. They are unpredictable with their accusations and threats. North Korea has a blindfold on thinking that they can get away with anything. Who knows, World War III could well be on its way. However, like many of these above comments stated, North Korea could just be bluffing, trying to act tough and intimidating. We mustn’t forget that every nation has different cultures and values. If the North Koreans firmly value their past and current leaders as if they’re God, then they would have no trouble feeling hurt, invincible, and to attack South Korea.

  39. The threats seem to be a bit more real than in the past and with a new young leader trying to prove himself could be a magor problem. The young leader is not even listening to his closet ally in China who repeatedly is telling him to stand down unlikeike his Father who eventually listened. There will be an altercation of some kind.

  40. There is no way North Korea will attack South Korea because it simply lacks the bravado. Not only is South Korea where many North Koreans work, but the United States will literally do everything it can to make sure North Korea regrets that action, if it did bomb SK. North Korea is like a small child that wants to sit at the big kids’ table. They’re drawing attention to themselves by doing “big kid” things like threatening another country with missiles and so on. NK just wants a chance to seem like it’s a big international player when the whole world already knows its run by a bunch of nepotistic oligarchs that like to starve and torture their own people.

  41. i do not think that North Korea will attack South Korea. the first reason why is because if they do them North Korea will have to deal with the Untied States and all the other allience that South Korea have. if they do attack they will be stupid because it would just be committing suicide. North Korea is a small place and will get killed if they mess with South Korea.

  42. Kimberly Rodgers

    I dont think North Korea will attack South Korea. North Korea would have to face the U.S and we have a very strong powerful army. South Korea will attack back and North Korea already knows that, so why would they even try? Especially after everything thats been going on I dont ever see North and South Korea at war.

  43. i dont think North Korea should or would attack South Korea because the US will back South and so will many other countries at the end of the day North Korea would lose big time.

  44. i doubt that North Korea will act on its threat to attack South Korea. South Korea has a lot of allies and they won’t let North Korea attack one of the U.S. allies. It’s too much for North Korea to deal with so I don’t think they’ll go through with that.

  45. These countries are always threatening each other. But i don’t think they will act on it. It will probably go back and forth for a while

  46. North Korea is engaging in saber-rattling. Nothing will come of these threats, as all their technology is at least half a century behind the rest of the world. They only recently managed to attain orbit with a rocket – something the Soviets did in the mid-1950s. No one is taking them seriously. They are the laughingstock of southeast Asia.

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