Local and State Elections

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  1. I think people dont vote on state and local elections because they are unaware of candidates who are running for those positions. Also, they dont vote because people think local elections dont have a big effect on anything. Candidates should advertise themselves more and hold public events to be recognized by the public, so fellow voters would be encouraged to vote and so they know who the candidates are and what are their future goals for the town.

  2. Residents don’t vote in state or local elections because they are unfamiliar with the issues. There is not much talk going around about candidates or issues being discussed in news. There is not as much promotion for local and state elections and some people do not even know when there are state and local elections being held.

  3. In my opinion people do not vote for local and state elections because they are unaware of the candidates running for these positions. Many people do not know about the judge or any other politic positions that are occurring in their local town. The other reason i feel that people do not vote is because they feel the people running are insignificant to their lives. They have the idea that if they don’t know who they are what difference can these candidates really make in their towns.

  4. I think people not voting in state and local elections happens for multiple reasons that were listed. I know personally, I didn’t have time to vote, but I also didn’t think voting for mayor was important enough to try making time for. Especially considering the mayor of my town was running unopposed. A lot has to do with the lack of knowledge of who IS running. Unless you’re in a big, populated town or the complete opposite, I think it’s hard to know about who’s running for what or what the big issues in your town are at all, if there’s any serious issues at all. If smaller town candidates would make more of an effort to get out there so people would be aware, there might be more of a turnout on election day.

  5. I think that people don’t vote for many reasons. I think that in the state and local elections people don’t know their candidates, or the issues. The biggest reason would be that they are not interested. They are not interested because they don’t have media to inform them like in the presidential elections. Also because the candidates and their representatives like to go knock on doors and people really don’t open.

  6. I think that people don’t vote for state or local elections because they aren’t as interested in the issues as the national level. I think they also don’t vote at these levels because they aren’t familiar with the candidates. I think the people of the town should be more involved because this is the city that they live in. If they don’t voice their opinion through voting they won’t be heard. And I think it is very important to be involved in your towns decisions.

  7. Stephanie Bialka

    People do not vote for state or local elections because they are unaware of the candidates as well as the issues. People tend to think state and local elections don’t make a big impact on us. There is not as much campaigning for these elections so people assume they don’t mean anything.

  8. Amber McNamara

    State and local elections have a large number of candidates running for offices. When looking at the choices, one may feel overwhelmed. This may cause an individual to not spend the time in researching all of the candidates and therefore feel like they should not vote in the elections. While there are things such as mailers sent out, often time there is no information on a candidates stance or plan in them.

  9. Those that don’t vote can be unfamiliar with politics in general. They are not involved with the every day politics of the time. Ignorance could also be a reason why as to people don’t vote in state or local elections. Most people perhaps feel uninterested in voting at this level because they couldn’t care less about what goes on in their state or community. Presidential elections however are more notorious. It’s the big game. Everyone is more willing to participate in that.

  10. In my opinion the major reason why people do not vote in the state and local government issues is because they are not familiar with the problem. Local election usually do not have gather big attention as the national issues does. Local election less advertisement on the television and the internet and less influence in the daily life.

  11. I believe that people are unaware of the issues and that is why they don’t vote in local or state elections. Since its not all over the media many people don’t pay much attention. Its sad because people should be aware of what is going on in their state.

  12. I think most people do not care. Even though it may affect our lives maybe just as much as higher elections people just dont care and dont pay attention. I know that i do not. Even though i should i just dont really care who the mayor is of my town( and i have no idea).

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