Rand Paul for President?



16 responses to “Rand Paul for President?

  1. Rand Paul isn’t the Presidential Republican frontrunner for 2016 because he simply isn’t popular enough. Although it’s too early to call the frontrunner for the 2016 race, Marco Rubio would have a slight advantage to Rand Paul. Rand Paul is seen as too conservative and essentially, a replica of past Republican presidential candidates. The Republican Party needs to change its image because staying the way they are just won’t get it anywhere. They need to move away from being the Grand Old Party.

  2. I would say that Rand Paul just isnt popular enough right now, but with him standing up to people in the Senate he is gaining momentum and even has some democrats aggreeing with him. I think Marco Rubio is probably the front runner as of now because of his ethnicity and he has more of a rebublican background and leans toward the middle on issues. But Mitt Romney also leaned toward the middle on a lot of issues and he didnt win, in fact the last republican to win was Bush and he was very conservative, so maybe thats what the rebuplican party needs again to win.

  3. Probably not. Based on the fact that the only possible person I can think of that’s being to groomed to run on the Republican ticket, I wouldn’t count Rand Paul out as a possible GOP candidate. But being that new possible candidates are few and far between, I’m expecting that we will see a lot of old faces running on the republican ticket. (E.G. Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, etc.) And If that’s case, Rand Paul’s name may to obscure for most people in regards to the opposition. I feel like someone’s going to remember Mike Huckabee, per se, more so then the son of a former libertarian candidate.

  4. Magdalena Kurnat

    Rand Paul would be a great choice for the 2016 presidential election. He is very big on upholding constitutional rights and will do anything to make sure American citizens will keep those rights. A good example of this, was his recent filibuster, which he made sure due process was upheld. So, just based on that Rand would be a great choice for 2016.

  5. To be completely honest, I would have to say I don’t know but after reading several comments and viewing the poll answers I would be leaning more towards no than yes. I’m not too familiar with Rand Paul and his beliefs or ways of working. However, if he becomes more well-known he may have a chance.

  6. I would say that Marco Rubio of Florida is probably more of a front runner that Paul. I think Paul is way to Conservative to even be elected considering the way everyone has voted for in the past two elections. I do like his views but i dont see him being a front runner at all in 2016.

  7. I would say that at this time, Rand Paul is not popular enough to be considered a front runner for the Presidential election. I think that he is trying hard to get his name out there so that people recognize him more in the main stream media. How can we forget the 13 hour filibuster? I would have to say that Marco Rubio, at this point, has a greater chance of being a front runner for the Republican party, but things can quickly change…just remember the roller coaster ride from the 2012 election.

  8. Paul should be the front running for his party. With a party so out of sync, Paul views on politics and affairs should bring a new light to the party. I don’t support a party, but like idea’s from all types of parties. I’m a believer in many libertarian idea’s such as military should only be used for home defense.

  9. I believe that Rand Paul should be the front runner for the Republican party in 2016 because he is a great senator for Kentucky. Even though Marco Rubio is a good candidate, I think Rand Paul is going to fight harder for our liberties and abide by the Constitution. Personally, I think he will end up being our President because the current administration isn’t doing much for Americans.

  10. Great to know that you are all giving some thought to this potential candidate, since he is not widely known.

  11. It’s hard to tell at this point. From what we know about politics, he wouldn’t because of his very conservative/libertarian views. However, with how things are being ran now, and a lot of the country in uproar of the current administration, candidates like Rand Paul will get a little more attention than normal.

  12. It doesn’t seem to me that he would be the representative regardless of his views on anything. The Republican Party has been known to be stuck in their ways but I think that after the last election they might take a hint to try to appease and get the Hispanic vote. Like I said earlier, they have been known to be stuck in their ways so they might try the same type of candidate which would be a middle-aged white male. Marco Rubio is more known and that would be the smart way to try to pull the Hispanic vote, especially since the Democratic Party also looks like they don’t have an idea for a candidate after Obama besides Hillary Clinton. The race could actually be an interesting one if Marco Rubio would have a stronger edge with the minority Hispanic vote, but Hillary would have the definite edge in the female vote. Marco Rubio seems like the forerunner because he has a better known name among the public.

  13. Rand Paul isn’t the forerunner of the Republican candidate for the election. Three year is a longtime it is too early to make an assumption right now. Rand Paul isn’t well known in the public. When the campaign start there is usually three to seven candidate in the party. Rand Paul may have a chance but is not for sure the President candidate.

  14. For the country? Come on, If half the country know who is Dad is I’ll be astonished.

    For me? Well I like the guy.

    I really liked his Dad, and I would assume more than enough of him has rubbed off on his son. I am worried about the name recognition however backfiring. People are often put back by fringe candidates. Regardless he is a solid political mind who seems to stand a good chance at office if he can navigate the political minefiled ahead.

  15. It’s four years before the next election. That’s an incredibly long time. No one, not Democrat not Republican would even think about saying anything OTHER than, “I have no plans to seek the Presidency at this time”. But I would say that he realizes he is hopelessly out of his depth as a Senator.

  16. I really don’t know if he is the front runner. I haven’t seen him enough to know what his view are or how he acts. The election is too far away to predict a front runner but other than him saying that he says not running, you will not know. Most of this is him or his “exploration” staff to get some name recognition.

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