Clinton’s Second Turn for President


55 responses to “Clinton’s Second Turn for President

  1. Yes I do believe that Hilary Clinton is the front runner for the election of 2016. Think that she is more then qualified to be the President of the United States she has the experience needed. I also believe America needs a women president some one who knows women’s issues.

  2. I believe that she is, and I am not surprise. A lot of people are familiar with her and she is out there doing her thing. She travels a lot and is trying to work with foreign countries. She is a very strong woman and she knows what she wants.

  3. I think Hillary clinton would definitely be one to be the front runner for her party. I think she would definitley win this time, because people would be likely to vote for a woman. SHe is a very smart woman and has all the qualifications to run for president.

  4. i am happy Hillary did not make it i like the way our nation is being ran and she would not have done a better job and i think the president should always be a man not a women nothing agianst women but its been ran by men this whole time and we made it pretty far besided the last 8 years women have alot of emotions and i feel it would be to much on her. bill did a great job with the country though

  5. Yes she will be the front runner for her party. She might even win this time. She has alot skills at her disposal and she could do a good job as president.

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