Political Contributions and Free Speech

29 responses to “Political Contributions and Free Speech

  1. This can go both ways. However, I would have to say political contributions are less likely to be the same as free speech. Politics and political officials are known for making promises they can’t keep as well as stretching the truth. Freedom of speech is something done out of the genuine concerns within your beliefs of which create a living foundation for yourself. Politics comes with power and a paycheck. Freedom of speech comes with nothing but self satisfaction.

  2. Antonio Rubino

    I believe political contributions to a political candidate would be the equivalent to a person’s freedom of speech. When a person donates to a candidate they endorse that person. Whether you endorse a candidate by financially contributing to their campaign or publicly declaring support of them, both are helping with his or her campaign.

  3. Ania Tomaszewski

    Political Contributions to a political candidate and a persons free speech are not exactly equivalent. They can be seen the same when it comes to what people say about their candidate to help them win. It becomes in equivalent when they cross the line with the things they say. If you’re lying about someone to win then that’s not freedom of speech, that’s just lying. It’s unfair and shouldn’t be done. Freedom of speech should be the truth, no matter how much you’re losing in the polls.

  4. i believe that political contributions is equivalent to free speech. the reason that i believe this is because people actions speak louder than words. political contributions are the same as saying that you want this candidate to win or pulling your contributions is the same as saying that you no longer favor this candidate and would like to see him lose. political contributions and free speech in politics are equivalent.

  5. Katelyn Kelley

    I believe political contributions to a political candidate is definitely considered part of your free speech. You may not be doing something for the candidate, but you’re speaking your mind to others about who you support and why. It doesn’t necessarily have to be that you’re putting the other candidate down, either. It’s just a way, if you’re involved with politics or not, for speaking your mind and it might change someone else’s or at least give them a new point of view. It might also get someone involved in politics or a political candidate them self.

  6. Political Contributions to a political candidate and a person’s free speech is the same thing. When you give somebody free speech, you are basically saying that the person has the freedom to say anything that they feel passionate about and support. As you speak about a specific candidate you are also expressing your thoughts and beliefs towards a specific individual and this serves one of the qualities of freedom of speech. Also freedom of speech shows that you can show emotions and when you are referring this to a candidate, you are reflecting or expressing a thought of freedom of speech.

  7. Political Contributions are the same as freedom of speech because if you try an censor a persons political views its only going to lead to an uproar for a persons civil rights. Contributions may be harsh and sometimes seem unfair but to censor a persons opinion is to open a can of worms that can only lead down the road to no where and just make more problems then there already are.

  8. I believe political contributions to a political candidate can be the same , if you contribute to a candiate and people are aware of it then it can be the same as freedom of speech but on the other hand there are a lot of sileint donors that dont like it to be known to the public who they are voting for. so that in my opinion takes away freedon of speech. you can look at it from different view as you are letting this candiate speak you are giving him freedon of speech.

  9. Political contributions are equivalent to free speech. Free speech gives an individual the right to express themselves and their views. If an individual is willing to give their own money to fund a candidate and their cause then they themselves must also feel very strongly about that cause. Their contribution shows their belief in that candidates’ causes and this expression of beliefs is equivalent to using your freedom of speech to say these beliefs.

  10. Emerald Stanley

    Free speech comes from the mouths of people of opinion, stating their concerns on issues, however and whenever they want to say it. Free speech allows a person to speak their mind without being punished for it. Political contributions are just what they are, contributions to political elections and politicians of that sort from a donor. Free speech and political contributions may go hand in hand regarding the election or politician, but I would not consider them to be equivalent.

  11. Maisem Nakhleh

    I think that political contributes is the same as freedom of speech. You dont have to agree with what any one says or believe what any one says but everyone should have the right to speak. A speech and a contribute is the same, because in both cases its an idea that came from a mind or minds.

  12. I believe that political contributions is the same as freedom on speech. A person should be entitled to politically contribute as to what they think or want to say. If somebody wants to contribute to a political party or person they should be entitled to do so. This is hard to make a decision only because this poll is not backed up with examples or with pros and cons.

  13. Katherine Didier

    I think that this is the case because people become familiar with the names that they see in the papers. It’s just like buying a brand name at the store. Any brand you have heard of is automatically better than one you have not.

  14. I don’t think that political contributions is the same thing as free speech. I do believe in free speech but I’m a little confused how one thing has to do with the other. I also believe that you can contribute to whoever you would like without it necessarily falling under “free speech”.

  15. Alejandro Ballesteros

    Political contribution isn’t the same as free speech. Donating an amount of money to a political candidate’s campaign isn’t free speech. It’s quite tough to say what is and isn’t considered free speech when contributing.

  16. When you contribute you, in essence, support a person and their ideas they hold, as your own. You wouldn’t support anyone you didn’t agree with. Although, this is a battle of semantics which is subjective at best. It is helpful to understand what freedom of speech is in order to conclude. Freedom of speech is the political right to communicate one’s opinions and ideas, that said, if contributing is a form of communication of ones opinions and ideas, then yes. Contributing is virtually the same as freedom of speech.

  17. I think political contributions to a specific candidate are an extention of freedom of speech; it is obviously not verbal but an action that is saying/showing what that person supports or believes in. It would be the same as someone wearing a t-shirt with a saying that might offend others; this would be considered freedom of speech which is the right to express or show ones support or belief in something without having to be sensored.

  18. If burning a U.S. flag is considered a Constitutionally protected form of free speech, then I think that literally “putting your money where your mouth is” in support of a candidate warrants the same constitutional protection.

  19. Michael hernandez

    Expressing your own thoughts or beliefs is protected by the constitution. By supporting a candidate in any way to help him win is literally expressing that right. I believe that political contribution is the same as the freedom of speech, and the second we start limiting that right is when our country becomes based on a more limiting constitution.

  20. Freedom of speech is more about having an opinion, saying what is on your mind and what are somebody’s thoughts on some manner. Political contribution to me is just telling people what they want to hear and promise them what they would like to have and see in the future. That is why in my opinion freedom of speech is not equivalent to political contributions. If somebody supports a candidate he just believes in his campaign and its main idea. That is not the same as freedom of speech.

  21. Ryan Mcclafferty

    The contributions to a ploitical candiate would be the same as to a person’s freedom of speech because when a person donates money they are helping them and endorsing a candiate. When you donate money or just hold conferences about the candiate your supporting them in both ways. You are using both freedom of speech and using contributions to help the candiate win.

  22. i believe political contributions to a political candidate would not be the equivalent to a person’s freedom of speech. I feel this way because presidents who have not been a part of the military or have not been involved in the political community such as senator or house of representatives do not make it to the white house. Like President Hoover even if they are qualified for the position people do not take them as presidential material.

  23. This is a difficult call on my part. While giving political contributions to one’s favored candidate is supporting their political freedoms it is however not speech. One might argue that it is establishing a persons political beliefs via spending money but the same could be said that spending money on gas is freedom of speech as well.

  24. I believe that political contributions and freedom of speech are equivalent. When an individual supports a specific party or candidate they are agreeing with the values and viewpoints of that person. Sure they might not agree 100% on everything but if they are willing enough to support that candidate to win the election they are using their freedom of speech through him/her.

  25. i think that they are the same because if a person were to give money to a candidate and help them out it would be equal. they gave them money because they have the same ideas as the person. this is why they are the same

  26. Political contributions and freedom of speech although related to a candidate, are quite different in some aspects. Freedom of speech is being involved up front and on the spotlight … Whereas political contribution can be more discrete and behind the scenes.

  27. I believe political contribution is the violation of freedom of speeches. Freedom of speech should be the right to say whatever you want but not about donation.

  28. Those of us who understand the big money implications of treating campaign donations as an act of freedom of speech truly understand the danger of such. How ironic is it that we allow these same companies to bail on scores of taxes and supply them with countless stipends, and then they are in turn allowed to pay the man who helped them. How about these companies can only earn the right to donate by meeting and maintaining certain standards of both civil, economic, and social responsibility in their own practices. That would do SOMETHING to stop the back scratching politics we see on a daily basis.

  29. Freedom of speech and political contributions are two different things. Freedom of speech is about speaking your mind and saying the truth of what you think, or doing an action that shows the freedom you have to do so. A political contribution is not a form of free speech.

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