Celebrity Politicking

With news that actress Ashley Judd is considering a run against Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell for US Senate in Kentucky, it brought to mind some recent celebrity attempts at public office.

Has the separation between politics and entertainment become blurred over the years?  Do you believe that entertainers have any influence on the political process?


9 responses to “Celebrity Politicking

  1. Politics and the entertainment industry have become blurred over time. Media has a major influence over both politics and entertainment, which is why entertainment and politics have been intertwined. Celebrities are used to promote in advertising to their fans, this same idea is being used to get those fans to vote in politics as zombies instead of individuals, voting for who the entertainer is promoting. Media continues to use conformity to their advantage in politics which shows just how many people in this country don’t have a single original thought representing themselves.

  2. Well i would hate to work hard to become something or someone and have some small minded people discredit me and my accomplishments because of my past good or bad. For example the questions seems to lead you to think that somehow Ms. Jude is not qualified to be in politics because she was or is an actress???? Well did you know she graduated from Kentuckty University, did you know she recently graduated from Havard with Masters in Public Administration. It would appear to more than just a way to broaden her fame. So those who would think because she is an actress with only celebrity to brag on no merit; like John Hayes who is speaking on people in America ”not having a single thought obvious” didn’t do his diligence on this particular celebrity who want to be in politics.

  3. Jeremy Witherspoon

    I feel the line between politics and celebrities has definitely merged in the last 10 or so years. I think the governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has started celebrities thinking that they can impact more people than just the tabloids. I don’t know how i feel about a celebrity being a politician but it depends on the person, I know it may help suede their election since they already may have their name out there. I guess none of it matters except if they will be suitable for the position, not if they’re a celebrity or not.

  4. I definitely believe that the line between politics and celebrities has been blurred. I think that celebrities in our country seem to be put way up on a pedestal; it seems that whichever way they are voting, their fans want to vote. Unfortunately, the celeb may have no background knowledge on the politician but may just like them based on their ratings or status or political party. Some celebs seem to become “experts” on politics after playing one in a movie or after meeting a politican for the first time. If you look at most politiicans or at least some of the favorites out there, most of them are charismatic, outgoing, and are able to almost “act” to their audience. I think that is why there is such a similarity between the two fields right now. There are a few exceptions to this, but for the most part, just because a person has a large fan base and has a passion about something does not mean that they should run for politics or that they are even qualified for such a position.

  5. Chantise Bennett

    I do believe that the line between politics and celebrities are mereging and that celebrities do hold some power over the political proccess. I saw this mostly in the last election. All over youtube and other social media sites there were articles and videos talking about which celebrity were voting for which candidate. there were also many ads and videos with celebrities urging people to vote for a certain candidate. I also do beleive that a celebrity can become preseident. It has happened before with Ronald Reagan and i think it could happen again. I believe that if the person regardless of their occupation has what it takes to be President, then let them run.

    But, while i believe that celebrities do have some influence i dont believe that any celebrity can run for President and win because of how famous they are. There is a difference between being a fan and appreciating a certain celebs work and wanting them to govern you.

    • Wisam Fakhouri

      Yes, I do believe that entertainers influence political process. It is not a secret that celebrities have a great impact on the public behavior as well as their receptions over common interest, as a matter of fact I do believe that using celebrities in the political process is a smart thing to influence the public opinion. for example Oprah Wifrey`s endorsement of Barak Obama was one of the most widely covered of 2008 presidential campaign. Oprah has been known as the most influential women in the world.As for politics and entertainment I believe that it is clear that these two titles have nothing in common; unless we want to consider what we are witnessing around the world from wars and hunger entertaining. There is a difference between celebrities influence and entertaining.

  6. Its almost as if people have become “de-sensitized” to politics. People see how messed up it truly is and how colossal the problems can be and they choose to just ignore or deny it rather than admit it exists. Or they simply feel inadequate.

    When these celebrities or larger than life personalities come into the picture it makes politics real again for some people. It re-connects them and makes them pay attention. At the very least the campaigns are mentioned a bit more on the news and the candidates can afford a few more hours of advertising time. They are thrust into the political eye much more so than your average run of the mill elections we are used to.

    So yes, in a way they do bring a power to the table that non-celebrities or large personality types may lack. They also run the risk of already having a personal life so publicly available already they are bound to turn off a figure of the voting base. Its a slippery slope, but the initial fame boost is hard to argue as a bad thing.

  7. I believe that the celebrities do not influence voters. They do ramp up the voter base that was voting for that certain candidate. The separation between politics and entertainment has become blurred over the years.You can see this on the “Tonight Show”. The presidential candidates has to make a stop here because this is seen as a humbling forum. If they do not show it is seen as they were better then the show. This could tip the balance of the election but there is no study that has concluded this.

  8. Alejandro Medina

    In my opinion politics and the entertainment industry have become blurred over time. Celebreties get the people attention very easy especially if there running in polictics. The media has a lot to do with this as well. I dont think celebraties should be invovled with anything that has to do with politics.

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