The Death of Hugo Chavez


Hugo Chavez

On Tuesday, March 5, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez died at the age of 58.  His handpicked successor, Vice President Nicolas Maduro will take over.  Chavez, an ardent critic of the United States and laissez-faire capitalism, ushered strong left-wing policies into his country.  Many countries in South and Central America soon followed his lead.  At the time of his death, only a handful of countries in this area of the world were led by center-right or conservative leaders.  Furthermore, Chavez’s party, the United Socialist Party, was largest left-leaning political party in South and Central America.  Now that Chavez has passed and Maduro is leading, if only temporarily, what will happen to relations between the United States and Venezuela?

37 responses to “The Death of Hugo Chavez

    • Most likely Nicolas Maduro will win the election due to the recent death of the most popular president in south America(Chavz),Due mostly to Chavis economic reform policies which where closer to socialism which stands far away of what US policy is .So the relation will stay the same with the US since the interim president was hand picked by Chavz him self and more likely to carry on the same policies,

  1. The relationship between the United States and Venezuela will most likely stay the same. Chavez picked the VP, so more than likely they have the same views and beliefs as well as most government officials. Since they are so left winged, like the other countries, the government will stay socialist, and continue to criticize the United States.

  2. I think that the relationship between the US and Venzuela will generally stay the same. If there is going to be change it may not be for a very long time. The Vice-President and Chavez worked closely together and had to have generally had the same mindset. Until there is a more open minded individual as president who didn’t fully agree with Chavez, there won’t be a lot of change. Not only that, but the people of Venezuela and the US won’t be willing to incorporate change overnight. It will be a very long process.

  3. The relationship between the United States and Venezuela is a giant question mark. If the new leader Nicolas Maduro takes the same steps that Chavez did then we should have no worries. With all this media about Cesar Chavez and his death it seems like the country of Venezuela lost somebody that they truly cherished. Even if things do start to get worse it will not happen overnight. Let’s just hope that this new leader of Venezuela takes the same steps as Cesar Chavez and keep this strong relationship going between the two countries.

  4. Francisca Castro

    I think the fact that Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez passed away does not mean that the relationship between Venezuela and The United States will improve. Even though he was critiziced by the majority inside and out of his country, Chavez still had an enormous amount of followers and the fact that he asked them to keep loyal to Maduro in an unfortunate event like this means that Maduro will get all of their support. Since him and Chavez worked closely together and follow the same ideals it is most likely that their government and their politics will remain the same.

  5. Relations between the United States and Venezuela will most likely stay the same. Sure, Nicolas Maduro was handpicked, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he shares the beliefs, values, and mindset as Chavez did. It could just be that they were good friends. Also, there has to be taken into account the possibility of outside influences as well. Other countries could take this opportunity to try to take advantage of Venezuela and Maduro. It really depends on Maduro. But for the most part, the US and Venezuela will probably be where they are now.

  6. Relation between the United States and Venezuela will most likely stay the same. Sure the new leader wants laissez-faire capitalism but it is a long process. The old socialism citizens and policies will not change overnight just because the old leader died. Everyone have their relations and revenues in the old system and all the sudden the new leader wants capitalism it will be totally against their mind and old beliefs, especially in the local area.

  7. Stephanie Bialka

    The relationship between United States and Venezuela will probably stay the same. Hugo Chavez choose his Vice President which means that they share many of the same beliefs. If the relations between the US and Venezuela may change but I beleive that it will only be temporary.

  8. Alejandro Medina

    The death of Hugo Chavez will not change the relationship between the United States and Venezuela. Maduro is going to replace Chavez which means there won’t be any sort of change, they both had the same beliefs. But i still believe that change between these two contries will happen eventually but not anytime soon.

  9. Ryan Mcclafferty

    I realy dont know what will happen. the united states has a great bond with meny differnt contries and why would this make a difference with how we are with Venezuela? from what i have read it does not seem like anything will change but with how people and society is now a days, you can never know. Obama has joined contries and i see that he could fix somthing is anything does happen or change the way we are.

  10. I highly doubt the relationship between Venezuela and the United States will get any better. Hugo Chavez “hand picked” Maduro. If Chavez didn’t have the best relationship with the U.S., then why would Maduro? If anything, Maduro may try to make peace with the United States behind closed doors but not publicly. I think the situation between Venezuela and the United States will maybe become better in time under another president, but not with Maduro in power.

  11. I think its hard to know what the relationship between the United States and Venezuela will be after the death of Chavez. With Maduro currently in power its hard to believe that change will begin in Venezuela. While alive Chavez always asked the people that if something were to happen to him they should continue and elect Maduro as president. Knowing how majority of the population were easily influenced by Chavez no matter who’s running and no matter how much people want change Maduro will end up winning the elections.

  12. I think the relations will be the same or worse, because most of the people in Venezuela are very influenced by Chavez’s beliefs. Nicolas Maduro will take advantage of the mourning that the country is experiencing. Maduro will be supported by Chavez’s beliefs. Right now if you look around Venezuela everything is carried out according to what Chavez arranged before died and not according to the guideline established by the Constitution. The people of Venezuela even in mourning defend the beliefs of their formal president and will follow his beliefs through Nicolas Maduro.

  13. Relationship between United States and Venezuela might stay the same or even get worst. Nicolas Manduro is definitely not our friend. Recently he made several accusations and attacks against America. He became president against Venezuela’s constitution which says that National Assembly Speaker becomes president in the event of the president-elect’s death, and the election should be called within 30 days. It is not good news that they do not follow their constitution. I think that this president might become a problem to the United States.

  14. I am not sure what the relationship between us and them will turn about to be. I say that because I’m not sure on the other guy views about the U.S or if he even values the relationship we have before he took over. This is something we would have to look closely at before we determine how it will turnout.

  15. I am not to sure what the relationship will be now that he has passed away. I am assuming relations between the countries will most likely stay the same. I am not that informed about the topic to much but my guess is that the new president will probably run the government the same way.

  16. khadeeja jabri

    I didn’t know what the relationship between Venezuela and the US are till I did a little research on it; however, I don’t think the relationships between Venezuela and the US will change or it might get worse because the former vice president Nicolas Maduro was chosen by Chavez. However, Maduro recently made some accusations against the US. Also, the relationships between the countries are issue that both countries agree and they both have advantage for their own benefits, and since Maduro is not a good friend for the US he will definitely look for his own benefit over the others.

  17. it really depends on the new guy. If he feels that the everything is fine the way it was with Chavez then we have no problem. If he thinks that he might be able to become a better leader than Chavez than we might see some tension but in all perspective, it would probably happen over a couple years and not right away. This new guy still has to earn the respect of everyone in the gov.

  18. The Death of Hugo Chavez shouldn’t effect the relationship between the U.S. and Venezuela.Chavez picked his vice president so their is a big chance they had the same points and views on what their going to while running.They will stay socialists and still criticize the U.S.

  19. The death of Hugo Chavez wouldn’t change anything at all with the relationship to the United States. Yes he hand picked his vice president for a reason they were best of friends and they both despise the United States. They think we are a couple of spoiled brats who complain too much. Nicolas Maduro would continue to share his beliefs same as Hugo Chavez but the relationship would stay the same which is not very good.

  20. I do not see any real huge difference why it would change. I do not think that Maduro would change that relationship that Chavez and the U.S had created. Maybe some change in the distant future but nothing as of now.

  21. I think that the death of Hugo Chavez isn’t really going to change the relationship between America and Venezuela. Since the people of Venezuela and their government like being Socialists, they will not ever agree with the way America is a Democracy. Just how most Americans don’t agree with a Socialist government. Truthfully, I think that this is the way it will always be and the relationship won’t change.

  22. Katherine Didier

    I think that the relations will Venezuela and the U.S.will remain mostly the same. I do feel that the new leader will have more time to work on relations with the U.S. However, people change when they come into power so i don’t think anyone can know for sure.

  23. People against communism are unusually people born rich and never had to make a dollar on their behalf. If he was that bad do you think all South America would feel what they feel right now? If Chavez was a so terrible Dictator as Fox News and other mass media say, why aren’t Venezuelan people Dancing and celebrating? The Police doesn’t look so frightening there and people look sad but not frightened.
    How can a rational individual believe any journalist after hearing so much about this? That’s really an insult to the few independent journalists ingenuity investigating and trying to do their job properly.

  24. I don’t think the relationship will get better, but rather it will stay the same. Hugo Chavez chose Maduro as his vice president therefore he most likely will follow in the footsteps of Hugo Chavez. Also, majority of the Venezuelans supported Chavez and they will probably do the same for Maduro.

  25. patryk bryniarski

    It will all depend on how the new leader will take care of things. Im my opinion things will not change nor will get better. I think the vice president will follow Chavezes goings, so things will be the same just under a new leader. Chavez picked Maduro for a reason, he belived in him so he must be good for the job.

  26. If Maduro’s #1 hobby is criticizing Americans, then it is unlikely that relations between Venezuela and America will improve. He may realize that it is not beneficial to become enemies or unfriendly with the United States, and decide to leave it alone. Chavez must have picked Maduro for a reason, placing his faith in him without being there to watch over. Maduro may not like the way America handles things, but it is wise to stay friendly with one of the world’s Superpowers.

  27. Personally I think relations will stay the same. I think the people and the nation is so used to running and functioning in a certain way it would be pretty difficult to change the entire way things are based on one new leader. Maduro was hand selected by Chavez himself and it wasn’t because Maduro’s views differentiated much from his own. So as much as I would like thinks to get better I think there will be little to no change.

  28. Hugo Chavez chose Maduro as a vice president for a reason he will therefore follow his footsteps. Its not to probable that the United States and Venezuela will be still be very friendly. Its wise to not be enemies with the United States.

  29. Hugo Chavez was some one these people looked up to someone that people put the faith into. Although Maduro was chosen by the president himself i feel that people will not have as much faith as they did once before. Sometime people put to much reliance on the person rather then their actions and if that is one of the cases then things will turn for the worse and less people will follow.

  30. I do not believe relations with Venezuela will decrease or increase. For the controlling party and the people of the nation to suddenly change their views since their leader has died is a far off fantasy. Relations will change for better or worse as time progresses however.

  31. From my point of view, Hugo Chavez’s dead will not change the relations with our country just because the new partial president (Maduro) will follow the same “chavista” government. The only way that the relations could ever change will be that in 30 days the Venezuelan people choose a different person as their president who does not follow and share all the ideas from Chavez’s government.

  32. Jazmin Gutierrrez

    I believe that the relationship of Venezuela and the United States will stay the same. Since Hugo Chavez picked the VP himself, they would have the same ideas or at least agreed which each other. I doubt that VP Nicolas Maduro would change anything and the government will stay as socialist.

  33. It can be a possibility that relations between Venezuela and the United States will get better. Venezuela has a new temporary leader that might be willing to make relations better. A reason he could have not acted sooner was because he was under Chavez wing. If a new leader is put into place then he might be able to make some changes that can make relations between the countries better.

  34. Michael Hernandez

    I see that the United States and Venezuela’s relations stay the same or get worst. The reason being, Maduro believes the America poisoned Hugo Chavez, and will continue to ride the sympathy and mourning of the nation of Venezuela for their former president. Nicholas Maduro basically shared the same beliefs as Hugo Chavez, and and will continue to stay right winged as Chavez did.

  35. I think the relationship will stay the same between Venezuela and America. The VP has mostly the same thoughts as the president considering they worked together. Hopefully the only thing that changes is that the relationship gets better.

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