That’s News To Me


Peter Finch as Howard Beale from the 1976 film, “Network”. Finch won a Best Actor Academy Award for his portrayal of the fictional news anchor, Beale.

42 responses to “That’s News To Me

  1. I really do not watch the news. I feel that the news is depressing and everytime I watch it it makes me feel terrible. If i do watch it I will recieve it on CBS, or Fox. Most of the time my mother will just tell me what is on the news.

  2. Elizabeth Rumbaugh

    I check my e-mail constantly for work purposes and as I enter onto the Yahoo homepage I see various news articles relating to sports, politics, weather, and local news. However, I honestly think that entertainment is the best way for news to be obtained. These days, people love being entertained. Shows like Cobert Report and The Daily Show offer a biased opinion to the news in a humerous way. You can hear about and understand the truth to the story but it is often one-sided, giving entertainment shows a downfall.

  3. For the “old” media to exist it has to adapt. Cable and the mock news are just an opinion to make some money. If you have a bias in news then you will make money. I watch the news but I don’t pay attention to it, only breaking news.

  4. Antonio Rubino

    I read the newspaper to get a majority of my information about the news. I like having the option of online reading or physically buying a paper when reading the news. I find that the online website for Chicago Breaking news, is a really good source for quick, updated local news.

  5. Koraima Nieves

    I don’t really read the newspaper; I watch the news at 10pm. I also listen to the radio and I feel like the radio has more facts than the news at 10pm. I think it is reasonable to say that most people get their information from the internet since it is easy to access and you can look up what you want to know about. You have no commercials or waiting for the host to talk about what you’re interested in. Even though it is easy to access I am a visual learner and I like to listen rather than reading.

  6. The source of my news is probably either the radio and or the internet. i listen to the radio on my way to school everyday and i hear news, and my homepage on my computer is yahoo which usually has the latest news. the radio i enjoy more because i like to hear things, more than see them for the most part. If i was older my main source for the news would probably be the newspaper.

  7. I enjoying watching T.V and reading the newspaper. To learn about what is going in our world. Durning the week, on my break channel 9 is always on. I watch the 12 clock program while I eat my lunch. In addition , I enjoy reading the newspaper. On weekends, I read the Sun Times when I have more time to leisure. Most often on Sunday’s I go to Barnes and Nobles to work on homework. While I am there, I also read current magazines they have on display to further my knowledge of our changing world.

  8. I watch the news almost daily, but I feel the news sometimes over exaggerates or puts issues on there that are not too important. I prefer to use the internet, I like CNN news website. I am more into hearing local news around the Chicago areal where I live. I use the Chicago tribune app on my phone to read interesting information i feel that everyone should read about

  9. I enjoying watching News and reading Nespapers. I want to know what’s going on where and why. I believe that watching news daily and reading newspapers helps me to be in touch with events all over the world. I love Chicago Tribune and my favorite channel is CNN. I found them reliable and really useful.

  10. I typically watch the news on TV any chance I get. I’m just used to watching the news as I always have. If I don’t have access to TV or I’m not home, I have an ABC News app on my phone I always go to. Secondly, I would then have to say internet. Radio would be third, but I prefer TV.

  11. I watch the news every morning and also during the evenings whenever I have time. I mostly watch WGN in the mornings, CBS or ABC news later in the day. I enjoy watching/getting information from different news networks simply because many of them leave out important information, or may even be biased to the issue. After a while though, I do change the channel because the same story tends to be repeated for hours!

  12. With this day and age, I would expect the internet to be the top source of obtaining the news. I know it it my primary source of receiving news. My phone and computer provide me with a lot of information. Secondmost, would have to be the TV. WGN, ABC, CNN, and FOX are my favorites. I like to switch it up. Third would have to be my sweet ol’ mother.

  13. Vanessa Menchaca

    Every morning when I first wake up I turn on the channel 9 usually unless they are talking about other stuff that isnt important then I go to another channel to find out what is going on in the world. If I want to find out more news or I am on the computer I go on yahoo and read through the articles and get my information through there.

  14. Michaela Sheeran

    I usually see the news everyday but I typically watch BBC news. I learn what is going on around the world rather then just the U.S itself. But in the morning when I am getting ready for school abc7 news is always on. I think it is important to know what is going on in todays world. I also do have an app on my phone that I would look at randomly though out the day.

  15. Jeanan Abunada

    I typically go on the internet such as, Yahoo! News, to see what is going on in the world. What I really find interesting is that, they have such diverse topics. Such as sports, entertainment, politics, and the news. Sometimes, I watch Fox news at night just in case if I missed something else. I don’t normally read the newspaper, It is better and more convenient to browse the web.

  16. There are times I wish I had time to watch TV for the news but I’m the type of person that likes to read the news instead. That is why when I check my email on yahoo I look at the homepage before I check my email and see what type of news there is and read about it. There is so much news on there that I just click about 5 news thing that catch my interest. If It wasn’t for the news on the internet I think I would rarely watch it on TV.

  17. I hear some updates from the daily news at work only because my grandfather watches it during lunch time. Other than that i see the news very rarely. I get most of my news from search engines like yahoo. When you go to the yahoo page there is always top news stories on the front page and sometimes they happen to catch my eye and i read them. I find cable news boring and depressing honestly but the news on the internet has more of a variety of interesting things so it seems.

  18. I can no longer stomach the mainstream media in any capacity, so I get my information from alternative media found on the internet. I find alternative sources are more willing and capable of reporting real news stories, unlike their counterparts, who focus on left/right bias and ratings. I think of the Trayvon Martin story where NBC made an “editing error” concerning the 911 call made by George Zimmerman. Whatever NBC’s intentions or how one may interpret it, this “error” could have incited riots. Although NBC did apologize, it does not excuse their lack of professionalism and irresponsible judgement. Alternative media tends to discuss topics that the mainstream will not touch with a ten foot pole. At least the alternative media gives me something to digest and let me decide for myself.

  19. Daniel Mateja

    Internet is my go to for the news, because it is quick, fast, and to the point. I check my email all the time, plus my home page is yahoo, so every time I open my browser the latest news are right there in front of me. Sometimes i just don’t have time to watch the news and I always can get 5 minutes on the internet.

  20. Rachel Miglieri

    I typically get my news from The Daily Show and SNL. I’m aware that it may not be the best way to get information, but it’s entertaining. They still relay the same news, it just isn’t as dry and depressing as cable news can be. I would much rather watch TV to get my news instead of reading the newspaper or a magazine.

  21. I work full time and every morning I step into the gas station, I would pour me a glass of coffee and pick up the daily Sun times. If I have to do a project that I may recall reading about, I will use the paper. My sources come from many different places. Depending on the type of information I need will decide what source I will look into. My number one source is always the internet. If I have to do an essay or a project about a certain topic that I don’t understand, usually I will hop on the internet and get the basics. I would start there and it will lead me to many helpful sources.

  22. Wioleta Takuska

    The internet is where I get a majority of my news and information from. Also, watching Conan is great because it’s sarcasm and news fused into one. They might not be the most reliable sources, but they are the most entertaining.

  23. Ania Tomaszewski

    The internet would probably be the first way I get my news. It’s very fast and I can look up different things and articles at a quick pace. The morning news and newspaper come in second because I don’t always have time to watch the full broadcast or read the full paper.

  24. Alexander Bacon

    I usually get my news from watching cable news or reading from a news source on the internet. Rarely do I read a newspaper or news magazine. It’s much easier and much quicker to search for news on my phone or computer than it is trying to find the article in a newspaper, especially if I’m busy.

  25. I usually get my news from a site called 6park which is the internet. Rarely I read newspaper on an official paper now a day. I don’t remember what i read on the paper most of the time because there is too many false news and repetition of same news when i browse the web i just glance through it.

  26. The internet is a main source of what is going on in the world and information on any topic. Apart from not having time to watch television, many people do not believe what news stations say about what is actually happening in the world. Another reason why the internet is easier and frequently used is due to the fact that access to it are almost everywhere, whereas television is not always an option. The internet is easy, most of the time reliable, and efficient enough to use anywhere.

  27. Katelyn Kelley

    I definitely get my news from a mixture of places. Most, I get through Facebook or Twitter, or articles posted through those social networking outlets. Before that, and when I had more time to watch TV, I’d usually get my news through local stations like ABC 7 or NBC 5. When I’m home for a long enough time, my household usually has one of those news stations on and I’ll catch some stories long enough to soak certain things that catch my interest in. I also DVR programs like the Daily Show and other late night programs that give more of a satire on the news in general and that fills me in in other ways on what is going on. I do believe that because I’m a lot busier than I used to be, the internet is a good source of getting news and keeping informed. Without it, I honestly wouldn’t have a clue what was going on.

  28. The Internet has made the viewing and sharing of news and information very easy. I find myself using the Internet more and more to get my news and information because its easier, faster, and you can view the happenings of your local neighborhood or the world in just a few taps. Traditional news stations like CNN, MSNBC, and Fox are first, full of ads and commercials. I want to watch the news. Don’t interrupt your “breaking news” to go to commercials. Second, the Internet provides easy access to news from many points of views and locations. BBC, CNN, The Guardian, Reuters, and AP, the Internet has got it all. Third, I can’t watch FOX News or MSNBC without thinking “what the hell? This is news?” The skews these two particular news stations have towards the Republican and Democratic parties are atrocious. CNN handles the partisan skew problem way better. Too bad many people think its “boooorrrrinnnggg!”

  29. I glance at the headlines when I log into my Comcast email or when my mom has the news on I might watch a few minutes. The first five minutes of a newscast, the “headlines” are all you really need. The media has a habit of droning on and on about some stories. I think sometimes they go too far and I feel like they’re not really there to share the news but to compete with the other stations for ratings. I think one of the worst things they do is right after someone’s family member dies they are there shoving the microphone in their face asking them how they feel! How do you think they feel!!

  30. I usually check the news on the internet. Usually if I log online to go to check my e-mails the top current stories will be posted and I read them. I enjoy it because the majority are very interesting since they are the most popular. I also enjoy it because I feel as though it is the main way I find out the latest news. The only issue with checking news on the internet is that you have to make sure you are getting it from a reliable source because there are a lot of things on the news that are untrue.

  31. Chantise Bennett

    I get my news from a variety of different places but the biggest outlet that i would use to get my news from is the internet. I use to watch the news for certain things, but i find that the internet is much faster. I’m also able to get much more information. I also do enjoy shows like the Colbert Report because it keeps the news interesting.

  32. Most nights I watch the 10 o clock news on abc or sometimes fox 32. I like to watch the stories that interest me. I feel as the news focuses mostly on the bad stories instead of the good ones and they should work on broadcasting more uplifting stories rather then the crazy chaos that happens in our society. When I check my email on yahoo on the home page I can see the top news stories but they aren’t as reliable as the actual news. Reading news online isn’t always the best way because you don’t know if some are real or not so you have to check the actual news site like abc or fox news to see if a story actually happened.

  33. I use the internet as my main source of news. I don’t really watch TV, which includes the news, but I am on the internet daily. Even if I’m not trying to hear about anything, there are links and posts right in front of my nose, on a variety of different websites like Reddit or YouTube. The cool thing about the internet is that I can also read comments made by people to get another perspective on a certain story.

  34. Alejandro Ballesteros

    My main source of news is the online articles. However, i only happen to read articles online when i am doing some type of homework on the computer. There are times when i get up in the morning and there is nothing else to watch so i just watch the news on TV.

  35. Jennifer Hendel

    I do not read the newspaper or watch news on tv although I really think that I should. I get a majority of my news by communicating with others. Whether it be friends, family, customers, collegues, etc. I generally learn things about what is going on by talking with people in my social network. I can’t say it is all relyable but neither is some of the news we see on tv or read about in the papers.

  36. Scott Rasmussen

    I normally use the cable news as my main source. Seems to be the most convient for me. However it’s sad that the majority of the news that I see on TV is about the lastest murder or something like that.

  37. I really don’t like the news at all and I also hardly watch T.V.. Im always on the Internet on my phone, so I get all my information from there. Sometimes ill go out and get the newspaper, but that’s only like once a month.

  38. With my busy schedule I don’t have time to sit down and watch the news, but I will look on Yahoo or MSN’s home page for some news updates. I don’t really enjoy watching the news because most of the time it’s depressing and might ruin my day. For politics in news I feel like a lot of news channels like Fox or CNN can be biased with what they’re reporting.

  39. i get all my information from the internet or tv. i like to always know what is going on it is interesting yahoo is a main source i always find new information about things. i also enjoy watching the news when i get the chance

  40. enjoy reading magazines i like to listen to the radio some times i watch tv and i get information from there. i like to watch CNN or other news channels. i also enoy reading yahoo news.

  41. My critical thinking skills have largely ruined mainstream sources of media for me, although i do enjoy the comedic stylings of Colbert and Stewart alike. I always find myself doubting studies or findings and always want to know who’s funding who. Unfortunately following the money often leads to your best answers.

    I rely heavily on the internet and random articles found on a forum of sorts (Unbiased as possible hopefully) and generally enjoy reading a few blogs in the field. The news always seems to be depressing or lacking. And i do enjoy reading magazines and the newspaper when the stories are right. I try to be diverse but it can be tough, you always need to be asking questions about where your information is coming from.

  42. I would have to say the internet is where I get most of the news from. Especially since I use facebook so much and I follow the news on there, whenever something happens it will be posted on their by the news page or one of my friends. Also whenever I check my email the yahoo page always has the latest news on the homepage and it catches my attention. The radio is another way I listen to the news.

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