Will Rodman Be Called For Traveling…to North Korea?


The following statements were made on Thursday from the US State Department through their deputy spokesman, Patrick Ventrell, regarding former NBA star Dennis Rodman’s visit to North Korea this past week.

–Private individual Americans are welcome to take actions they see fit … we’re not a clearinghouse for American citizen travel to North Korea. There are some Americans who go there. We as a State Department provide our country-specific travel information. That’s the role we take.

–This was an – absolutely a private trip by a private individual. We have done various forms of diplomacy to connect the people of different – of countries with whom we don’t have a good relationship. We have no ill will toward the people of North Korea, just as we have no ill will toward the people of Iran. And so we have had, over time, diplomacy that we’ve done to, quite frankly, connect people in some of these countries. But this was a private [trip] …

–We haven’t been in touch with this party [Rodman’s group] at all…If there are Americans who after traveling in North Korea want to get in touch with us or have something to share with us, we take the phone calls.

Some are saying that Dennis Rodman knows more about the North Korea than any American in or out of government.  US-North Korea relations are non-existent and have been this way since the Korean War in the 1950s.  What was your opinion about Dennis Rodman’s visit to North Korea?

50 responses to “Will Rodman Be Called For Traveling…to North Korea?

  1. I think that Dennis Rodman going to North Korea is strange. I wonder why he was there, because he obviously knows we do not have a good relationship with North Korea. I think it is very strange that he wanted to go there, but maybe he just wanted to get some attention. Although, the government kept saying it was a private trip so Dennis Rodman clearly did this on his own but my question still is why? North Korea does not sound like a very good vacation spot or a good place to travel at all in my opinion.

  2. This is certainly a surprising bit of information to recieve, to say the least. My oppinion is that Mr. Rodman should probably avoid return trips to North Korea based on the fact that American tourists have a pretty bad track record of not returning home as planned from countries the U.S. has no extradition treaties with; a good example being the two Berkley students indicted as “spies” in Iran durring their hiking trip about 2 years ago. Personally, I’m too sure how much good or bad influence a former NBA player can have on the relationship between the U.S. and North Korea right now. So in that regard I say more power to him if he wants turn Korea into a frequent vaction destination. Again though, I would advise him to be rather well behaved and cautious durring his stays, and agree that his choice of destination is rather strange. Then again, not sure if everyone remembers his time playing as a Chicago Bull, but strange kind of seems to be Dennis Rodman’s modus operandi. (Who knows? Maybe Kim Jong-Un is just in the market for a new hair dresser?)

  3. Khader Zahdan

    i think Denis Rodman’s trip to North Korea is a bit weird but who cares. It really isn’t any of our business what he decides to do on his own time. We get to concerned with things that really have nothing to do with us. Denis Rodman’s trip to North Korea does not in any way bring us harm or a threat of any sort so we shouldn’t be concerned with what he does or where he travels to as long as he is not doing anything that could affect us in a negative way and i think we shouldn’t waste our time thinking about things as small as this.

  4. I dont know why Dennis Rodman of al people went to North Korea. He is not a political figure, he is not even a crediable celebrity. So in my opionin it was a ploy by Dennis Rodman to to venture into a new life a new identify for himself. Remember Rodman is broke, and no sports network is calling for his hall of fame take on anything. As far as North Korea getting him drunk and showing him a good time i think that was a show if good will and good faith to our Government that when its time to talk we will treat you with diginty and the courteous the top nation in world desrves.

  5. I dont think he will be called by anyone. Dennis Rodman is a former baskebal player trying to make extra money and the harlem globtrotters were there playing a basketball game. yes he has no business visiting a country that we are at mends with, but then again he is an american so its really non of our business where he goes and who he sees it is his right to go anywhere he wants to, I truley believe the media over exposed the situation and that played right in Rodmans hands who loves attention, if you watched the interview on Abc with George Stephanopoulos its was obvious that rodman had no idea what to say when asked all these quetions, I truley believe that Rodman was there for money purposes and really didnt care about the fued between USA and North korea, so no he wont be called by anyone.

  6. If you look in the picture, even a couple of the North Korean people do not approve of him being there. I am not really sure why he went to North Korea, maybe as to say I am a good guy and he is trying to prove something. Other than that, probably wants to get a rise out of people who do not approve so as to start a debate. I do not think the trip was neccessary.

  7. This doesn’t come as a shocker to me. Dennis Rodman has always been a unique individual to say lightly. What this means is nothing. Dennis is no government figure. He has no say on how events will proceed. This should and will be forgot in the coming weeks, just like Denis Rodman’s career.

  8. This is certainly a strange happening but I think he did this to get some attention in the political world. Nearly everyone in the U.S knows about the tension between the two nations and this trip for Dennis Rodman is certainly going to get publicly noticed although its supposedly private. This is just a publicity stunt or merely a statement to citizens of North Korea that we are not afraid.

  9. I think Dennis Rodamns trip to North Korea was a bit odd. I also think that its starnge that poeple think he knows more about North Korea than the government. What is it about North Korea that made him want to take a private trip there? Why out of all pleaces would he pick North Korea? Is there something hes doing there that he doesnt want anyone to know about? It comes off as if he has something that he is hiding.

  10. I can’t see how there is a negative to this trip. Some sort of communication needed to be opened and its a shame that it takes a citizen to do what a government is supposed to. It is the main job of a government to protect its citizens but even as a new leader takes over and a perfect opportunity to attempt to fix relations is opened they remain silent and leave crisis to chance just as they did in the Cold War. Even if Kim Jong Un is making a mockery of U.S.A. policies in this visit I believe it broadens the support for U.S. as North Korea will look even worse in the public eye.

  11. North Korea probably should have second guessed their choice in “dipolmat” was my initial thought about this. Originally, I heard he was going over there for basketball-related reasons, which might still be the case, but with all the publicity this story has gotten that might not be the case. Chances are the media is just blowing up this story because its North Korea and our relationship we share with them. Regardless of what is going on with this, I’m not concerned nor do I care what Dennis Rodman does in North Korea.

  12. I think that this was a stunt for attention on Rodmans part. I think he wants to be relevant so bad these days that he’ll do anything for attention this being one of them. I do believe that this was bad judgement on his part to have a relationship with people who don’t necessarily have our best interest at heart as a country. This however does not surprise me at all that he would do such a thing.

  13. Every citizen has the right to travel abroad as they please. So long as the other countries government lets the American citizen, he or she should have the right to visit. Whether or not the American government has good relations with the country, each person is free to travel. Since the relations are indeed poor between out two countries, the visit is going to get much scrutiny from the public eye. People are always curious as to things they do not know about, and nations do not escape this. People should allow others to go abroad without being scrutinized, even if it is to North Korea.

  14. I believe he is going to North Korea for the attention. He knows that when he comes back to the states everyone will want to interview him and ask him about North Korea. He knows doing this will get him in back into the publicity.

  15. Sean McDermott

    The true reason why Dennis Rodman is going to North Korea is because of a documentary he stars in. Out of all the people Rodman is who represents us…That is a joke. The same guy who has failed as a “movie star” and married himself. Yes, he was an amazing basketball player, but honestly why? North Korea and the United States will never co-exsist. Frankly, we as a nation are very frightened of the dictators country. The Harlem Globetrotters took on the North Korean Basketball team and the game ended in a tie. The Harlem Globetrotters in real life would have killed them. This whole thing is ridiculous.

  16. Quite honestly, I don’t think it matters if Dennis Rodman went to North Korea. He isn’t a political figure, he doesn’t even play basketball anymore. Like mentioned in the statement, it was a private trip. I don’t think there is real big issue here. Yes, there is no real connection between the US and North Korea so maybe he should consider this next time he thinks about going back. However, I don’t see it is a threat, important or making an impact in anyway.

  17. I agree that it was strange seeing Dennis Rodman involved in this but I do remember that the Dictator of North Korea is a very big basketball fan and especially a fan of the old bulls teams. I think we can use this relationship to our advantage as it was reported that Rodman was the first American to meet this guy. If we found some common ground and showed them that we aren’t the “bad guys” it could go a long way. North Korea is obviously a communist nation and we will not support them in any way, but it is better to have peace than to have war as we are just coming out of a war in which we spent billions. So if it is Dennis Rodman that can maybe bring some type of good relationship with North Korea than fine, as long as they clearly understand that we do not support what they are doing.

  18. Dennis Rodman can do what he wants to do. He is a free man from America. It’s his business and we shouldn’t pry into his business unless there is some suspicious activity. Although I doubt that Dennis Rodman is involved in suspicious activity. If anything, this would help the relations between North Korea and the United States. How often does an American celebrity travel to North Korea? They probably enjoyed his visit. The picture above shows everyone smiling and having a good time. America likes to be nosy with these things and even tend to make a big deal about it. Everyone just simply needs to mind their own business.

  19. Briana Blassagame

    I think that Dennis Rodman’s visit to North Korea was very odd, I first thought he did so he could bring media attention to himself. But when i heard he went, over there privately i was a little confused because Rodman and everybody else in the United States knows that we don’t get along with North Korea. I do feel that whatever Rodman was doing in North Korea is business, but i don’t think i would give up trying to figure out what it is because something is just not right about this.

  20. I dont think it should really matter that Rodman went to North korea. Rodman went there because he was with the Harlem Globe trotters they were over there playing basketball. What I do have a problem with is that Rodman come back and says that North korea doesnt want war. If you are going over there for a private trip for yourself not on half of our country trying to better the situation with North Korea and the U.S.. Then dont say anything like that because you have no idea what you are talking about. Also just because N.K love Dennis Rodmandoesnt mean they love the U.S by any means.

  21. The fact that dennis rodman went to North Korea is fine, people are going to visit where they want and we really cant control that. The comments he made about the trip after the trip were idiotic in my opinion. Statting that the North Korean leader is a good man? The same guy that has threatened the U.S? Also stating that president obama should give him a call soon, are you serious? He wants our president to call the guy who has threatened that he has mass destruction weapons? I had respect for Dennis Rodman but man did he make some stupid comments lately, just because someones a fan of basketball doesnt make them a good person ( talking about the North Korean leader.)

  22. Dennis Rodman was doing what he normally does…shock people. He went to North Korea for a vacation. There is nothing more then that. I believe Rodman is a moron and does not speak for anyone but himself. Somehow someway he was making money off of the trip. He hasn’t been news worthy since his basketball career so he is just grasping at straws for some money/publicity.

  23. Shannon Siaperas

    I don’t believe Rodman’s trip to North Korea was odd at all. Personally I think he was just doing it for attention. To get back in the media with his shocking ways. People are assuming things, and that exactly what he wants.

  24. Khafra Powell

    Dennis Rodman’s trip to North Korea was harmless to anyone. This statement can also be used if he was in the United States. Kim Jong Un is a very big basketball fan and shared this love of basketball with his father. Kim Jong Un was an especial fan of the Bulls during the 90s and if Dennis Rodman came then it should be ok being that he was an integral part in those championship teams. It’s ok if he didn’t want to see Horace Grant, Luc Longley, or if Steve Kerr wasn’t available. Even our own country looks at Dennis Rodman as “odd” so even here he’s put on the back burner. You know no one cares about you anymore when you’re on Celebrity Apprentice or Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Rodman got all the attention he wanted and needed back in the 90s when he “married himself” and was dying his hair every color in the book. Rodman called Kim Jong Un his friend and an awesome guy. This in no way sounds anything close to what some are calling “diplomacy”. “The Worm” going to North Korea isn’t a big threat or deal unless Kim Jong Un tried to kidnap Rodman and he’s more than likely the last person a lot of world leaders would even think about on their short list.

  25. Christian Patterson

    I believe that with Rodman’s status he can go wherever he pleases. He was there for a game I believe. He was showing the general a few tips on the game of basketball. Even though Korea’s president or whoever he is runs a repressive type government they shouldn’t take Rodman serious anyways I mean it’s Dennis Rodman. I mean he’s been irrelevant since the 90’s up until he was inducted into the hall of fame. In any case Korea is going on a nuclear strike I believe at this point and time so maybe the General thought that the U.S was trying to spy on what there plans where. This does sound outlandish but I mean it’s Rodman, Korea, this whole situation is just blown out of proportion but I can still see Korea being a little troubled by this seeing how as stated previously, there on Nuclear strike ordeal with the US.

  26. Dennis Rodman was nothing more than a good rebounder in the NBA. I lost all respect for him when he left for North Korea. Rodman must not realize that Kim Jong Un has over 200,000 of his own people in prison camps. I am fine with him going to North Korea but him coming home and announcing to everyone how him and the dictator are “friends” is a little ridiculous. I recommend this clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live, which sums up how smart Rodman really is.

  27. I saw the interview that he had with George Stepanopolous and I just laughed. Whatever Dennis does is his own business but He does not present a threat to US or our security. He believes that their dictator is his friend, yeah right good luck with that. Everything is done for a very perticular and calculated reason with the N.K. gov. and Dennis might have been a pawn to find out certain things, but he is as dumb as a pile of rocks. That should have been clearly seen from the interview question and answer session.

  28. After the threats last month from Kim- Jung Un I do not think any American should relate with him other than a Psychiatrist. I do not believe that there is much of a problem traveling to North Korea, if your okay with putting your life in jeopardy. Although, Dennis Rodman should not be hanging out with one of the United States top enemies. There is a little more to this friendship then just a love for basketball, there is something shady going on there. Kim told Rodman to have Obama call him in January, but Obama refused. So is Rodman a messanger, an associate, business partner? The answer will be revealed soon enough.

  29. Julie Rodriguez

    Dennis Rodman hasn’t been appointed or elected to a government office. Anything he does is as a private citizen and for publicity. I’m sure we can all remember that he is one to believe that any publicity, even negative, is better than no publicity. I think it may also be for ratings for a new HBO show he is a part of.

  30. David Williams

    Personally, I think all the hype about Dennis Rodman traveling to North Korea is overly exaggerrated. So very few would only take the knowledge of his experience into consideration. Because he has no status in the political realm ,so his words wont be valued AND also because he’s ” Dennis Rodman”.

  31. Charlene-Grace S. Crisostomo

    I believe that Dennis Rodman’s trip to North korea is a private matter. He is not, in any form, a part of the government and thus, he is a private individual. So he is allowed to go wherever he wants. If there is one thing he should be concerned of is that if he is travelling out of the country, he should always think of the nation or the country he is representing when travelling abroad.

  32. Dennis Rodman is a RETIRED professional basketball player and has been far out of the limelight for quite some time now. When he played for the Bulls, Rodman was recognized for his crazy hair colors (blue, orange, green, etc.), his defense and rebounds on the court, and his relations with Madonna and Carmen Electra. In 1995, Rodman became the first male to pose naked for PETA’s campaign, “Rather go Naked than Wear Fur”, and in 1996, he starred in his own television show, The Rodman World Tour. Rodman loves being Rodman so much that he actually declared that he was to marry himself at one point. His trip to North Korea was an attempt to continue his ways of creating havoc, he likes giving people something to talk about, and he likes it even more when that something to talk about is his latest antic. It is absurd for individuals, American or Korean, to think that Dennis Rodman had any motives aside from those for attention behind taking his trip. The same goes for the words he has spoken after his trip, not even he could believe the words that come out of his mouth. He does it for a rise from people, and he is getting just that.

  33. I think the visit to North Korea by Dennis Rodman was very bizarre. The relationship between them and us are not on a good note. So i still can not figure out why he would or what his reasoning was. However, if it was a private visit he still had some intention of keeping whatever happened there private. The question will always be why he did it?

  34. The following is my three sentence comment on this weeks blog.
    1. The fact that this Lilliputian despot actually considers himself a threat to the United States with his “Stone Age” Bronto A. Bomb-a-saureses and death to America tirades, makes me question Kim Jung-Un’s sanity.
    2. The fact that Dennis Rodman feels his past experience in basketball and cross dressing somehow qualifies him for the Kessingeresque job of defusing this “pseudo crisis,” makes me question Dennis Rodman’s sanity.
    3. The fact that with three other topics to choose from for comment I picked this one, makes me question my own sanity!

  35. Jeanan Abunada

    I believe the media is putting a little too much emphasis and critique on Dennis Rodman’s visit to North Korea. To fully understand the situation Kim Jung Un is a basketball fanatic, more specifically a fan of the Michael Jordan era Bulls. As we all know Dennis Rodman has made a living off being wild and unpredictable. He was also part of the 96, 97, and 98 Championship Chicago Bulls team and happened to be on a trip to North Korea with the Harlem Globetrotters to teach about the game of basketball. Just based off that knowledge alone we should not be looking at his personal visit to North Korea from a political perspective. He even states in the interview posted on this forum that he is not a Diplomat. I believe the comments and reactions towards Dennis Rodman’s visit have been disrespectful.

  36. Matt Kaczorowski

    I’m not really sure what to believe on Rodman’s visit to North Korea. As odd as it is, I don’t believe that it is as bad or as big of a deal as everyone makes it out to be. Knowing Kim Jong-Un is a big fan and that our relationship with them isn’t too great, maybe Rodman is trying something different to ease tension or make headlines again. Either way, not a big deal to me, but I don’t see what the big deal is.

  37. Emerald Stanley

    Never in a million years will you hear about a former athlete being involved in some form of politics. Rodman making a trip to North Korea is odd to me, but nonetheless he made that trip. We do not know what his intentions were for visiting, but I am sure they were good.

  38. Dennis Rodman has been and always will be an attention seeker. Remember his days with the Chicago Bulls and wearing wedding dresses, dying his hair a rainbow of colors, crazy tattooes and piercings, etc. I think it was strange that he went to North Korea, but I have to be honest, if he is as close to North Korea and its leaders as he says he is, and he can make a real change in the diplomacy between the US and North Korea, then why not allow him to continue his travels there and make our situation a bit easier. Politicians have not been able to do what he has done, so more power to him. I just hope his intentions are for the best and not another publicity stunt.

  39. Chris Chaparro

    I feel that Dennis Rodman going to has nothing to do with any politics. This will not better any kind of relations between these two rival countries of America and North Korea. North Korea strongly dislikes the U.S. and a former basketball player that is crying for attention is not going to change a nation’s thinking. Rodman, for years now, has been doing anything for attention and money. This was an act of self-gain and attention more than anything else.

  40. I feel that Dennis Rodman trying to show off himself by visiting one of the remaining communism country in the world all he want is the media attention. Dennis is one of the intelligent and attention getter of NBA. I don’t think Koreans will like to see an African American in their country p.s. is he traveling to North Korea or is he trying to play as an Ambassador obviously he is not fluent in the Korean language.

  41. Aneta Bukowska

    To me this whole North Korea thing is a little odd. I heard a little about the so called “threats” N.K made against to U.S prior to reading this article. The fact that Dennis Rodman went to N.K to me is a little ridiculous and quite frankly a little bit suspicious.

  42. James Savaiano

    I find Dennis Rodman going to North Korea being a bit odd. Considering that the United States is not on North Korea’s fan list, this seems like this was done all for attention on Rodman’s behalf. He has been out of the spot light ever since he retired from the NBA and this vacation sure brought him back in it. I also can see this kind of being disrespectful as a citizen of the United States to go and spend time in communism country that made many threats in the past to us.

  43. Dennis Rodman’s trip has seemed to be nothing but fodder for late night talk shows, this is probably the extent of political importance that his “diplomatic” trip. He has the right to travel to any country he desires, but to ask President Obama to simply “give him a call” that is where he has over reached his depth and should just enjoy the trip.

  44. Dennis Rodman has not been in the spotlight in a long time and I am sure it was a way for him to get into the public eye. Celebrities or Athletic stars should stay away from foreign policy but as mentioned I am sure he did it to ruffle some feathers like he has done his entire career.

  45. Dennis Rodman is not a politician, so his trip to North Korea shouldn’t be such a big deal. Just because he is popular, everywhere he goes, the media likes to follow him. Maybe he went there to get some attention? He knows that cameras follow him, and if he wants to be noticed all he has to do is to do something controversial like that. I’m sure soon we will find out why he was there.

  46. Dennis Rodman had no business going to North Korea. Why would he visit there out of all places? Obviously he has been out of the media spotlight for over 15 years. He did it just to get on CNN and other major news channels so people know he is still around. He knew the US and North Korea have bad relationships, but he went there anyway. I think it is very odd that he went to visit there.

  47. curtis czartoryski

    I seen an interview with Dennis Rodman after he came back from his visit to NK and he couldnt or would not answer any ligitament questions. All the questions he was asked he either said thats not what that visit was about or he doesnt have a comment on what happens over there. Throughout most of the interview all he wanted to talk about was how much himself and the Nk leader loved basketball. After that interview i thought his visit there could not have met anything just a.publicity stunt to make Rodman relavent once more.

  48. Muhammad Shukair

    Dennis Rodman should not have gone to North Korea. I am not surprised that he went, that man has never done anything normal after basketball. (He barely did anything normal during his basketball days as well) The man was on Fear Factor if I am not mistaken, should he have been on that? He is one of those people that does things and you just have to overlook it because he is not the type of person you can apply right/wrong Normal/Weird to. Personally though it seemed like he did not make anything worse by going to Korea. I would think he could have made things worse or have done damage, which is why he shouldn’t have gone.

  49. dennis should not have dared to go to North Korea because he knows what is going on and for his to say their president is his friend a a nice guy is wrong and un called for because North Korea did say they are going to attack the US. i would think he would stand behing his country not make friends with an enemy of the US,

  50. Dennis Rodman should stick to playing basketball and stay out of north korea. Just because hes a famous basketball player, doesnt mean he going to change anything with north korea. He should spend more time backing his own country, or move out.

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