American Foreign Policy

Whether or not former US Senator Chuck Hagel becomes the next Secretary of Defense, the new Secretary along with Secretary of State John Kerry will have many situations across the globe to handle.  What should be the country’s first priority?

70 responses to “American Foreign Policy

  1. Wioleta Takuska

    America’s first priority when it comes to foreign policy should be China. We do a lot of trade and business with them. China is a source of low-cost manufactured goods and now the biggest holder of U.S. government debt. It’s important that we don’t put the relationship we have with them at risk or we will lose a lot in the process.

  2. There are many areas in the world in which the government should make top priority. Although, Africa and the Middle East should be of most importance. You cannot rid the earth of third world countries, nor rid the world of undeveloped poverty struck sectors. Moreover, there needs to be a standard of determination for priorities made by the government to decide on these particular subjects. As for me and my opinion, I previously mentioned priorities should include Africa and the Middle east namely because of Africa’s growing instability, and lack of clean water.

  3. Samantha Garcia

    I believe that when it comes to foreign policy the U.S. should focus on Mexico. This country being right next to the U.S. posts a high risk. Mainly our government has to focus on how to control the drug cartel and stop them from bringing illegal drugs and having them sold in the streets. The cartel will stop at no cost to get what they want and we should do the same. Similar to the drug cartel is the smuggling of weapons which are given to the wrong people and used to kill innocent people.

  4. Andrew Braden

    When it comes to foreign policy we should focus on North Korea. North Korea, being communist and an ally of China during the Korean War, is a big threat to America. North Korea has a grudge against the U.S. and if anything were to happen between the U.S. and North Korea then China might jump to North Korea’s aid. Hence, another world world could be possible.

  5. Chantise Bennett

    While i do not believe that this is THE TOP priority, I believe that Afghanistan should be high on the list. I believe that the main focus should be getting more troops back home. This war has been going on for years and it is time for it to stop.Although many people are telling us that the troops are coming home and its “over”, that is not the case. More troops are being sent out and many of them are being killed.

  6. I believe that North Korea should be one of the top priorities when it comes to foreign policy. This is because we have heard many times that they are a threat to the U.S. and want to hurt our country. North Korea is a communist country and they do not believe in the form of government we have. They are against us and we need to do whatever we can to protect our country from them. We do not want to have another tragedy like 9/11.

  7. North Korea has a “radical” leader. If we’re speaking from a perspective in which the US benefits, then North Korea would be looked upon as the most unstable government in a world full of unstable nations.

  8. James Savaiano

    North Korea should be on top for when it comes to foreign policy. The reason for this is because they have threaten to bomb the U.S. many times. They are always testing nuclear bombs, what would be the reason for this if they hadn’t plan on using them?They are unstable and will do anything to make sure the U.S. is miserable and falls.

  9. Foreign affairs in America are always an issur to us. Mexico should be our prime priority because its just below us and recently mexico has been corrupted more than ever in drug cartels. Mexican authorities fear these cartel members because the are the most brutal form of gang who will kill anyone who interferes with them. Drugs are distributed everywhere throughout the united states and increasing crime also. we should form a special unit who will gun down the top cartel members and keep fear to many who are affected by it go away.

  10. Graciela Gurnea

    I believe that Mexico should be a priority mostly because they are attached to us. We already have an immigration issue as far as illegal immigration, and I think it should be addressed. Drug cartels are also becoming a huge issue and I’ve seen more and more about them in the news and in articles. Mexico will always be very prominent in our country’s affairs and it should be addressed sooner rather than later.

  11. I believe that our number 1 priority is Mexico because they’re linked to the U.S. As a country we should try to stay away from drug traders, such as the Cartels. If we don’t take action, it will put our country at risk. It’s bad enough that they’re killing innocent civilians with deadly weapons.

  12. i think mexico should be number 1. i think this for many reason. the main reason is immigration. we have so many illegals in our country today. another is the drugs. everyother place is not giving us a problem besides the middle east. that s why mexico is number one

  13. Americans main focus should be the entire world. There is not one place of focus. Jobs being shipped out of this nation, to foreign militant threats. America cannot be the protector of the world for military or economic reasons. America cannot be the safety net for other countries.

  14. Khafra Powell

    I think China should be number one when it comes to foreign policy. We owe china over 15 trillion dollars. With this amount of debt then making nice with them should be our number one priority. If China ever decided to cut us off then we’d yes, maybe a lot of jobs would open up, but they would be people with no training and who knows how long it would take to train those people. Along with training people comes spending more money. I think that in some cases that America tries to focus and police other countries or areas that just need to handle it themselves. Also, sometimes America has had a tendency to only help countries who we only have a vested interest in, either on what they have to offer. Russia, Mexico, and Afghanistan are nations that we just have to let police themselves. If some want to focus on North Korea because of their threats then that can be addressed but China has a vested interest in North Korea and their actions also so I’d think the intelligent idea would be to ride China’s back and back them up on any sanctions they put on North Korea. Central and South America along with the Middle East are also an example of nations that we have to let police themselves. For a decent amount of time America has tried to force Democracy on countries. In some cases, even after the countries get it then we still stay to watch over it. Africa, unlike what the media shows isn’t full of third-world countries. Sure, there are many countries that are in Africa but most of them aren’t and have their own working governments. Also, some countries in Africa just have a bad reputation because of their history and this leads people to believe that the countries are no good. Every country has a blemish in their history and America is no different from the eras of slavery, Reconstruction, and Civil Rights. Some civil rights are still being fought for in this country just like other countries.

  15. Alejandro Medina

    I believe the contrys first priority should be Mexico. Mexico has been on war with the drug cartels for several of years already. As time goes by the violence in Mexico is just getting worse. Also much of that violence is slowly coming to the U.S. That would be a smart choice if they were to start with our closest neighbor, Mexico.

  16. Sean McDermott

    We should worry about ourselves not others. It’s ridiculous that we pay more attention on foreign needs and policies rather then our own. I believe this is one of the many reasons we as a nation are failing.

  17. I think mexico should be number one because of immigration. Theres plenty of illegals coming here taking american jobs in our own counrty while americans are struggling for jobs. They are willing to do jobs cheaper and they are more likely to get the job.

  18. I think the countries first priority Should be Afghanistan. We are sending so many soldiers out to Afghanistan to try and put their country back together her when we need to be sending back men from their. It’s time to let them be on their own.

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