Jackson’s Fate

480px-Jesse_Jackson,_Jr_,_official_photo_portraitOn Wednesday, February 20, former Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. admitted guilty in a federal courthouse in Washington, DC.  He pleaded guilty to one felony fraud count related to his misuse of $750,000  of campaign funds which included the purchase of fur capes, entertainment memorabilia, stuffed animals, and elk heads.  He will be sentenced in June.


74 responses to “Jackson’s Fate

  1. I am disgusted at how polliticians take our hard earned money and use it for their own personal gain. They already raise taxes and they raise their own salaries with bills that they pass. Jackson should go to prison and pay all of that money back and be a lesson to other politicians. No wonder why our debt keeps rising…..

  2. Curtis Czartoryski

    I thnk he really does need to go to jail and pay they money back. Every week you hear about more corruption in politics. Its really becoming no suprise wen u hear it anymore. Start giving them all more harsh penalties and maybe then they will start to think otherwise about it.

  3. I believe that Jackson should both go to prison and pay the money back. i feel this way because he is using tax payers money to buy personal things. what makes this most ridiculous in my opinion is that i don’t see why he couldn’t use his own money to buy these things.

  4. He absolutely deserves to go to prison and payback the money he misused. He corruption in this state seems to be the norm, and that needs to be a thing of the past. This is no victim-less crime. These politicans think they can get away with anyhing they want. Set an example for all those who think they can take everything they want and start harsher punishments for this. Bernie Madoff got 150 years and lost all his money for stealing money. The scales are very different but our lawmakers are hellbent on deterring crime by raising the punishments on those who break simpler crimes, why not here too?

  5. His punishment for stealing money should include jail time. He shouldn’t be treated differently from any other person who is guilty of stealing. I am not surprised that he did it. In fact, I thought that they would catch him few years ago. I feel like you can’t really trust politicians’ nowadays, when so many of them are cough cheating, lying and stealing. Everything is all about money now, and politics revolve about money.

    • hi Ewa,
      you are definitely right,actually his punishment should be twice the punishment of any other person.Jacsons is a represetative who is elected by the people.these people trustd him in representing them,that means he is working for them to achive promising future for his country,what is really sad about all this ,that in the end he claims a sikness(bipolar)

  6. Jesse Jackson Jr. should be treated like any other person who commits a crime. He let down the people in his district who had great faith in him, donated money to his campaign even though many of them suffer great hardships such as unemployment. He used that money for himself, on silly things when some of the people who donated that money struggle just for the food they eat. What’s worse is he has children of his own he didn’t even think of first. Definitely not the greatest example setter. As for his political career I believe he has lost any credibility he had and his path in politics is over.

  7. Michael hernandez

    Every year there are stories of corrupt politicians that end up getting caught, and even those who have yet to be caught. In order for this corruption to end, it starts with properly punishing these men in leadership roles. They believe that money will get them out of anything, let alone our tax money.

  8. Jessy Jackson should go to prison and pay back for what money hard working people have been working for. These tax payers work from paycheck to paycheck to pay off taxes and many other problems in life. he deserves tops 10 years in prison becuase he had alot of power and with alot of power corruptions tends to peak through. That is what many politics have problems with power, they tend to either use it to benifit the people or for there own selfishness.

  9. Jesse Jackson Jr. definitely deserves time in prison. Being a former Congressman shouldn’t change his punishment and the consequences he deserves. His actions are a slap in the face to the people who put their time, money, and faith in him. Whoever will take his place needs to not make the same mistake, and how/where the campaign money is being used should be watched over.

  10. Jackson should receive some jail time and fines. He plead guilty to the misuse of $750,000 dollars but I would suspect this number is higher, this is just what he was caught with. Illinois seems to continuously have politicians committing crimes and if the court give them jail time it may deter future politicians from committing these crimes.

  11. I believe that Jackson should go to prison and pay back the money. Jackson lost the trust of the people by using his campaign for personal use such as for his home in Washington. Him and he’s wife Sandy were very good at covering up their wrong doings and were very devious on how the money was handled mainly by having Sandy as the campaign manager. The money they received for campaigns never left their hands therefore they both should pay.

  12. I personally think it is disgusting that Jackson stole of that money. He makes enough money to refurbish his home, buy fur capes, and silly memorabilia. He is a terrible role model to the younger generation. I believe he does deserve to spend time in jail. Illinois has seen numerous corrupt politicians and I feel the government needs to show politicians that if they do something they will receive consequences instead of a tap on the hand like so many politicians believe.

  13. Without a doubt Jackson should receive jail time and pay a fine. Being a politician should actually make them more accountable for their actions since they are responsible for their constituents and the use of tax money payed for by their constituents.

  14. I think that he should go to jail because he broke the law. So he should be punished like a criminal not like a polititian. I don’t think he should get it easy just because who he is, I think he should have to pay for what he has done just like everyone else. and that means go to prison and do time.

  15. patryk bryniarski

    Im am for it him going to jail because stealing money from people is a nasty deed. People work hard for their money and i think anyone whos sees this news will get really mad and wont look at politics the same way. This puts out a bad image for them. The government needs to take action in this because they cannot have more people like Jackson because it just sets a bad image.

  16. Cristina Calderon

    I voted that Jesse Jackson Jr. should have to pay back all the money and go to jail. I don’t know what the punishment is for a non-politician who does what he did at a private firm is but it should be comparable. I think both are appropriate punishments. He used that money for himself instead of for things that the money was intended for and so now he should return the money and have the money used for good. It will take him a long time to pay back that money so it will be a reminder to not do something like that again. Hopefully, that would deter others from doing something similar and make it not worth it. It is very disappointing. And I’m embarrassed that politicians in Illinois keep doing this type of thing. I’m not embarrassed that they get caught; just that they do it at all. It makes me sad that people do these bad things while campaigning about the wonderful difference they will make in our communities.

  17. What’s right is right & what’s wrong is wrong and “Justice Needs to be Served” despite the individual. Jackson, needs to be put in jail. Because there is no way Stealing $750,000 of campaign money and using it for personal reasons is OK.

  18. Jackson should go to prison. This country already has enough corruption and to make a firm stance, Jackson should be sentence to prison to show that even if your in a political power you break the law you face the same consequences as any other person. First he should pay back all the money and a investigation should take place to see if his past holds any more secrets of stealing. Next he should serve time for his deed.

  19. Jackson should go to prison and pay restitution. Fraud is a crime an he should not be let off just because he is a congressman. He should have to pay the “misused” $750,000 and do time like everyone else in that situation.

  20. Ryan McClafferty

    The fact he misused money and he is finally caught for it he should be going go jial and pay back all the money he misused. The corruption is a joke with politics and happens all the time, but it is really only known for who is actually caught. The people had worked hard for their own money and trust in jackson to only get screwed over. He needs to go to jail and pay all the money back right now.

  21. Alicia Kolerich

    He should do jail time and pay all the money back. Just because he is a congressman doesnt mean he should be let off easy. He is obviously using taxes payers money for his own personal needs.

  22. I think he should go to prison and still have to pay the money back. He should be treated just like any other criminal and should do the time. He shouldn’t be allowed to just get away with it because he is a congressman. All that money he used for his own personal use could have went to something way more important.

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