Here is something that you don’t see in politics too often.  Two politicians from two different political parties who agree on an issue.  In this video, you have former US Senator George McGovern (D) and former House member Jack Kemp (R) talking about lawsuit abuse in a :30 advertisement.  Both gentlemen have since passed, but the mention of their names in political and non-political circles commands a certain level of respect.

Today’s political atmosphere is filled with cynicism and partisanship.  Partisanship is simply the act of only listening to one side of an argument and then taking that side consistenly throughout any form of discourse.  Politicians seem to vote on party lines so often that they wouldn’t even dare to vote for a bill or on idea brought forth by the opposition.  Bipartisanship means that you will work with the other side to get things accomplished.

What issue do you believe that both parties should be able to agree upon?


31 responses to “Bipartisanship

  1. Bipartisanship sounds like something that should be more relevant in the United States Government. If more people in office, regardless of their political party, could work together in order to accomplish the common good for the majority of the citizens, our country would be a more ideal place with its priorities straight- or at least more straight than they seem to be now. Gun control, abortion, gay rights; so much of what we hear Republicans and Democrats debating come down to morality, they’re issues that not everyone will benefit from in the same ways and that are impossible for large amounts of people to see eye to eye on. The economic crisis that we have seen ourselves into, however, and the growing 17 trillion dollar debt ceiling that our political leaders have built for us is something that requires solidarity from every single person in political power. It is acceptable and expected for there to be controversy on moral issues, those boil down to each individual’s perception and will mean different things for everyone, but the financial well-being of the United States is something that will benefit all citizens. Welfare, social security, wages, taxes, loans, mandates; these are all topics that are crucial for political leaders to collaborate on and agree on for the most beneficial future of our country.

  2. I believe there may not be many issues that can be agreed upon between both parties. Everyone’s beliefs are different and everyone’s social statuses are different as well. However, If I has to choose an issue in which both parties can potentially agree upon it would have to be financial issues and war. I believe those are two universal topics that may benefit the majority, if not, all of society.

  3. Even though both parties don’t agree on anything, I believe that both parties should agree on the safety of the citizens of the United States. As of lately, innocent people have been dying all around the states dues to gun related issues and gang related matter. America can’t be what it is without its citizens. Both parties need to come together and find a solution to this problem. We all have family and friends that we love and care for and don’t want any harm inflicted on them. If we don’t approach this matter and just ignore it, tomorrow I might be one of our family members.

  4. Issues in which both parties ought to concede on boil down to that which this country was founded upon, the U.S Constitution. We have strayed too far from what our forefathers accomplished. Dismantling the vary principles that made this country what it is. Our attention should be aimed at the envisions of our predecessors as we strive to make them a reality. We must also shift focus on the problems at hand, problems that will determine the future of this country and the welfare of it’s citizens. That said, issues dealing with the economic crisis, health care reform, education, and crime should be acceded upon.

  5. Most politicians should agree on things that are in the common interest of the people. Beyond this I don’t know what issue they should agree on. Debate is at the core of the United States. By debating you would get to the center of an issue, expose the weaknesses and create a document that strike hard on the issue but also still give the rights of the people.

  6. Democrat and Republican policies differ in many ways. Infrastructure, illegal immigrant ,foreign policy, last but not least taxes. let me start with infrastructure Americans totally depend on cars for their transportation, if they come up with a project to facilitate and engorge public transportation we will be saving billions if not trillions in oil and not to mention pollution. The impact that illegal immigrant have on the economy devastating for individuals who own licensed businesses and that is because illegal immigrant are welling to work for less. foreign policy ,the foreign policy is costing the county millions of dollar. the tax philosophy .

  7. I think bipartisanship in America between our two major political parties is seriously lacking. It’s also something that we need to see more of, especially nowadays. There are many issues that face our country that I wish we could meet halfway on, but I think the running issue in our country is that of the economy. Both sides have different views on what to do to help our country’s economy and the growth, or lack thereof and I think that issue more directly affects everyone as a whole as opposed to other issues that might strike a certain group, such as women or minorities. If the parties could meet halfway at least on the issue of the economy, maybe we could actually get somewhere in figuring out what is best for everyone, instead of one group intruding in on the other’s ideas and getting nowhere at all.

  8. i think that both parties should be able to agree on most issues, especially ones that deal with the citizens directly such as the economy. for many people that are having a hard enouigh time as it is, having to pay 4 dollars at the pump does not help. i think that both parties should also agree on looking for oil in more reasonable parts of the world so that the cost doesnt hit the citizens so hard

  9. Both parties should be able to agree, or at least respect both sides of anything to do with the quality of life for citizens. It can be argued that just about everything relates to the citizens, but direct things, like healthcare and anything financial should be prioritized because it affects them the most. Its embarrassing to see and hear politicians argue over dumb things when they could be working towards something to help the citizens.

  10. Both parties should agree on issues involving basic individual rights. There will never be a time that both sides agree on how money should be spent or how foreign policy should be dictated but on issues that involve a person’s rights such as gay marriage, or freedom of press/speech on the internet there should be unanimous support. If the government didn’t spend time and effort trying to censor and control individuals lives, words, and choices there would be much more time, money, and progress spent towards other, more important nation wide issues such as economic balance.

  11. I believe that both parties should agree on bettering the economy for our country. The economy is something that affects both Republicans and Democrats, not just one party. I think that if candidates formed a bipartisanship for this issue then people would be more likely to find an easier way to like both parties and have a sense of security regardless of who won. Even though there are other issues that Republicans and Democrats do not agree on, I think that the economy can be something that everyone can devise a plan to make better.

  12. Magdelena Kurnat

    You rarely see bipartisanship between opposing parties due to the fact that they both individually stand for something else. However, if both parties can agree on the same issue it’d be a success if it’d work out in the end. Such as focusing on job creations for the people with schooling or not. This way it would boost the economy and help everyone along the way.

  13. Our nation exists today because of compromise, however, there are certain things that should not be put on the table as a wager. This is the greatest problem with both the Democrat and Republican parties, they claim to support one point but are willing to eat away at it through deals until it becomes little more than “election talk”. What does it matter who you vote for if everyone has the same idea after election day? Compromise is important, but unless you know both what and the reason why you are willing to bargain, it can often cause more harm than good.

  14. Bipartisanship is certainly a necessity within our government. One political party may not have the answer to solve the economic issues for example, but the other party may have a suggestion, and possibly a solution as to how to get the job done. Due to both parties different points of view on many different subject matters, both feel it is unnecessary to listen to one another, or one party is right and the other is wrong. Little do they know, if the parties worked together to solve the crisis in America, maybe there would not be a crisis and the wold would not be so divided.

  15. Bipartisanship is something we need to see more of in our government today! Especially on issues that have to do with todays economy. Health care, welfare, and a few other things really need some more opinions in on the subject. If seperate parties could agree on some economy issues things would become less difficult for us all. The more minds put on the same plan the better in my eyes. Division should not be part of the United States expecially in times where we are all in debt and struggling to keep our heads above the water.

  16. Bipartisanship is necessary in the U.S government nowadays, too bad we rarely see parties agreeing on an issue. Different political parties usually end up just arguing over issues rather than coming to a compromise. It seems that what is important to them is winning one side of an arguement rather then coming to a consensus that would end the issue being discussed. Hopefully we as citizens will see more bipartisanship in the future.

  17. Some of the main things that are important they should agree on. For an example, the economy. When all they do is argue about it we are not getting anywhere. If we all fight for something rather than arguing on who is right we will lose focus on the issue and in the end it will just come to picking sides when we should all stand as one.

  18. Bipartisanship is something that should be utilized more often now more than ever. There are too many problems in the U.S. today for the two parties to draw lines they will not cross. Both sides always think they are right, without really listening to or even considering the other sides ideas. Í think there should be a lot more compromise between the parties in order to get things done for the wealthfare of the U.S. and all its citizens.

  19. I believe that bipartisanship is something that should be used in the United States government. I think it is always good to look at both sides of a story instead of just one. Each side has its pros and its faults but that is where the compromise comes in. Each side of an argument can come up with solution that works out for both, I think more talk and working things out between two sides than just looking at one will be more beneficial in today’s world of the United States.

  20. First off I think that it is important to listen to both sides of a story before passing judgement. It is not a fair arguement if both sides are not represented to the people. Secondly, I think that the issues that should be agreed upon by both parties are issues that effect the general public or the “common good” such as taxes, increaseing jobs for the people and health care reform.

  21. Its rare to see two parties to ever agree on the same issue. In this case its different they both have the same opions and thoughts. If both parties were to agree on alot of issues that the United States are going thru like these politicians are doing in this video; a lot of those issues would have been resolved by now. This is a great example of bipartnership.

  22. i think that if boh parties agree about on thing it is good. It is goo because it would have many people helping them solve the problem. i think that a topic both paties could agree on is illegal immigration. i think they would both agree on it is because many people today want to stop it

  23. Issues that need to be agreed upon by both sides are definitely issues on the debt crisis. This affects all Americans in a significant way. They need to come up with a better spending plan and possible government cuts before initiating another tax on us.

  24. I believe that more politicians should try to cross the aisle. The inability to side with the opposing party for fear of political isolation hinders our governments ability to function effectively. I think that all parties should be able to agree on gay rights. That is a fundamental right that all people should be able to have. I do not think that it should be the priority of the government to maintain and object to anyone’s relationship status.

  25. Politicians should all agree on economic issues. They should always be thinking about our country’s health financially. Once they can agree on that, then they can pave the way towards new issues. It seems bad saying worry about money first but let’s face it. The world is all about money now. Once our country is financially and economically stable, then it’s easier to talk about other issues.

  26. Christian Patterson

    Well with partisanship it feels as if its an ignorance kind of ordeal. How can a person vote on one cause without looking at other possibilties that could actually make more sense. In any ase these so called people are afraid of the ”other” being more right. Its simple really it takes more than just one idea to solve a problem thats been proven its science or math. Furthermore they should be able to agree upon gun violence, Same sex marraiges the most common and touchy subjects.

  27. There is nothing wrong with Bipartisanship because it isn’t frowned upon to have similar views about an issue. Politicians shouldn’t always disagree on every topic and have different opinions. Some topics aren’t debatable in politics.

  28. I believe that partisanship is a very foolish thing that politicians do. They only do this because they don’t want the other party to be more right than they are. I believe that Bipartisanship should be used more often by our politicians. If they are more cooperative with one another then we would get more things done in the government. One of the things that both parties should cooperate with one another on is the country’s debt issue. If both sides come together and figure out a solution then we could get the country out of debt in a lesser amount of time.

  29. I believe that both parties should agree on war because no one should have to go through war for no reason. Also, if they both are capable of agreeing on when war should be delclared and when it shouldn’t things would probably work out smoother. If both sides agreed on war they can actually figure out a solution for other problems as well because agreeing on the topic of war is a huge issue.

  30. James Savaiano

    I believe that there is nothing wrong with bipartisnship. It is good to have both parties have similair views on an issue. For example when it comes to war I believe both parties should agree before a war happens. Only reason fof this is because not all topics are debatable in politics sometimes similiar views are the best to have.

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