Third Party Problems

The United States is a two-party country.  This means that one of two parties typically wins an election.  Those two parties are the Democrats and Republicans.  However, before there were Democrats and Republicans, the country had a two-party system involving Federalists and Democratic-Republicans.  The Federalists disappeared by the 1820s and the Democratic-Republicans would later become the Democratic Party.  They soon faced an adversary for a short in the 1830s-1850s in the Whig Party.  The Whigs slowly faded away and factions from their party formed what we know as the Republican Party.  Third parties consistently find little success in elections at the national, state, and local levels.

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61 responses to “Third Party Problems

  1. One thing that hurts the third parties ride at success is the lack of money. The 2012 election was a perfect example. The democrat and republican candidates were all over the media while the third parties almost seemed shunned from the whole equation. Most people are too lazy to actually look deep into who is running for president so they just D or R.

  2. Third parties are like the underdogs of politics. They just don’t have the popularity and are too narrow in their positions of certain issues. They are more of a new idea among the two oldest. It’s like changing a habit. It’s hard. Another example would be like in a boxing match. You get a newcomer that nobody has ever heard of, why or who would they bet on that newcomer? It also doesn’t help the fact that most third parties are too extreme on certain issues. Not only are they too extreme on their issues, they also don’t have many issues to fight for or against. It’s hard to vote for a party that talks only about one issue or a few while there are so many other more favorable issues talked about nowadays.

  3. The biggest problem facing Third party candidates is lack of brand recognition. Ostensibly, we have a very uninformed electorate, voting like sheeples for the status quo. If more people took an active evaluation of the pool of candidates and actually examined what it is each party represents, we’d be in a much better socioeconomic climate, and third parties would eventually be a viable expenditure of a vote for Presidency.

  4. They have a hard time getting on the ballots because some states only allow to parties on the ballot, which happen to be the democrats and the republicans. Maybe if they would get a chance to be in the ballot, they could somehow win someday.

  5. Third parties are usually extreme one issue parties and its very hard to find voters that have the same extreme opinion come election time. Most voters will vote for parties that have opinions on a variety of topics rather than strong views on only a few issues. Third parties need to expand there views on more issues and they need to find better ways to reach voters if they want to stand against the Dem & Rep two party system.

  6. I believe that the biggest problem facing third party candidates is the fact that they have a history of not winning elections. When it comes to politics today, the majority of voters vote for either the Democrat party or Republican party. To some people, third party candidates don’t even exist. I believe that if a third party wins the election someday, from there on they will win more elections.

  7. Third parties have a hard time getting on the ballots because for one some states don’t allow it. Another reason for their lack of winning elections is because the United states is shaped as a two party country and adding a third party would be something extremely different. We already have enough problems with the democrat and republican presidents we’ve had … Many voters fear trying something new and want to stick to the “normal” parties. No one really knows about the third parties, what they are in favor of or against..

  8. I believe third parties problem is they have a history of not winning. If they have never won an election people would never want to vote for them. They will vote D or R because the third parities are kind of on the back burner.

  9. When it comes to elections people pay no attention to third parties. The us is a two party country so third party people are just sort of left over elections. I just don’t think that third parties will ever be popular enough to vote.

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