The State of the Union

If you were to give a “State of the Union” Address, how would you access the “state” of the Union?  Is the country headed in a good or bad direction?


21 responses to “The State of the Union

  1. I did not watch the address, but i did read the article about it.It is good that our ecoonmy is now growing and producing jobs and the housing market is now getting better. What about the debt that american is in? Will these new improvements help that debt or just make it worse because there is more jobs, which means more money that people will have and spend…Is everyone actually going to save the money and possibly invest or will we continue to spend money that we do not have?

  2. Given the opportunity, I would say we are headed into a good direction. Certainly we can always be doing better, but we remain a force for peace in the world. As evidence in the last election, our democracy remains robust. Politically, we may have our differences but we have far more that unties us than divides.

  3. Terrence Marquis

    I was only able to catch a portion of the state of the union but have heard much feedback about what was discussed. The part of the address I heard was about Obama’s effort to raising minimum wage to $9, & immigration reform. If I were to deliver the state of the address I would ensure to tackle these same issues, but would give details as to how America could achieve each goal. Whether or not that’s appropriate for a State of the Union Address, drawn out plans are what I feel America would be more receptive to.

  4. From the way I see it the “state” of the union is still stuck in the same place. President Obama talked about getting bipartisan support on issues and working together, which is one of the most important factors in moving forward. Issues that are so polar still haven’t found common ground, and that is a necessity for progress in the country.

  5. I did not watch the address, I wasn’t able to. Do I think the country is heading on a good or bad path, I think that it is still to soon to really figure that out. But then again, if there is no progress from the start then the path President Obama is on he is never going to get off of it. Meaning, this country isn’t moving forward so and it’s going to stay wher it is and in my eyes “no change” at all is bad as well.

  6. I did not watch it, i didnt even know it was on. I never know when stuff like that is on becuase i dont watch the news or anything, so i just dont watch that stuff. Its just to long and boring and all they do is talk about the same things over and over agian. So i didnt watch it.

  7. I was not able to catch the State of the Union Address. I think the country is heading in a good direction. Politically, I hear such things like, “George Bush ruined this country for us.” I did not think it was possible for one man to do such a thing to our country but if people believe that then we are only looking up from here.

  8. I was not able to watch the “State Of The Union” address. If I were to give the state of the union address I would concentrate on the economy and the growth of small business. I feel the country is heading into a good direction but improvements can be made.

  9. I did not watch the “State of the Union” Address. I do not like President Obama and did not vote for him. I do not believe that this country will accomplish anything for the next four years. This is just a continuation of the previous four years. This stagnation as I believe the United States is in is BAD!
    If I was to give the “State of the Union” Address I would focus on the issues that were the bread and butter of my Presidential campaign. Instead of restating the issues of my campaign in a long winded boring speech I would give details to how I will tackle the issues to bring about the changes that would help the people who voted for me.
    I would do this because I am so tired of politicians who lie just to get votes.

  10. I would have to say our country is headed in a good direction. I believe, with Obama being reelected into a second term, he has taken time to really identify his problems and downfalls in his first term and has come back as a stronger president. Over course our country has it’s negative aspects, however I don’t believe they are as powerful as they once were. Not everyone may agree with Obama but generally, he is doing an OK job.

  11. I watched soime of it. The reason why i didnt watch all of it its because it seems like every speech is the same. Same issues and they try differewnt solutions but how hard are they really trying? I am glad to see that house market is getting better and it seems like were heading in the riight direction but its going to be a very long process.

  12. I believe we are heading into a good direction. During the last election , our democracy was substantial. We can improve but we are still in peace with the world. We do have our differences from them but we are still united. Being in his second term, Obama really had time to think about the problems he had faced and now he is strong-minded.

  13. Yes, i watched some of it. I believe that the state is heading on the right
    Direction, jobs opportunity are being created, we ended the Iraq war, and afghsnstian war will end soon. .I believe that president Obama being re-elected is the starting point on the right track to fix what Bush ruined. And I think he is doing a great job so far .

  14. I didn’t get a chance to watch the address. I think our country is slowly progressing towards a better economy. We still need to figure out a successful way on how to get out of a debt and get more people employed in the job market. There are still many out there that are homeless and aren’t able to support themselves financially. We need to figure out a way to pay off all of these debts we have from borrowing so much money for other less important issues. We also should be focusing more on the education system and the job markets.

  15. I did not watch the address but if I were to address the state of the union I would focus on what the people want and not what is in my interest. The only way to make a change is through the people and until we have a president that does what he says before being elected then we will never be going in the right direction. If Obama focuses more on our country’s issues and less on other countries problems we might see change.

  16. I did not watch the State of The Union Address. I have watched several adresses in the past, and they all were the same. Our country is headed in a positive direction, but very slowly. I understand that there are jobs being created, but they dont state to the public exactly what type of jobs. The only thing the media tells us is that there are jobs created in the private sector. If I was in charge of the address, I would inform Americans of exactly what is going on. I would try and tell the public the truth about the war, jobs, and economy.

  17. I briefly caught The State of the Union Address but to be honest, I had no interest in it at all. I had accidentally recorded it as it ran over the timeblock for one of my usual shows. I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t keep track with current events. I have no idea what the speech is about and after this I’ll make sure to educate myself a bit more.

  18. Fernando Moctezuma

    I did not watch the State of the Union Address, Our country is still going in a bad direction there’s to much talk about how America can help others or how we “should” help others. For once i want the U.S. to start worrying MORE about citizens in this nation since we have not fixed much economically and there are still many people here that need help with jobs and healthcare not to mention saving social security for future generations.

  19. Alejandro Ballesteros

    I did not watch the State of the Union address. I was planning on watching it but i had a game to go to so i forgot about it and i missed it. All they really talk about is the same thing over and over again. However, i would have liked to hear the president’s plan on bettering the economy and providing Social Security for the future generations.

  20. i didnt watch it because i didnt know it was on but i think this country was a 50 50 good and bad but with these gas prices sky high insuruance is expensive and minimum wage is not enough anymore for the average worker with all these taxes taken out this country is headed down hill obama lower the gas prices oil isnt that expensive lower basic everyday needs and this country will get back on track

  21. No, I did not watch the State of the Union Address. T.V. doesnt’ interest me as much, anymore. I wanted to watch it so I can be informed, especially since I needed that information for one of my other classes. I just have to remember to put it on my calendar to watch a certain show.

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