Call The Coroner

This is a video from the 2010 Orleans Parish Coroner’s race between the incumbent Dr. Frank Minyard and his opponent, Dr. Dwight McKenna.  This ad supporting Dr. McKenna is a bizarre one to say the least.  However, the question regarding this post is not about the ad, but about the effectiveness in electing someone to the position of Parish (County) Coroner.  Should those state and local position openings be made by appointment from a state or local government official/body?  Do you believe that individuals should be elected to such positions?

For more background information about both candidates, read this article from the New Orleans Times-Picayune.  Minyard won re-election, 60%-40%.


31 responses to “Call The Coroner

  1. Yes i believe indivduals should be able to run for such postions. these is american; these is a that special country where felonies get rich go to jail get rich again. this is a country where stupidness is glorified and cool and to the cool go the reward. i believe this has nothing to do with the comdemian more the crowd he targets and how much its says about us or them as sensible and responsible people.

  2. I actually had to look up what a coroner’s job is. First, this shows that more than likely, most people won’t know what a coroner’s actual job is. Second, these types of state and local position openings should just be left up to appointments from a state or local government official/body because they can at least appoint someone who they know has some experience in the field. The people who voted for the election between Dr. Frank Minyard and Dr. Dwight McKenna probably knew very little about them, despite the ludicrous campaign ad. However, it’s important to hold elections for these types of state and local positions because corruption can be a major problem, even though voter turnout is low. For example, Joe Barrios, the Cook County Assessor, appointed a few of his family member to his staff after being elected in 2010. And to top that off, he also used taxpayer money to pay for private family court cases. State and local openings should still be left to the state or local government to appoint because they would have a better understanding of the person they’re choosing and the tasks the positions has.

  3. The job of a coroner should be an appointed position by state or local governments. Both Dr. Dwight McKenna and Dr. Frank Minyard are not even experienced to hold such a position. Most of the voters do not know the work involved in being a coroner or the experience of the candidates on the ballet. There should be a screening procedure for all potential candidates. If they complete the screening with high marks, only then, should they have the opportunity to get appointed to such a crucial position.

  4. Ryan Mcclafferty

    This shows that some people make comments and they dont even know what they are talking about. Most people dont know what a coroner job is. There both not experienced to have that position. The people who voted have a little background about Mckenna and Minyard but still voted and the experience of the candidates.

  5. I would definitely say that individuals should be able to run for & be elected to such a position, There’s good and bad in all positions, however if it’s a position that effects the general population, either local or universal, there should be a choice. If there’s one person who believes he can do a better job than someone else, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t run.

  6. Individuals should be able to apply for a position such as coroner. This is because the public does not know about the position nor does the public have any information which would help decide which candidate is better prepared for the position. The public’s decision is, for the most part, based off of which candidate is more familiar. Qualified individuals working in the field should make the decision as to who will be appointed the coroner.

  7. Magdalena Kurnat

    Coroners should be appointed by the general public. An appointment might lead to abuse of the position. If a politician is wrongfully engaged in this business of selling body parts, an appointment of one of his good friends also in the business, would be perfect. If we make the position available for the public to vote, it may lead to less abuse of the case.

  8. Jeremy Witherspoon

    I think the whole idea of “running for county coroner” is ridiculous. I feel that it is unnecessary and all that is needed is to apply with a resume and what ever credentials are necessary to be able to cut a body open. Stupidity like this is part of a reason that people have hard times getting jobs in this world. Basically everything that has to do with politics is solely based off popularity, who you know, how much money you have, and how well you can communicate. Running for Coroner, why don’t we have elections for every other job in this world.

  9. Voters are not going to know anything about a candidate for coroner nor do they want to put in the time or care about it. The job opening should be treated the same as an opening in the private sector, people apply, the most qualified person is chosen. Coroner is not a position of great power that has a lot of control over public issues, so the job should go tot he person who is best at their job.

  10. I think this position will be able for professionals in the field. We are talking about a person who is going to determine the causes of the persons’ decease. This is a kind of job that needs assurance, honesty, experience and a medical background. It’s not about an election issue; it’s about the most qualified individual.

  11. I think it does not really matter how the coroner is appointed, because a lot of people would not really want this job. There are situations where the coroner does not really have to have a big medical background. So I think it does not really matter how the coroner is appointed as long as he/she knows what they are doing. Individuals should be elected to these positions depending on their background. If certain people have a good medical background they have more job opportunities than other people would be willing to do this job.

  12. I think for those to make decision on who is appointed should come from the state. I think the people from the state should choose this because it pertains to everybody. The local government should not choose because the people would need help within that state.

  13. I think the state should appoint the coroner. I think the person should have experience and therses no way to know that just from an election campaign. I think if coronerss had to campaign, they would become liars just so they can sell themselves to the public to get votes, Which is clearly not what we want from a coroner.

  14. These positions should be elected by the people. The reason why I think that is because there would be way too many favors being pulled it these people for the coroners job would be elected by the government. Plus, both of these candidates do not have a lot of experience. And in order for a person to run for this position, he or she would need experience. This is another fine example of our government at work.

  15. I think individuals from the state should be in charge of making that decision.. They should be able to choose it because it pertains to the citizens in the state. The local government should not choose because the people within the state are able to make their own decisions.

  16. These type of positions should be filled by being appointed by state or local officials. This job should be given by a normal application process and given to the most qualified candidate deemed by the state or local agency. This way if they feel he/she is doing an unsatisfactory job, they can remove this person from that position and get someone who will fill the needs better(assuming it would be harder to get rid of an ELECTED official).

  17. Fernando moctezuma

    These positions should be appointed by the sate or local government as long as they do a good job looking threw all the credentials of each individual who is applying for the position. Looking threw there background as well as education and work history only then can a state or local government make a fair decision on the hire.

  18. I honestly feel that positions such as county coroner should be local government and should be based upon that individuals credentials only. They should apply to a state or local agency and been given the job based on experience. Seeing a commercial that is essentially a smear campaign against a county coroners is kind of shocking to me, actually. I would not have thought that people in such positions would be elected. I feel that electing them could mess things up quite a bit actually. If your county voted someone in because they were just so charming and convincing, but really inexperienced and young, you wouldn’t want that person being the coroner. And I feel that someone who would head such a silly and childish smear campaign shouldn’t be elected to anything. Especially if what he is accusing Dr. Minyard of is such a serious crime. I honestly believe that in such a position should be appointed by a state or local government agency who deals solely with this issue. Not voted on based on silly ads and childish accusations.

  19. In my opinion, these positions such as coroner should be appointed by state government officials. I don’t think that ads such as this one should be looked at in such a high regard, because that has absolutely nothing to do with the facts and that is what you need to look at when electing someone in any department or position. If all elections were directly related to the commercials that were put on television who knows what kind of positions people would take.

  20. Alejandro Ballesteros

    Appointing someone as the County Coroner should be left to the local government. However, this job requires a great deal of experience and that is why the local government should be appointing the coroner. The ad is a little silly and i don’t see how it convinces us that the person running for this position is truly qualified or not.

  21. Positions like this should be appointed. Many other comments also agree with me that voters don’t always know exactly what a job entails. Anyone appointed would most likely have gone through a thorough interview process and have certainly researched. This ad is goofy and I wouldn’t take either of the doctors mentioned seriously.

  22. Muhammad Shukair

    There should be a public election for this position. It should be handled like any other job. After narrowing it down to who is qualified best for the job, you have a knowledgeable group on the matter evaluate and finally select one. The person that gets the job then can constantly get his/her performance evaluated. My only concern with the election is it scares more qualified candidates away. But, there being an election could help prevent the spot being sold/given to someone undeserving. It makes people feel more powerful giving them the ability to vote on additional things.

  23. There are many ways I could go with this commentary and many more things I could say. Instead of wasting a lot of time and paper, I will narrow my focus to this one. Unlike an elected judge whose judicial philosophy will reflect that of those who elected him, coroner is a politically neutral job. The personal politics of the coroner will not effect his job performance assuming he was qualified for the job in the first place. Having to go through the time and expense of a “fight” to keep his job every election cycle distracts the coroner from performing his job at the proper level of competency. The half truths in this particular ad also chip away at the proper respect due the job title of coroner. For this reason alone, I feel that a job such as this should be an appointed one as opposed to an elected one.

  24. I believe there should be a public election for this position. In this case of a public election, the public will see how this person qualifies for the job. This job requires a lot of experience and knowledge so I feel a position like this should be decided by those who know what they are doing. The state and local officials will decide best who will fit this job.

  25. I believe this is the perfect example of why the position of coroner should be by appointment and not elected. Both of these men have great credentials as gynecologist and general surgeon. However, those are the areas they were trained in, that is their specialty. The same thing applies for a coroner. They are trained specifically to be able to determine cause of death and whether or not the death is suspicious. I think someone who has been trained and certified as a coroner should be in that position.

  26. The position of coroner should be appointed, not elected. If someone is to run for such a position, then he/she should be experienced in that field and have specific training already done . If appointed, there is less hassle with voters and unnecessary opinions in a case as this. A coroner is not to be elected by the state, for many of them do not know the job of a coroner. He/she should not be involved in political office whatsoever, therefore should be appointed.

  27. the people should elect the individuals. Before a person can run for such office that person should be qualified and able to preform the duties of the office. if people wish to donate there body after they perish that is the persons or families choice not the coroner.

  28. I believe they should be appointed. If they are qualified to do the job already they should not have a problem to get the job if they are that dedicated to obtaining it. I would definitely say that it would be up to the local government because they would know who is best for there community.

  29. Coroner’s qualifications are set by the individual states or counties in the U.S and in many areas little or no training is required. They should be appointed. I agree with the fact that many people voting don’t even know what a coroner is, the importance of a coroners job, or even what a coroners job entails. Many voters will just vote for the first name on the ballot and move on to the next, so it seems a little diminishing if the voters don’t care at all. If the coroners are appointed the govt will pay more attention to their qualifications.

  30. I think you need to have some experience or atleast have some sort of qualifications because it wouldnt be fair to the voters. Coroner should be elected by the people because at the end of the day there the ones most effected the .

  31. Alejandro Medina

    I believe corners should be elected by the public.This can be handled like anyother job there is out there. As long as he or she is doing the job correctly there shouldnt be a problem. This ad is just a bad example of it.

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