2012 Exit Polls

boardExit polls are conducted after a person has already voted.  Individuals are surveyed and their answers are then tallied by the pollster who conducted the survey.  The results of those surveys are then compiled and then presented to the public as to how people voted on Election Day.  From these numbers, you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate’s support and of their respective parties.

Take a look at this example from the 2012 Presidential Election.  Where were President Obama’s and Governor Romney’s main areas of support?  Why would those groups support their candidate in the way that they did?


13 responses to “2012 Exit Polls

  1. Obama was highly supported by those of low incomes, african-americans, LGBT and single individuals. Romney’s main support was from the elderly, the wealthy, caucasians, republicans & those who highly negated President Obama. I believe Obama was supported the way he was because he connects genuinely with those who are more diverse. We’re in the year 2013, therefore there is so much more going on that is considered different and out of the norm. I think Romney was supported the way he was because the people who supported him had everything working in their favor which benefits them and he would keep it that way for them. Obama’s supporters seem to be looking for more change generally. Yes, change for them but change for others as well. Romney’s supporters seem to be supporting him to keep things the way they should for themselves and possibly more benefits in the future.

  2. President Obama’s main areas of support were middle/low income individuals,LGBT, mainly single, and African American. On the other hand, Mitt Romney’s supporters were individuals older in age, married, wealthier families, and those with more than a high school diploma. President Obama was supported the way he was because Americans see him as an opportunity for change, and he supports all kinds of diversity. Individuals feel that their voices can and will be heard through him. Mitt Romney was supported the way he was because people who might’ve voted for him don’t want change. They want everything to keep running the way it always has been. His voters were mostly of a better income, so they’re not as affected by this economy than those who support President Obama.

  3. When it came to voting for the President Obama in last years presidency his voters consisted of African American,liberals and those who were believed in democracy. Obama’s supporters tended to have a low education profile such as only a high school diploma or less. In addition, people who tended to vote for Obama typically made less than $ 100,000 yearly. Obama’s opponent Mr. Romney had support from families making over $100,000 annually. Romney also had support from the white community. The data in the political polls varied in many different ways such as religion as well more catholics voted for Obama and protestants leaned toward Romney. This important seems accurate, and the positive correlation you can analyze the data. For example, the more money you make you want to keep, so voting for Romney who is a republican would be the best choice.

  4. Christian G. Patterson

    Barack definitely won over the young americans, blacks, and hispanics, mostly white for Govenor Romney. In this case alot of this is due to there policies that they have proposed or in Barack’s case have already been established. Some folks are party voters meaning they’ll vote democratic no matter what that person says and vice versa. Romney campaigned about cutting alot of things out with really no realistic way of doing so and in this case alot of older people who understands taxes and what not would considered voting for Romney. It’s hard to say that Obama no’s the answer to creating less spending either but there’s a reason why he’s president.

  5. President Obama received most of his votes from young people who are apart of a minority. While Mitt Romney received most of his votes from older white voters, who attend church or a religious service over once a week. This exit poll shows us that Mitt Romney received most of his votes from people who are apart of the higher classes. I think that the rich supported Romney more than Obama because Romney supported giving the richer individuals a tax break and increasing the tax on middle and lower class citizens. I think another reason Romney received a majority of his votes from people who attend religious services more than once a week is because most republicans support things like banning gay marriages which coincide with what most republicans push for. I think another reason that both parties received the votes they received was because people usually vote for the head of their party, for instance if i was democratic i would vote for Obama.

  6. President Obama’s main suporters were people from the ages of 18-29, blacks, hispanics, and asians. People from the ages of 18-29 voted for him becuase of the benefits that he brought up during his campaign. Younger adults like him because he made the age requirement for insurance to 26. Governor Romneys main suporters were people 65 and older. The reason for that is Romney wanted to stay with medicare instead of agreeing with obamacare. Elderly people do not want to switch their medicare into something new and meet new requirements.

  7. In this election there was many different viewpoints and this poll proves this idea. President Obama saw much favor from younger group of voters, minorities, African Americans and Hispanics, as well as from many female voters. Romney was much more popular with the Religious groups, mostly the Mormons, which was where he received many votes. He received votes from U.S. voters against abortion in all cases and from many Americans that were more wealthy citizens. In the end, Obama was more in touch with the voters, according to the poll 53% of the people thought he was more in touch with his voters. This could have been a reason why he was more popular leading to his re-election.

  8. According to the 2012 Exit Polls, Obama’s main supporters were female, african americans, latinos, and young voters. I think he targeted mostly to minorities and young voters because his campaign benefits or plans were more for younger people. Most of Romney’s supporters were higher class, elderly, white, and Protestant. Usually the higher class and the elderly vote for a Republican and so that’s who most of Romney’s supporters were.

  9. patryk bryniarski

    The exit polls for 2012 were different in many points given for both Romney and Obama they reached out to different types of peple and the votes were based on people and what they valued abot each candidate. Overall Obama reached votes from people like the poor, younger voters and and colored people. So overall its the minorities that went with Obama. Romney had the rich older white group of People.

  10. Wow. Fox News’ statistics on exit polls had President Obama leading Romney among all minorities, liberals, moderates, and under 50k income. During their campaigns, their ads and talking points seemed to reach out to different demographics of Americans and that is what seemed to work for them. Obama consistently reached out to younger Americans using outlets such as MTV, Twitter, celebrities, and Facebook. Rommeny eventually reached out to this demographic but I think initially focused on a business aspect which appealed to many white, older, and wealthier Americans. Had their campaigns been run differently, it may have been a different outcome, but that’s hard to say.

  11. President Obama’s main supporters came from the voters that aged under44 years old which was also led more by females which is quite interesting maybe it might of been beacuse of the abortion being legal. Obama also had the most votes from the black, hispanics, asian, meanwhile Romney had mainly all the whites and the elder age groups. Romney had the the support from the family’s total income being more than 50,000 while in the other hand Obama had those making less. Romney also had the voters that at least went to church once a week or more than once. Obamas voters are in look for a change and are usually looking for a change generally and Romney basically just want everything to stay how it is.

  12. Alright. The votes are in. The winner has been decided, but how? Who voted for whom? How did this candidate win this state when the other one had it locked down? Usually these questions go unanswered for the general populace, but for those who dig deeper there are exit polls. If a candidate for the presidency doesn’t know these exist, they might as well consider there race already over.

  13. The main supporters of President Obama were African-American, young, low income, liberal voters. The main Supporters for Governor Romney were Caucasian, older, higher income, conservative voters. Many young people voted for Obama because he appealed to them with his campaigns involving school and gay rights. With Romney he appealed to the older group because he was in favor of not touching their social security.

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