Who Leads the Republican Party?

Who is the leader of the Republican National Committee? The Chairman of the Republican National Committee is Reince Priebus.  His job is mainly to raise money for the party and to make sure that the party has a solid group of candidates running at the national level.  This poll, however, asks about the de facto leader of the party.  By de facto, we are trying to determine who is the unofficial leader of the party.    It is always easier to answer this question when a party has the Presidency.  Barack Obama would be the unofficial head of the Democratic Party.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the head of the Democratic National Committee.  The Republicans do not have control of the White House, so here’s another way of thinking about this question: Who do you think of when hear news about the Republican Party?


18 responses to “Who Leads the Republican Party?

  1. The Republican Party needs to address their identity crisis before there can have an unofficial leader. One would assume that John Boehner, the top ranking Republican, is the de facto leader, but recent events show us otherwise. Despite being chosen to be the Speaker for another term, Boehner does not have the same influence over the House like he used to. In December, he couldn’t get legislation he supported on the debt crisis, even though the Republicans have majority in the House. The other people listed are certainly prominent and influential but none of them are at the “de facto leader” position yet.

  2. When I think of the Republican Party leader I see Rush Limbaugh. I know that is wrong because he is just a radio talk show host. He does not speak for the party. Rush might have a lot of power with the media but when he says something wrong everybody distance themselves from him even the Republican party. I would think the de facto leader of the party is John Boehner but no “average joe” knows who he is. Rush Limbaugh won the invisible primary not John Boehner

  3. I personally don’t believe their is much unity within the Republican Party and therefore it is difficult to define their de facto leader. Our constitution was created started with “We the people,” I think that is an important statement to evaluate in this exercise. When I think of a leader, I think of a person that others turn to. The other names on that list are hardly recognizable to the general public. I believe most people whether you agree with him or not know exactly who Rush is.
    Rush has made it publicly known he is not running for political office. However, when Rush speaks people listen. When the other Republican politicians speak, I believe their overall support comes largely from their own districts. Rush doesn’t have constituents. He speaks through radio broadcast reflecting conservative not Republican values. Therefore, Rush’s audience is clearly from a broad sector of the country and includes audiences from every state in our nation. This means he isn’t speaking for a specific audience. Obviously if you ask an audience in San Angelo, TX they won’t say the same thing is important to them as where I am from Galt, California.
    In my opinion Rush generally relates to a “white audience.” I believe that if the Republican party truly wants to be successful they must figure out a way to polorize an ever changing demographic base. While Marco Rubio has been helpful, I believe more candidates of both Hispanic and African decent need to support this party.

  4. The leader of the Republican Party is John Boehner. Out off all the republicans, John seems to have the most power among the ring leaders. Chris and Rush seem to be long shots, and a rightist view on issues, when the republicans need to reorganize their party and move back to the center. Being re-elected as the speaker, John seems to have the support of his party, even though its seems to get tested. John might be the leader, but not a strong one, and shows in the republican party.

  5. As I don’t have a preference who leads the Republican Party, I feel that speaker Boeher is the leader of the republican party. Speaker Boehner has the respect of his peers, which is the reason he holds the seat as the Speaker of the House. Speaker Boehner holds a great deal of experience and knowledge in that fellow republicans put their trust behind him.

  6. When I hear ‘Republican Party’ I automatically think of the Speaker of the House, John Boehner. The main reason is because, although he can’t speak for every individual person, he speaks on behalf of the population. Although he isn’t well known by everybody, he is acknowledged as a great contribution to the Republican party.

  7. Republican Party does not have a clear cut leader. John might be the speaker of the house, but when I hear of the Republican Party, I dont think of John Boehner right away. The party lacks unison and doesnt not have a clear cut stance on many issues. Many of Republican reps argue on certain issues just to argue. Even though they might not even have an opinion they just want to argue. Both parties are motivated solely by money and base their opinions on the ammount of “CONTRIBUTIONS” that wil be made. Its sickening to think that this country is not controlled by our goverment, but these multi-billion dollar moguls who push their agenda when gas gets too cheap or need government contract.

  8. The Republican Party has suffered quite the identity crisis from this past election and I don’t know if they truely have a leader. John Boehner’s name is mentioned often, but it seems to me like he is more of a fall guy than a leader. When Congress is gridlocked, the fingers point to Boehner, and I don’t think he accepts the scrutiny that comes with the territory of being a leader. Every so often, I hear John McCain sounding his trumpet and it would appear that he steps into the role time and again. The Republicans definitely lack a definitive leader and this past election was an absolute debacle for them.

  9. It is lead by the people of the G.O.P. It seems to be lead in a reactionary tone right now. I feel its too emotional, too pedantic. It needs prodding back to real american values.

  10. For a moment I was going to say the speaker of the house, but reading all that coments and diffrent opinion made me believe that the republican party lack of a clear single leader, and they are struggle with internal divission.

  11. The Republican Party is sadly divided and leaderless. Invisible and internal battles are being waged within. Mainly by the type of people upset that their brand (however diluted) can’t beat someone like Obama, and establishment Republicans who keep regurgitating the same centrist candidates who do nothing to motivate the voters that they understand the plight of the Conservative base. The conservative party needs to have someone with a softer smile and who’s further on the right of the political scale as their candidate in order to win. Jonah Goldberg said it best when he said: “If you hit the “mute” button while Romney’s on the tube, he seems to be saying: What do I have to do to put you in this BMW today?”. These obvious observations don’t help sell GOP candidates to moderates.

  12. There is no official leader of the Republican party because there is no one in the party who can bring them together on simple issues. For example, when the Sandy Relief came up in the House, some Republicans voted for it, while others voted against it. The Republicans have to figure out exactly who they are and what they stand for before they can figure out who their leader is.

  13. The Republican party has no leadership for a variety of reasons. One such reason is that the party as a whole has forgotten what principles they are supposedly out to protect. Another reason exists because of people such as Karl Rove put winning above principle, which causes further dissent inside the party. A final and important reason is there should be no need for leadership in the Republican party – If you stand for and cherish individualism, yes, you can have a spokesman; but no one person should be strong arming the rest.

  14. I think the Republican Party is in a stage where they really have no real leader of the party. There isnt anyone at this point in time that really stands out and wows people. Now especially after Mitt Romneys defeat, the party really needs to take a step back and figure out who they really are and establish some new leaders that the American people would relate to and like. Right now I think Marco Rubio of Florida is a potential future leader of the party and I could see him running for president in the near future.

  15. I believe Rush Limbaugh best embodies the principles of the Republican party. They listen to Boehner, but I really think they only see him as a politician, merely for practical reasons because of his position in Congress, but Rush Limbaugh is someone they can relate to and who they know truly understands their positions, not just for power or a public position.

  16. As of right now the person that comes up the most in the news is Boehner. He is currently the face of the Republican Party in my mind. Rush Limbaugh isn’t the face of the GOP, but I’d say he’s one of the more suitable voices for the Elephants. As for Govoner Christie and Senator Rubio, they both will become the new faces of the GOP as soon as the primaries for the next Republican Presidential nominee.

  17. When I hear news about the Republican Party, I feel that who comes to mind may go to show that I am not as informed as I should be in regards to today’s Government. I think of Mitt Romney. He was the running candidate for the Republican Party in 2012 and lost a fighting battle against Obama. I think that the election proved that everyone thought it was going to be a closer outcome than it was. Early on during the days of the polls, Obama’s numbers showed that he was in the lead and would take the win for presidency. Since the lost election, Republican’s have been suffering to determine an actual leader and I don’t think they have someone who rightfully holds that title. Although the Republican’s do not play a roll in presidency, I do not think that at this point in our country’s financial crisis that whether a Democrat or Republican is in office will determine much about the wellbeing of the United States. The idea of this brings me back to a concept that we discuss frequently in class: America runs on a two-party system. Just because a person claims that they are a Republican does not necessarily mean they abide by the beliefs of Republicans, in many cases it could mean that they just don’t agree with what many Democrats have to say about issues and have no other option.

  18. I think John Boehner is the de facto leader of the Republican Party. As Speaker of the House, he is third in line to the presidency, so he has a unique position of authority. It seems that he and President Obama often meet to discuss differences between the parties and try to resolve them. I think he is the spokesperson for the republican point of view.

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