A New Civil Rights Movement in America?

In civil rights classroom discussions, issues pertaining to African-American and women’s rights are examined from a historical and political perspective.  Issues related to other groups such as those who are of Hispanic or Asian origins are discussed as well.  Civil rights tends to focus on rights of individuals based on race, gender, and ethnic origin in most textbooks.  But what about gay rights and LGBT issues involving marriage, workplace discrimination, and shared health care benefits?  Do those issues and the people affected by those issues have a place in civil rights discussions?


94 responses to “A New Civil Rights Movement in America?

  1. The LGBT rights should be apart of the civil rights movement. They are discriminated like any other racial group and they are just humans like everybody else. They should have an equal opportunity like anyone else such as, African Americans, woman rights, and any other group who is discriminated upon. Everyone’s rights are protected under the first amendment, but it can be bent to a way for the government to use it upon. This is an issue that should be handled like any other important issue going on today and should be taken under consideration.

  2. LGBT should be a part of the civil rights movement. People should not judge or label people based on their life choices. I think that they should have some rights when it comes to marriage and health insurance. There should be a law to protect them from angry people that wants to play God and punish them because of their choice. I don’t think that people should make fun of them and/or bully them and get away with it.

  3. Katherine Didier

    I think that matters concerning members of the LGBT community to be a part of the civil rights movement. They are deprived of their right to marry and are discriminated against on countless occasions. I feel that it is the government’s job to protects its citizens and uphold their rights. The LGBT community is not receiving all of the rights that they should have.

  4. Briana Blassagame

    The LGBT schould be part of the civil rights movement. Because their just like everyone else, who had to fight for their rights. For example, women fought for their rights to vote and African Americans fought to have the same equal rights as White’s did. But eventhough the LGBT has a smaller percentage of the American population, their rights are just as important as any other American. Futhermore, these people have the right to defend themselves just like any other group that lives in the US, and ask for their rights to be heard, so they can live a normal life like everybody else.

  5. I completly believe that sexual orientations should be a civli right.
    Nobody has the right to mistread other because of their preferences. Everyone should be treat equally, their preferences do not make any difference compare to others. There are meny ignorant folks who think that it is not ok being lesbian or gay, that is a personal desicion, Therefore averyone should respect it.

  6. Francisca Castro

    Gay rights and LGBT issues should be included in civil rights discussions and should be a part of our country’s civil rights movement. Their struggle for equal rights and laws regarding their marriage, shared health care benefits and workplace discrimination should be acknowledged and given equal importance as the fight for gender and racial equality. They are human beings just like the rest of us and should not be discriminated agaisnt or banned from having the same rights in their lifes just because of their sexual preference. Ignoring this right is like picking and choosing only what we view and want as equality and not giving everybody the same right!

  7. Yes, because they’re attempting to receive equality among their community. They’re attempting to show that they deserve the same rights as straight people. Just because they’re gay, lesbian, or transgendered it doesn’t mean they’re any less of a person.

  8. Curtis Czartoryski

    I think that LGBT matters are a sort of new civil rights movement. Someones sexual orientation does not make them any different from other people, so why shold they be treated any differently. They should recieive the same rights and have the same oppurtunities as everyone else.

  9. My view on GLBT rights being a civil rights issue is that they shoulod recieve the same rights as straight couples. We are all suppose to be equal. Not allowing one human being to do something over an other is not equality. America was founded on freedome, something that when it comes to GLBT rights is not happening.

  10. Jessica Meldazis

    I believe that LGBT should not matter; that humans are humans and we should all have equal rights. We do not all have equal rights though, based off our sexual or gender orientation. I read an article the other day about a military woman who died and the military did not deliver her flag to her wife nor was she allowed any rights that hetero spouses receive. That’s not equality. It should be a civil rights matter because every human deserves to be treated like a human.

  11. LGBT should definitely be considered a part of the civil rights movement. Not only does an individual’s sexual orientation tend to cause debate among the people, the discrimination of people who are not necessarily interested in the opposite sex and the fight for them to be treated equally has become a huge part of America’s history and culture. As with different genders, races, and ethnic groups, sexual orientation is a major part of every individual and shouldn’t be discriminated against. There is no point to separtate others because of who they choose to be involved with – it is nobody else’s business just like it’s nobody’s business which guys are hooking up with which girls or the other way around. It has remained that way for thousands of years and it shouldn’t change just because modern times (partly) are accepting of it.

  12. Yes LGBT and gay rights should be included in the new civil rights movement. It does not matter of one’s sexual orientation, everybody should have equal rights. Although I can see some problems arousing from the shared healthcare, in all I do not thing this should be a debate.

  13. I believe that gay rights and LGBT should be included in the new civil rights movement. They deserve to have the same rights that the straight couples in America have. Women and African Americas were included in the civil rights movement because there were many who realized that they are regular human beings just like everyone else and deserve the same rights. This should be the same with LGBT. They are human beings and in should be treated like they are by being given the same rights as everyone else in the United States. Our country is known for freedom but it is unfair that LGBT do not feel as though they are free. By including them in the new civil rights movement, they will hopefully be given the freedom they deserve.

  14. I do consider matters relating to the LGBT community as a new civil rights movement because there are so many similarities between their current situation and those of african americans, women, and many others in the past. They are an emerging culture in our society that is demanding the same rights given to others. There is also a good deal of discrimination and bias towards the LGBT community just as there was towards african americans, women, and others during their struggles for equality.

  15. I believe that this is a civil rights issue. We are debating about whether or not we should let a group of people get married or not. So, is it safe to say that we arent any better than people during the last civil rights movement. Who are we to say that someone cant get married? Even if is a man to a man or a woman to a woman. Thats the pursuit of happiness that we were given.

  16. Paulius Suckelis

    LGBT should definitely be included in the new civil right movement. Just like everybody else, they fight for it everyday, and deserve to have the same rights that the straight couples in the United States have. Back in the day, women fought for their right to vote, and so did African Americans just to have the same rights as the whites did. Everyone should have equal rights no matter if your gay, straight, or square. We are all people and just because some are different or believe in something different doesnt mean they should be kept away from the reality. Make it EVEN!

  17. I believe that the civil rights movement is not human “progress” when it makes things worse for blacks, whites, america and just general humanity as a whole. The civil-rights movement has serious Communist roots.I do not support racism, but I support someones right to like and dislike whomever they want for whatever reason they choose: as long as no one’s self or property is harmed .Civil Rights is nothing more than social engineering by Yankee financiers. The civil war was the birth of the Military Industrial Complex.Yes the same institution that goes around the globe telling people how to live by bombing them into submission.

  18. Even though I’m not for LGBT personally , but I do think that it should be included in the New Civil rights movement . Reason being, as citizens each individual should have valued opinions and equal rights despite their sexual preference. Furthermore, everyone should be treated the same.

  19. LGBT should be a part of the Civil Rights Movement. This movement taught Americans that we should not discriminate against someone due to their color of their skin. We have had a feministi movement in this culture that teaches us that we should not discriminate against someone based on their gender. It only makes sense to make that we should not discriminate against someone based on their sexual preference. As Americans, you don’t have to like someone based on their skin color or gender or sexual preference, but you do not have the right to discriminate against them because of this.

  20. LGBT absolutely should be included in the new civil rights movement . Despite ones sexual preference, as citizens every individual opinion should be valued and have equal rights just as a straight couples. With the rate increasing ,I think we should stop judging,and respect and accept them for what they are.

  21. The LGBT should be apart of the civil rights movement. No one deserves to be judge on their sexuality. Just because someone lives a diffferent lifestyle than you doesn’t mean they should be treated differently. Everyone is human therefore everyone is equal.

  22. Yes I believe the LGBT should be apart of the new civil rights movement. Some people might judge them based on their lifestyle just as people do with the color of people’s skin. They are human beings no matter what gender they are interested in.

  23. Matters of the LGBT community are of a civil rights movement; just like past minorities have fought for rights. The LGBT community now fight for their right to get married, because others have that right. Thus, the LGBT community is fighting for a right that the general population already has, making this a civil rights movement.

  24. The LGBT should be included in our new civil rights movement. We have our personal beliefs backed by religious upbringings regarding the LGBT while some others don’t have religious backings to go against that part of our population so they decided to become neutral or supportive of the LGBT rights. Fact of the matter is, our constitution and developing laws have always practiced separation of state and the church. The church can practice their faith as long as it doesn’t impeded in an American’s legal rights. And the state (or federal government) cannot impede in the church’s legal rights to practice their religion. But in the end, being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transsexual is a choice of lifestyle that does not break the law or impose influence in the church. The LGBT is simply pursuing the right to speech and expression. As far as marriage goes, it’s simply a binding contract of companionship. That’s it. When it comes to the issue of workplace discrimination, as long as males and females are professional with each other, I’m sure gays, lesbians, transsexuals and bisexuals would respect those professional barriers because that is what’s expected of everyone. When it comes to healthcare benefits, as long as those individuals are living together and supporting each other, how different is it with a husband and wife or a father/mother with their children. One human being is financially and emotionally supporting the other and vice versa. So, yes, the LGBT should be in the new civil rights movement.

  25. I believe that LGBT should be a part of the civil rights movement. LGBT shouldn’t be discriminated because of their beliefs or opinions. They’re people too, they might be different, but all people are different. We don’t discriminate others that may be straight for their opinions or beliefs so why do we do to LGBT? It makes no sense because of how people talk about so much hate in the world when little things like these can be the start of it.

  26. I believe the LGBT should and is part of the new civil rights movement. That being said all people should be granted the same privileges as everyone else. They shouldn’t be deprived of having the same benefits as another wife and husband just because their the same gender. It should not matter on who you are sexually attracted to. Also where is that fine line of separation of church and state. People have the right to believe what ever they want if they don’t agree with it because of their religious faith. Though that shouldn’t matter because the gay marriage wouldnt be affecting the church what so ever.

  27. Gay people can’t get married in some states, which is an infringement on their individual rights. This bias, which is based off their union as LGBT people, denies them their pursuit of happiness which is a staple in the Constitution. By treading on specific parts of the Constitution, we open up a gateway to further defacement of the foundation of this country.

  28. LGBT and all other related issues should be included in the civil rights discussions. In modern times, the world can’t afford not to. Reading the constitution involves interpreting it. There are many laws that aren’t directly stated in the constitution but as this country grows and adapts, so does our adaptation and interpretation of laws. These issues are the same. LGBT issues have grown to be prominent. There’s no escaping it just like in the past with African-Americans and women’s rights. It’s right there in the words, civil rights. Civil means people and rights relates to what we have the ability to do in our country. It doesn’t say anything about African-American rights or Women’s rights. It’s time to adapt these new issues into the interpretation of civil rights.

  29. Yes, the LGBT community needs to have equal rights; and yes they most certainly deserve to be involved in civil rights discussion. Men and women fight for this cause and they should be heard. It is discrimination to not allow them the same rights as a straight person. As far as marriage goes I believe that those who are either gay or lesbian should have the opportunity to marry the person they love. Most people believe marriage is meant for a man and a woman, but that’s touching the border of religion. To make a law saying someone cannot marry someone of the same sex is controversial; and that’s why it has become difficult to pass in states and I thank those people for not passing it. On the issue of workplace discrimination I believe it is disgusting; it is a blatant attack of their character based on their preference of who to love.

  30. The LGBT community are entitled to the same liberties as others. The fact that they are denied the same rights as others is an injustice. I understand that it gets touchy when it comes to bringing religion into this issue, but the fact is that when you look at the gist of it, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, and Lesbians are all still people and should have the same rights.

  31. LGBT should be apart of the civil rights movement. Neglecting to make it part of the movement would be discriminating against other not allowing them to express their beliefs. These beliefs do not negitively effect anyone or anything, it does not break laws or bring along anything illegal. One person shouldn’t have less rights than anyone else.

  32. LBGT is absolutely a part of a new civil rights movement. To discriminate someone based on their beliefs and feelings is unconstitutional. It is absolutely no one else’s business if two people of the same sex get want to get married.

  33. yes they have a place in the civil rights disscusion. they have it because they should be treated equal as other people. Just because they are gay does not mean they shouldnt fall under that catigory. they deserve to have equal right just like anyone else

  34. The LGBT should be apart of the civil rights movement because even though some people are against it they should think of it as if they were another race. Such as if they were black or hispanic or white. They should be treated as anyother human being in the country.

  35. yes they have a place in the civil rights disscusion. they have it because they should be treated equal as other people. Just because they are gay does not mean they shouldnt fall under that catigory. they deserve to have equal right just like anyone else

  36. Yes, I claim that gay rights and LGBT should be considered as a part of the civil rights movement. We all know that that movement is fighting against the discrimination based on race, gender, and ethnic differences. We all have the freedom to be who and what we want to be. Furthermore we have the right to fight for our identity and wishes.

  37. They should be apart of the civil rights movement because our country is all about equality and we should treat everyone equal and with respect. It shouldn’t matter what you look like or who you like. Our society is very judgemental and its sad that others aren’t able to accept the LGBT community in this world. Everyone is a human being and we should all just learn to treat others how we would want to be treated and get along.

  38. i think we should all be treated the same no matter what race you are and if your gay or stright it should not matter as long as your not breaking any laws or bothering anyone we should all be able to live happy and i think the goverment is doing a fine job on making everyone happy they cant bend the rules for little things to make every single person happy it was built on freedom and i think we all have freedom

  39. Jazmin Gutierrrez

    I believe that the LBGT community should have the same rights as anyone else and should be part of the civil rights movement discussion. I do not see why their sexual orientation should be a problem or an issue. Everyone has different beliefs and make different choices.

  40. I think the reason homosexuality has changed in society’s eyes is because of people successfully portraying it as a civil rights issue. Of course we are all human beings and should love each other, but that does not necessarily mean anything in legal matters. This isn’t about asking people to open their hearts and love; we’re asking an ages-old tradition of traditional marriage to be changed. I think it would be a shame to change law simply because of society’s changing perceptions; it’s an insult to the weight and sacredity of law.

  41. The LBGT should be part of the Civil Rights movement. Everyone should be treated equally. Regardless of race, ethnicity,sexual orientation, and gender,It doesn’t make someone any less a person. People should be able to marry who they want, We are all different. America is built on immigrants, everyone is different and no one has the right to judge someone based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender.

  42. Michael Hernandez

    As a member of an LGBT group, they have taken a stand for what they believe in. This can correlate to any group of people in the past who weren’t a part of the civil rights movement, until they began to fight for what they believed in such as women and African Americans. This should be no different for a LGBT member fighting for the possession of any right that was promised to them in the United States Constitution of God’s gift of unalienable rights.

  43. Yes I believe that the LGBT community should be a part of the civil rights movement. The people in the LGBT should have the same rights as every other human being in this world. Just because they chose to live a different life does not mean that they should be discriminated on.

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