The Importance of the Invisible Primary

The invisible primary is the period when an individual files FEC (Federal Election Commission) paperwork to run for President and when the first voting primary takes place.  The earlier a candidate announces his/her candidacy, then the potential to raise a significant sum of money becomes greater.  The invisible primary is also a period where potential candidates gauge their level of popular support by not only how much money they raise but also by how many people can recognize their names.
The new year has just started, but already potential candidates for President have been mentioned in the press and in public on several occasions.  Among those being named are Vice-President Joe Biden (D), former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D), and US Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL).  All are recognizable and have the ability to raise money.  No one has announced this early in the game, but would you be surprised if someone did?  What are your thoughts?  When is it too early to announce yourself as a candidate for President?  On the other hand, when is it too late?

73 responses to “The Importance of the Invisible Primary

  1. Even though it does seem quite early for future candidates to start thinking about their chances of becoming president in 2016, I do think that is it necessary. There is a lot of work that goes into running for office. Future candidates can use this long time frame doing all they can to prepare for the 2016 election. I think that Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Mark Rubio are at an advantage preparing for their candidacy this early. They are going to get a lot of media attention and when 2016 comes along they will probably be the top three names that everyone will hear about.

  2. I don’t think that is too early to be thinking about running for the president in three years. Good planning is the key to success. A candidate needs a lot of support and money for their campaign. Showing their interest in the presidency sooner may be a good thing to gather money that they need. I don’t mind knowing who is thinking about running. I could follow them and decide if I agree with their choices and politics, before the campaign even starts.

  3. Yes I would be very surprised if someone announced their plans to run for president this early. Seeing as how our president was just sworn in about two weeks ago. I can only speak for myself on this matter but I’m not thinking about who will be a candidate four years from now. However I do think that it would be late if you announced yourself a year before you are expected to run. I think you should announce your plans as a candidate about a year into the current presidents term if you are unknown I really don’t believe it matters.

  4. I do not think that it is too early to determine if someone. It is a very good idea to define your opponent early in the race. It is also an opportunity for the candidate to raise some money that could propel the presidential hopeful through the race

  5. Yes, I think that it is to early to say that someone is going to run for presidency, considering that Obama was just sworn into office about two weeks ago. In my opinion I would want people to wait at least a year into the presidents term to announce it. A lot of things can change within the next four years.

  6. Curtis CCzartoryski

    I do not think that it is too early to start preparing to run for presidency. The sooner the candidates announce their intentions the sooner poeple will start following them and the more time the candidates have to persuade the voters. With more time to raise money for their campaigns, the better chances a candidate has. If someone starts later they will have more catching up to do with their oppenents.

  7. It would be very surprising if some future candidate announced he is going to run for president three years before the election even existed. I know you should start thinking about it, but telling everyone your going to do it that early is doing it way to early.In my own opinion i think you should announce your running a year or two before the election actually takes place. Many things can change during the presidency of Obama that may change the future election anyways.

  8. I don’t think it’s too early for candidates to announce their run for the presidency because I can’t think of any negative effect it may have. If anything announce early is a smart move for third party and lesser known candidates because it will give them a chance to gain more publicity and possibly level the playing field. Announcing their plans to run early for presidency will also force some candidates to have a firm ground on their political stand point allowing voters to have a chance to decide which candidates they feel will do best.

  9. I did watch it on u-tube, not on T.V. I believe with the revelution of technology and communication people are more and more into following the news and the important events on their personal devices. T.V become an old and slow way to follow up with todays news and events.

  10. I don’t think it is too early for candidates who are planning to run for the next election to start announcing themselves. Four years might sound like a lot but it goes by fast and it gives the candidate to get a “head start”. If the candidate was to wait until the last minute then they would not have any advantage to winning an election. I think it would be too early for a candidate to start announcing themselves if it was during the time when other candidates were running. An example of what I mean is if Hilary Clinton started promoting and getting her name out back during campaign days while it was Obama and Romney who were running for President. I believe this is too early because they are taking the attention away from the candidates who are to be recognized at the time.

  11. Michaela Sheeran

    I think it is way to early to be worrying about who our next president will be. First of all that’s four years down the road. We have issues that have to be dealt with now, so I don’t see why we would be worrying about our next president; however i do not think its to early for those candidates to prepare and start organising their campaigns. But as a whole I don’t think people should be worrying about it as of now.

  12. In my opinion, if someone feels the need to announce their presidency early that is their right. Although I think for the most part it is probably a sham for them to raise an excess amount of money for who knows what anymore, I believe if they think it will be to their benefit than they should have the right to do so. Furthermore, I am sure it takes a long time to get prepared for a potential presidency, and it might even benefit the country If they get a head start and organize their thoughts and beliefs on what is going on and how they may potentially fix our country’s problems. On other hand, I do believe there should be a cut-off period for candidates to announce. There are too many un-informed American voters out there that I do not believe should have the option of choosing a random candidate if they happen to dislike the present ones. I would prefer those people do not vote rather than to vote for the candidate they know nothing about.

  13. In my opinion, I think it is a smart idea for the three candidates to think ahead. The presidential campaign trail can be a long and stressful process. The sooner they plan things out, the more prepared they will be during the actual campaign. The three candidates in the article are well known political figures, and will probably be the biggest contenders in the next election.

  14. No, it’s never too early to think of running for president; if one was to start thinking about it now, it gives them alot of time to develope their strategy. Thus, an individual would have an advantage if they begin to compose a plan this early.

  15. The earlier a candidate decides to run, the better their chances are. The extra time helps develop multiple facets of their campaign. The early start would help gauge popularity, prepare strategies, and monitor challengers to help gain an edge if possible.

  16. yes i wold be surprise if a person announced they were going to run for president. i think it is too early to say they are going to run. I think a good time to run would be right after two years. I think that if they said there were going to run after the two year mark will be late because the person needs to plan out there schedule get all of there endorsers and so on.

  17. yes i wold be surprise if a person announced they were going to run for president. i think it is too early to say they are going to run. I think a good time to run would be right after two years. I think that if they said there were going to run after the two year mark will be late because the person needs to plan out there schedule get all of there endorsers and so on.

  18. I don’t think it is ever too early to start planning, however, I do think it is too early to announce that you are running. I think a good time to announce it is about 2 years after election. Announcing it too late would be 8 months to election. Announcing your running could really damage your chances.

  19. I don’t think it’s too early at all. The more prepared someone is, the better. Yeah sure, some of the issues may change and new ones may arise, but I don’t think 3 years can really make that much a difference. I actually think this is a great time to announce it, especially since we have the same president serving a second term, so we can expect more of the same as the last couple of years.

  20. Yes i agree that it is never to early to run as a candidate. The sooner the better for them to strategies and use the extra time to gain the peoples attention that they are somebody that can make a change. They can use that time to perfect there ideas and belief,to actually help this nation get back up to its feet, and not on the ground.

  21. i dont think its to early to run for candidate at the time its never to early. if you are prepared and really want it you should always go for it. however i like our president now and think he will do a good job. we need to whatever we can though to make this nation strong agian

  22. I don’t think its a bad idea for candidates to announce they will be running for president because it just gives them a head start to prepare for everything that comes with running for president. This gives them a chance to raise money, prepare for their campaigns and win people over. I think the earlier they prepare the better president they will be.

  23. its way to early to be worrying about the next president. we should worry about it when it starts to get close. its good to announce early so we can get a feel for who will run.

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