Grade the President


36 responses to “Grade the President

  1. President Obama’s first term was mediocre (C) at best. He intended to do a lot more than he wanted to but still achieved some very important things in his first term. One of his most important achievements was the Affordable Care Act, “Obamacare.” Despite many court challenges and controversial issues, Obamacare is being implemented nationwide and will be the United States’ health care system by 2014. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was another piece of legislation that is a benchmark of the president’s first term. The stimulus pumped more than $1 trillion into the nation’s economy. This money helped finance many things such as housing subsidies, infrastructure, health care, and green energy projects. This is another controversial Obama legislation because the amount of money used was unprecedented and many projects that were given money have failed. On the other hand, Obama promised to close the Guantanamo Bay maximum security prison but hasn’t lived up to that yet. Also, he wanted to pass comprehensive immigration reform but so far has only passed an executive order to stop young, eligible illegals from deportations. Obama wanted to cut the national debt in his first term but will have a tough time doing that in his second term as he has alone nearly spent $7 trillion. Overall, Obama has had an average first term. He got a few things done that he deemed important but also still has many things to catch up on and has to address new issues such as privacy, gun rights, and more immigration reform.

  2. For what is worth I think the President did a decent job with all that was running against him. He had alot of pull going agaisnt him, mostly from the Republicans. I hope the next term will be better.

  3. Christine Hawkins

    I grade President Obama a D! President Obama is one of the best orators I have listened to, but orators are only truly good for propaganda. We need a leader. Someone who the legislative and judicial branches will follow or be convinced to follow. I’m afraid that this second term will be the same or less than the first term. Poor President Obama. Your fight is endless with the other two branches of government opposing anything and everything you propose.

  4. I would have to that he is doing a pretty descent job. i mean there is a lot on the president’s plate right now and it is like the problems that we have in American right now can be fixed overnight it will take tme. I believe that America just needs to give Obama time,

  5. I think he did a good job due to the fact that ANYONE who followed Bush, the worst president in history, was going to be highly criticized due to all the problems Bush left.

  6. I would give the president a solid C grade. they reason why i say a C grade is because he took us to war jus like the President before him in Libeya. not because were being threaten because anohter country decided to evovle and we couldnt handle that. if libya went along like they wanted making gold there new dollar would no longer be a economic power and problably not as strong military. this is jus one of the many examples of a President flexing their power in an unconstituional way. It says in Constituion our President cant take our country unless we our attack, or someone tries to invade our home land. But he brought gas prices down right? Well yea the president before him had a vasted interest in oil, therefore we had sky high prices. The president now is vasted in new energy so say you have a solar plan or land you wan wind turbines on the feds will give you funds. Much of the usual if you ask me.

  7. I feel like Obama deserves a C for his first term. He attempted to make progress in health care with the Affordable Care Act but it is far from becoming the solution. He also was able to bring many of the troops home, find Osama, and end the Iraq war. It should also be noted he was under much scrutiny and opposition by a lot of his colleagues as well as facing the pressure and spotlight of being the first African American president. Nevertheless the position of presidency is one with great responsibility with no room for excuse and Obama didn’t display a significant amount or a consistent amount of success in his first term but he didn’t necessarily fail either.

  8. I feel President Obamma failed in his first term of office. The ecconomny is still falling backwards, there is NO end insight the Afghan war but we are still getting sent over, and Jobs along with American growth is at a stand still. I beleive he should do more for the people of the United States.

  9. I would rate President Obama’s first term with a B, when President Obama first ruled the country it was dead, a lot of people were already losing their jobs, big companies were shutting down, and the United States had a lot of debt on it. Yet President Obama worked very hard for all the people who lost their jobs by awarding anyone open businesses in the United States, I believe that this plan is going to work very good because that way more jobs will be created for people who did not have a chance to move forward in their jobs. Also, President Obama somewhat fought for the healthcare plan which is going to be a major benefit for all Americans. On the other hand, President Obama still has a lot to work on in the United States because there are people, who still can’t find any jobs or any other source to take care of their families, he also promised that he will work on other issues but he did not start yet.

  10. I would give Obama a B. Being president is a huge responsibility that won’t always have yes or no, right or wrong, black and white answers. You can really only do your best and do what you think is best. Obama was able to help with healthcare as well as bring many troops home where they belong. He has done well in cleaning up a lot of mess Bush left behind and I believe his second term will be much stronger and more empowering.

  11. I honestly think Obama did a great job, even though some things failed he showed good progress in turning things around. I believe he needs a little more time to really turn heads. Also how can you exspect any president to come in to office and turn everything around in one term? Bush dug us in a pickel, Obama is doing all he can, to do better for this country.

  12. Obama gets a D grade at best and that is me being very generous.. For the past four years all I have heard are excuses on why he hasn’t gotten anything done and everything is blamed on former President Bush. Obama said he would fix the economy and create more jobs but has failed to do so. Whenever he does create a significant amount of jobs, the press will give him credit but fail to mention the new number of jobs lost. He likes to use minor social issues for example gay rights to cover up the real issue which is the economy. From seeing what he has done his first four years and already seeing his plans for his last four years, I have a feeling no good is in sight.

  13. I gave president Obama a grade of a “B”. When he came into his term, the country was already very much in debt, so I don’t think it’s fair to say that he isn’t doing anything to help the economic status of the country, When he country is 17 trillion dollars in debt, it is going to be hard to steer it in the opposite side towards less debt. He also implemented the Obama Care, healthcare for Americans, which I think is great, and also he is taking little steps in helping immigrants who are eligible get their social security,and drivers licences and be able to attend school, have jobs, etc.

  14. Alejandro Ballesteros

    Finishing his first term as President but leaving the country 17 trillion dollars in debt was a FAIL. Now that Obama was re-elected, he should find some ways to help lower the 17t. We all hope President Obama’s second term goes well.

  15. As goes for President Obama I believe that he was thrown into a lose lose situation. Anything he did besides get us Trillions of dollars out of debt which is not physically possible in four years would be considered a failure. I believe for the first time in a while he is actually trying to do good for the common good and not just saying it like other presidents. As for what he did do like the obama care i believe is a good first step in the right direction because something needs to change. I hope the two sides can meet on their differences not just for Obama but for our nation.

  16. Alexander Bacon

    I believe that President Obama deserves a “B” for his first term in office. In my opinion he deserves this grade because of the achievements he made. Those achievements include ending the war in Iraq, revived General Motors, ended ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’, Obamacare, the Dream Act, invested in clean energy, increased support for veterans, lowered taxes for middle class families and small businesses, tightened sanctions on Iran, crippling the value of rial and their economy, decimated al-Qaeda’s chain of command, and most importantly, ordered the mission that killed Osama bin Laden. However, in his second term I believe that Obama should further tighten sanctions on Iran and North Korea, reduce the deficit, end the war in Afghanistan, and much more.

  17. I would give the President a “C”. There is always room to improve in everything. I could make a case for things that were against him and for him. He should have a good second term, if nothing go way off the rails.

  18. I graded President Obama first as a C! Everything that he promised was difficult to accomplish. There are many things on which I can agree or disagree, but I do know if it’s right to expect a lot of things from one person. When we talk about the President we expected that he fixes everything like magic; without thinking that the decisions making and priorities depend on a team effort to work with. Of course, we are not a conformist society, but as such we must demand not only the President but also the Congress to work together like a team without divisions in order to have better results in the future.

  19. I would give President Obama B because he did what he promised us to do. And all of those people that are complaining should stand up and do something about it! start your own political party, stage major protests, create a political radio, pass leaflets around, create massive rallies, speak it front of large crowds,run for president, start a revolution, or do something! sitting around and complaining won’t solve anything so get up and do something!

  20. I feel that Obama first term was pretty descent. I feel that it would take a second term to do a lot better. One term is not enough time for the US to come out of the hole we are in.

  21. Curtis CCzartoryski

    I gave President Obama a C grade. When he came into the position there were many problems left from the previous president. Though he did manage to get some of his plans done like the heathcare act, many other problems still persist. The economy is still weak and unemployment is still considerably high. Now in his second term, I feel he has a chance to make some progress and get much more accomplished.

  22. I would give President Obama a “D” based on a couple things: 1) He doesn’t seem to grasp what a budget is. We have a serious spending problem in this country. He didn’t even mention our debt problem in his 2nd inaugural speech. He might have good intentions and some good ideas, but our financial situation should be our priority. 2) We had such high hopes in President Obama that he was going to bring our Nation together, but instead he has divided our Nation in half.

  23. The only reason i put unsure is because i had so much confidence into what he was saying about ” chnage is coming.” I really thought change is coming but it turns out no so much change has actually become. Were still in 17 trillion dollars in debt, i mean he brought us obama care but i think they are bigger issues we have to deal with. I dont think everythings on him because he walked in a not so good situation when he was voted but change has not come the way i wanted it too.

  24. Ania Tomaszewski

    I think President Obama could be doing better. I would give him a C. He has made some changes but not necessarily enough. He’s trying. Many people are against him, but I think we have to deal with the reality that he is our leader so hopefully things get better the second time around, and he keeps his promises.

  25. Wioleta Takuska

    I would rate President Obama’s first term with a B minus. President Obama had many great ideas and a good agenda for the country, but he didn’t seem to get things done due to horrible congress. President Obama wants to do many things but it seems like he never truly completes them or stays true to his word. Overall he is a great person though.

  26. I think the president did an OKAY job on working with problems that deal with the United States, but I’m really proud and happy that he passed the deferred action for illegal students and gave them hope. Hopefully he’ll pass amnesty in his second term.

  27. President Obama is at about a C on a grading scale. His presidency should not be judged on what was left from the presidency previous to his own (Bush’s term.) “OH, but Obama had all the problems Bush left at the end of his term.” No, he did not. Get over that. We should look at what President Obama promised us and what he actually did about it. Troops are still over seas and the media only hides what’s actually going on there. Health Care is another issue and plan he tried to address but it’s still “in process”. Spending more than our country takes in and being seventeen trillion dollars in debt. What else is new? Obama can talk the talk, but has some trouble with walking the walk. If you say one thing and do it, good for you and the people of this country. If you say one thing and then do nothing about it or hide it away for safe keeping then shame on you, and only you. Obama is, well, another president on the list. This country needs a real leader.

  28. I believe that President Obama didn’t have much to work with in the beginning. He seems to be a nice president and a man of his word. Also, I understand he’s trying to work with many of our present problems that are occurring today. Overall, I rate him at a B.

  29. I graded President Obama with a C. I feel like we’re putting too much pressure on him so he can fix all the problems Bush had left, back when Bush was in office. I think Obama has done the best he can so far to try to accomplish and fix all the problems we’re dealing with. But we still have his second term to wait for and see what happens.

  30. Kimberly Rodgers

    I graded President Obama’s first term with a B. I think he is at least trying to fix the mess that Bush left us in. When he first came into office, the job market was dwindling, within the last four years it slowly began to build itself up again; people have more jobs now than before. Its hard for a president to come into office and just fix every little issue people are wanting to be done. Another good thing he is doing is that he wants illegal people to still go to school. Obama has focused and contributed on the working people and people who actually want to go to school, therefore he deserved a B for his first term.

  31. I graded President Obama a c because he didnt really do much. He was tryng to fix things but Bush left a huge mess and basically Obama had to clean it up. In four years its kinda hard to change a lot, and I can see that Obama was trying but didnt know where to start.

  32. In my opinion the President even though he had a lot to deal with from the Bush administration. In the end he has not owned up to his word when he was talking about creating jobs in America and bring back our economy. He seems to be easily influenced into other commitments and not focused on completing anything he just makes more and more promises on different issues and doesn’t go threw with them. Currently the issue on guns making executive orders on how to control them spending more money almost making it seem like the nation isn’t 19 trillion in debt.

  33. Obama’s first term in office was a terrible failure and reinforces the fact that the majority of voters don’t have any knowledge of the candidates and vote superficially, listening only to what media serves of for them. After promising to reduce the deficit and blaming the Bush administration for all of problems in the country, he managed to triple the deficit while proposing failing projects and huge tax hikes disguised as ways to help the less fortunate through his obamacare act. While I’m sure Obama is trying to help this country in his mind, his actions are hurting this country, stifling business and entrepreneurial growth and turning the United States of America into a hollow, socialist shell of what it once was.

  34. I gave president Obama a B. Our previous president George W. Bush left a big mess for Obama to fix, luckily he went back into office this year to finish off what he needed to do. I feel like many people put so much pressure on him and expect things to get better overnight and as we all know things don’t work like that. It takes much planning for a better future and that’s what Barrack Obama is doing. I did not give him an A because there is always room for improvement. In my opinion there is no such thing as perfection. He has four more years for improvement of the country and I personally don’t think he will fail in doing so.

  35. Paulius Suckelis

    The grade that President Obama received from me was a C, and thats me still being lenient. seventeen trillion dollars in debt? he thinks thats okay? and the prediction says that we will most likely have 24 trillion dollars in debt by 2016, and 20 million MORE people supposed to lose their jobs? that is ridiculous…in my opinion. I understand it wasnt completely his fault, and you can blame Bush for some of it…like most of the people are..but still, atleast try to get those ridiculous numbers down a little bit. The healthcare plan that he thought was a great me is awful. Theres people that are taking advantage of the healthcare and the welfare and it makes me pissed off. I guarantee theres people that basically just stealing money from the government, and most importantly, US by taking advantage of the welfare that obama provides for the poor. In my opinion, Obama is just too good of a person to be president. The president of the united states has to know that hes the leader of the biggest country, and not be going to other countries apologizing for the things we did or didnt do. We need a business man as our president to provide the money for us that we need and of course, not have our country in debt. That person could of been romney but i guess Obama got one more chance to prove to us that he is the leader of our country, and he can lead it well.

  36. I think Obama was a wonderful president gave it his all when he was given the US to take care of it was on the verge of collapse the ecomy was destroyed president bush did 8 years of damage to this country and it will take time to fix its not a over night job im sure if Obama could wake up and all these problems were gone he would he doesn’t wane be known as a president who wasted everyone is time things will get better slowly but shortly I hope.

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