First Priority, Second Term


71 responses to “First Priority, Second Term

  1. I think Obama’s top priority in his second term should be to improve the economy/taxes/jobs. It’s very clear that none of it will get better overnight, but all Obama can do is make it be at the top of his list to try and fix it. There are people out there with bachelor’s degrees, even masters, but they are working minimum wage jobs to try and make it. It all comes down to how much money our government has and once we somewhat get out of debt, we can start focusing on creating more jobs. Overall, Obama is doing all that he can do with how our current economy is.

  2. Charlene-Grace Crisostomo

    I strongly believe that education, gun control, health care and immigration are all very important issues that the leader of this country should focus on. However,for his second term, President Barack Obama’s first priority should be the economy, which will also include the taxes and jobs for its citizens. United States of America was a great country, even now. But let us face the fact that it is not as great as it was before. My relatives migrated in this country few decades ago. They said that before, finding a job is really easy. You lose your job today, you can find another one in a week or two. But now, it takes months and if you are unlucky enough, it might take a year. Sadly, having a diploma nowadays is not an insurance of a good job and a bright future. This is all because America’s economy is failing and the debt is rising. Fixing the economy cannot be done in just one step. It is not going to be easy but President Obama, we are counting on you. And us citizens, we need to help our leaders too.

  3. Graciela Gurnea

    I believe that Obama should focus mainly on education. Education will always be an issue in our country. Educating the youth of America is something that is always relevant and our government should work hard to make sure that the incoming generations will have the right tools to steer our country in the right direction. Children deserve to have a proper education, especially since they are the ones who will eventually be running the country. I don’t think that we have a bad education system right now but if we let the issue disappear because we focus too much on other factors, then students and the future will suffer.

  4. I believe all those topics are very important to our nation, but the economy, jobs, and taxes are what keeps America running. When America is $17 trillion in debt I couldn’t imagine how the economy wouldn’t be Obama’s first priority. In order to be a better America we need to get the unemployment rate down and everyone in a stable area. But to be realistic the U.S. has no crystal clear plan on what will happen for America. There will always be battles to overcome with highs and lows.

  5. Athough all topics are of importance, I think Obma Should focus on the economy throughout his second term. First, we need money to imporve education, healthcare, and all the other topics. Thus it only makes sense to try and make the money, and focus on the economy before we try and fix things without the funds.

  6. Kostantina Taseva

    All of the topics are important, but I personally believe that Obama should focus on Gun rights and Immigration. Gun rights have become an issue in the recent mounts. The free usage of guns had lead to many crimes and caused many innocent people’s death. As a foreigner I believe that Immigration is the other important thing. There are many things that must be changed in favor of the immigrants- Social Security Policy, Driving license policy and so forth.

  7. Kostantina Taseva

    All of the topics are really important, But I personally believe that Obama should focus on Gun Rights and Immigration. The gun control has become an issue in the recent mounts. Many horrible crimes and many innocent people’s death were caused by the free usage of guns. The second thing I consider to be important is Immigration. As a foreigner I see a lot of issues and things that must be changed in favor of the immigrants- Social security policy, driving license and so forth.

  8. Alicia Kolerich

    Since America is $17 trillion in debt I think it’s obvious that the economy should be Obamas first priority. The economy has such a huge affect on peoples lives. It’s sad to hear about people losing their homes and how they are struggling to provide for their families. People need jobs to survive in this world and that’s what Obama needs to focus on.

  9. Ever topic on the list is very important. In the end we all know how the world works and we need to fix our debt that we owe no nation in the world can be prosperous and effective without money. And it seems like our nation is digging itself into a huge whole making it seem like in the end our money will be worthless. We continue to give major tax cuts to corporations with the hope of keeping jobs here but in the end they still leave anyways. In the end this going to hurt everyone in America when it comes down to taxes. We should stop trying to rely on others for jobs and begin to invest our money into our own economy. Making it possible to create jobs in America and begin to rebuild our own economy because when it comes down to it all we have is ourselves. We need to take a few steps back and begin to work on our own economy and stop trying to help the rest of the world for a second.

  10. I believe President Obama needs to go back to the basics and focus on the citizens of America. Educating the young who will be the future of America should take priority. Healthcare, improving the way mental healthcare benefits are determined, mainly the lack of mental healthcare has also become a major problem in the U.S. The foundation of the United States has many cracks that need to be repaired to once again become the strongest and most respected countries in the world.

  11. I believe President Obama should focus on the economy, jobs and taxes. People are losing their jobs left and right and are not able to find new ones. So many people are on unemployment because they aren’t able to get another job and this turns into them continuing to rely on the government. Our nation is extremely in debt and things don’t seem like they are getting any better. How are we supposed to prepare our future generations if we can’t even figure out how to stablize our economy? We need to establish a plan to help the job market and getting more people employed instead of draining our resources.

  12. I believe President Obama needs to go back to the basics and start with educating the young who are the future of America. Healthcare, more importantly mental healthcare needs a major overhaul. The lack of mental healthcare has become a major problem in the U.S. There are many cracks in the foundation of America, these need to be fixed, not patched, so that the America can once again be the respected, most powerful country in the world.

  13. Francisca Castro

    While all the other topics are of great importance, I think the main one for Mr. Obama to concentrate on in his new term is the economy. Without fixing the economy first there is no way to help fix the education problem either. Even though things will not be able to dramatically change in a presidential term there needs to be major changes and advances made for lowering the countrys debt, creating more jobs and aiding the national industries and companies. There are a lot of people without jobs including ones with education and because of it have lost their homes and possessions which just makes the economy and the market even worse. If we want to do better economically as a country and help fix all the other aspects of education and health than we need to urgently fix our financial situation.

  14. Every issue is challenging to president Obama, am not sure which one has the priority over the other, the economic situation needs the president attention of course, a lot of people don’t have jobs, and nations hard financial situation is affecting the school system, a lot of schools are closing every year because they don’t have enough fund to remain open, also health care in this country needs to be a main focal point , even though president Obama is trying his best on this matter, but from my opinion it still needs more work, even though health care in this country is number one in the world but it is also very expensive, And because of the shortage of money public aid insurance is starting to cut some of the benefits from the people who need it. Gun control is one of the biggest problems in USA, president Obama a few days ago took a right step to try to control selling of guns, but this step by itself is not enough to fix the problem, and make people feel safe ,especially after what happened at sandy hook elementary school .immigration and terrorism also need his attention, it is unfair to give one of them the priority while all of them are a serious issues. people need to be secure in their financial situation feel safe in their life, and feel safe in their future. and to achieve this goal we need to work on all these problems.

  15. Cristina Calderon

    I wish there had been an “All of the Above” option. President Obama should focus on The Economy/Jobs/Taxes, Education, Foreign Policy/Terrorism, Guns/Gun Control, Health Care and Immigration all as if they were first priority. He doesn’t work alone. There must be thousands of people that work in the federal government and I wish all the issues could be delegated to government departments that will make each issue their first priority. In response to this post alone there are many opinions–economy, education, gun control–and all for valid reasons to each person. To opine that one issue is more important than another is really just saying that it’s more important to ME and I believe that all the issues are important to EVERYONE in one way or another.

  16. I would give Obama an A because he didn’t discriminate against race. He chose to help the dreamers which came through the same lifestyle as them for a better future and so they feel like part of this country since they already do pay taxes.

  17. briana blassagame

    I think Obama should focus on gun control, over the last couple of months a lot of crimes have been committed with the use of a gun. This is a very serious issue that needs to be addressed, because a lot of victims are innocent bystander’s that don’t deserve this. After Obama has handle this issue then he should focus on the economy/job/taxes for the American citizens.

  18. I think the president should focus on fixing our economy. All of the other issues are important as well but the government being in so much debt cannot fix the education or health care issue. There has to be money to help those issues so the main focus should be getting the government out of so much debt.

  19. President Obama’s first priority for his second term should definitely be fixing this economy. He needs to focus on what’s is impacting the people of this country most. He needs to fix the unemployment issues and work on the ridiculous tax issues as well.

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