National Rifle Association Commercial

Here is the recent advertisement created by the National Rifle Association (NRA).  An interest group, the NRA was created in 1871 and its mission is to fight for the protection of Second Amendment rights.  They lobby members of government (federal, state, and local) to help ensure those rights.

What are your thoughts on the ad?  Does the ad appeal to only members of its organization?  Is the ad aimed at a larger audience?

10 responses to “National Rifle Association Commercial

  1. I comepletely agree that the president and his family have a lot more protection then most people. i can see why it is that way because people are usually planning a killing on the president and or his family, but why can’t every other ordinary person have that protection too? i mean i agree but when it comes to gun some people buy them for protection, but may use them for different reasons.

  2. I feel as though this ad is taking gun control out of context. The president and his family have a reason to be protected which regular citizens do not. You can not stop all acts of violence. You can not govern irrationality. I’m assuming that this ad is catered to all U.S citizens. However, I do not support the banning of weapons in the U.S. If we continue to allow the ‘government’ to control then.. when will it stop? We have an obligation to protect the 2nd amendment.

  3. Christine Hawkins

    I like the ad. It is aimed at American parents and that includes NRA members. I understand that the President and his family need to be protected and I am in agreement with the ad that so does John or Jane Doe and family. The belief that guns don’t kill people, people do is also my belief. Taking away the right of American people to have legal possession of guns which are registered is ridiculous and will NOT solve the problem. The real problem is the responsibility of the gun owners. There are rules to owning guns and when a shooting, like at the Connecticut school, happens it was because of an irresponsible gun owner who had a mentally ill son. Not the gun or guns that the woman owned or the man used. Plus if there was a armed security person at the entrance of that school the death toll would have been less if any.

  4. Shannon Siaperas

    If Obama’s children are protected at their schools by armed guards, then the rest of the children in America should be able to have that same protection. Especially after what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Is Obama saying that his children’s lives are more important than our children’s? And as for a crack down on gun control, that’s not going to stop criminals. And being a law abiding citizen and gun owner myself, I should be able to protect myself against the non law abiding gun owners.

  5. Stephanie Navarrete

    My thoughts on the ad are very conflicting because I do think we should have armed forces at kids school but once the accident happened at sandy hook I am completely lost if we should or not. At least we should have armed forces like the president’s kids and should assign guards the president knows will protect and have a good background check for kids schools. This ad does apple to its audience who are associated with guns cause they could be the people that need it for protection or to protect people. Also, this ad to me appeals to the whole nation especially after Sandy Hook Elementary and the Colorado shooting.

  6. I believe that there should be armed guards and security at schools and public institutions. I am pro ownership of guns however, people do not need to buy semi automatic guns just for protection. I believe that after the recent and not so recent incidents that more protection would be better, I also believe that the security guards need to go through extensive training in order to know how to use the guns. As for Obama having security, there is no exception because he is the president and every president still has security even after he is finished serving his term.

  7. I think that president Obama kids need more protection than other kids; they stand at a higher risk of someone attacking them than other kids at school, everyone understands that some people don’t agree with the president so they could tend to a violence behaviors toward his kids. I am not saying that other kids shouldn’t be protected, of course they should and I also believe that every school should have armed guards around the school specially after the incidents that happened at some schools.

  8. Emerald Stanley

    A select few in society has abused the 2nd Amendment right to bare arms and as a result, innocent lives were lost over the years. In my opinion, because he is the leader of this country, President Obama does have more protection for his family. In all honesty, guns are the very weapons that are used to kill our youth. The president wants a safer America, to eliminate another massacre just like the one in Connecticut. It is becoming easier for people in this country to pick up a gun. Some will even go as far as to rob a gun shop to steal the weapons. The NRA is trying to claim their rights back, but in my opinion, the ad is misleading because we never lost our 2nd Amendment right. The ad is directed towards those who believe in the 2nd Amendment, and also for the benefit of the members who are part of the NRA. The ad had good intentions, but the way the members went about claiming their rights was unnecessary and too over the top.

  9. Scott Rasmussen

    I uderstand that the president and his family are in greater danger of being attacked. However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t. I believe everyone should have an equal right to protect themselves.

  10. I can understand the point this video is trying to make. They’re attempting to make it seem as if The President feels his kids are more important than the rest of the kids in America, which i feel is not the case at all. I truly believe that putting guns into any school is a horrible mistake. whats there stopping a person from just simply watching, learning, and ploting a way to take the gun than go on a shooting spree inside of another school. Even in the wake of the last school shooting i don’t believe new gun control laws are needed or will make a difference. I understand the President has to do something to make it appears as if he’s trying to make sure it’ll never happen again. I fail to see how tightening gun control laws will stop a person from going crazy. One last thing that has always left me a puzzled is the 2nd Amendment. i quote, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”. How in the world does that pertain to the common person like us, or America at all? The 2nd Amendment to me in its purest form is there to protect a states rights to fight back if there should ever be someone or something that infringes on it’s freedom or liberties, not there so people can carry as many gun as they can find. But I feel the most left out part that people always seem to forget is that the 2nd Amendment was written almost 300 years ago at time when a struggling colony was fighting Great Britain, who at the time was a military super power. With keeping all that in mind I believe the 2nd Amendment has no place in modern day America.

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