Do We Need Another Party?

With all the talk surrounding the “fiscal cliff” negotiations and our nation’s economy, it is hard to make sense as to where each political party stands on solving this country’s economic woes.  Democrats sound like Republicans; Republicans sound like Democrats.  It can make your head spin.  This nation was founded on a two-party system, where each party differentiated itself from the other on the issues.  When the country began, Federalists who believed in a strong, centralized government battled with Democratic-Republicans (Anti-Federalists) who believed that more power should reside in the hands of the states.  There was a clear delineation as to where each of these parties stood on the issues.  Today, many argue that there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the Democratic and Republican parties.  Some from that group will argue even further that the parties are not ideological enough.  Those who aruge this position believe that the Democrats should be more liberal and Republicans should be more conservative.  Do we have two moderate parties in the United States or are they more ideological then we make them out to be?  Is this the time for a third party to emerge in the United States?  If so, then what should that party look and sound like?


2 responses to “Do We Need Another Party?

  1. In my opinion neither the Republicans nor Democrats are making a change in our country so I think it is time for a new party. We need a party that will finally be able to make the changes for us that we need. We need someone who will be serious in doing all the right things and focusing more on the middle and low class families rather than the high class families. I want to see someone who is not scared to say yes/no to an important decision. Someone who will not let other people let them down because they are doing what we need.

  2. I don’t believe we need a new party. Even though there is dysfunction in how each party works, I believe it is only practical matters, like corruption and trying to appeal to moderates, than it is a problem with the party ideology. Both parties have completely different stances on issues and completely separate philosophies, so I don’t think it is the theory that needs to be fixed; it is more of a practical problem, like getting our politicians to be held more accountable to us. Even though I’m sure we are all disgruntled, to say the least, with many politicians, a new party is not the solution. Just because the parties are not doing a spectacular job does not mean that this will translate into a new, better ideology of a third party. People are dissatisfied with their respective parties, but that does not mean that they will bond together and be able to create a new party, since they will have opposing viewpoints and philosophies. The problem with parties has to be solved from within each party.

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