What Do You Think?

Here is an ad for Pat McCrory who won in his bid for Governor of North Carolina.  McCrory’s victory was one of the few bright spots for the Republican Party in November.  What message is being conveyed in the ad? What are your thoughts on the ad?


9 responses to “What Do You Think?

  1. The ad conveys a message of hope and the idea that we can make the state great by coming together and forgetting abour politics. It seems to me that McCrory knows that things are bad in North Carolina, and that people hear mostly gloom and doom, so he based this ad around the idea of positivity and hope to grab peoples attention.

  2. The campaign ad for Pat McCrory is about restoring economic stability to North Carolina. He is trying to convey that it is not about a political party but it is about improving the entire state. McCrory does not shy away from the challenges he faces but will actually embrace them. This is a solid ad.

  3. I think what he is trying to say is that politics aside, he has proven to be a hard worker. Along with that he has also shown that, I may be misunderstanding part of his video, he works together with both sides of the isle to get the job done. He was also very positive about his ad and steered clear of any negativity.

  4. This video is very powerful but in a subtle way. His words are important because he chooses them wisely and leaves the impression that a vote for him is not a vote for politics, but a vote for the people. However, I think that the most important part of this short video is what isn’t said; his surroundings speaks even louder. He chooses to his 30 second ad in some sort of empty building or warehouse in it’s natural form, the floor is still wet (which may signify some sort of leak) and as he’s making his claim in how he wants to help, he is slowly walking forward and then he stops and says that he is running for Governor. Strong, very strong.

  5. he is

  6. I definitely think he is going to win his bid. First off, he subtly works in information about his previous position as mayor and the success he had there with out being too in-your-face about it. Then he goes on to talk about he wants to help the people. The video stands out from most campaign videos because it is not a smear campaign against the competition and it is not some ad about all of his abilities. It is simple and straight to the point.

  7. That is Pat McCrory, and he is running for governor. Personally I liked the ad, it was simple and to the point and most of all, not slanderous. I believe Pat is trying to be the people’s people, by luring them in with the potential to be an economic powerhouse. Clever ad.

  8. The ad was very simple and portrayed Pat McCrory is a very personable and approachable manner. It touched on the fact that he was successful in his last political role which would foster some confidence in the citizens of North Carolina. The campaign ad is very hopeful and straight to the point with a solution waiting in the wings if he is elected

  9. This ad was very short, simple, and right to the point. Pat McCrory is running for governor of North Carolina. In this ad, he wasn’t afraid to tell people straight up what his idea was. His idea is very powerful: to forget politics and just make North Carolina a better state. It’s more of a hopeful message, with no negatives added in.

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