Can Hillary Win in 2016?

4 responses to “Can Hillary Win in 2016?

  1. I can see this being true but I believe it is less of Hillary being a strong candidate and more that the Republicans simply don’t have any strong candidates in the national spotlight right now. With that said I believe the backing Hillary would receive would be incredible but would be based more on her husband, Bill and from Obama. They both have the immense amount of pull and clout needed to get the votes for Hillary meaning the GOP really needs to start planning well in advance for the next presidential election and work on getting the perfect candidate in order to beat the Democrats in 2016.

  2. Susano Viramontes

    I also believe that Hillary would be a strong candidate and a hard candidate to beat. However, I differ in the reason as to reason she would be a strong candidate. Even during the Obama – Hillary run, I believed then that Hillary was the better Democratic candidate. Her experience, knowledge, and D.C. relationships has made Hillary a force to be recon with. The Bill Clinton and Obama backing will assist Hillary’s run but will not be a sole factor nor a key factor for her campaign’s success.

  3. Of course she can win. She has proven to be a strong candidate with very high approval ratings. And people still lover her husband. There are a lot of things that can still effect the race though. If the economy is doing well, she will have a better chance. If we are plunged into a double-dip recession, her chances go down. This happens all the time in party politics. As a democrat, the better Obama does, the better Hillary’s chances are. It also helps that there is no obvious choice on the Republican side who has credentials nearly as impressive as hers (First Lady, US Senator, Secretary of State).

  4. I agree that she has a good chance of winning; however, I wonder if her role as Secretary of State during the Benghazi situation will have a significantly adverse effect on her campaign, if she runs. It seems to me she has managed to escape from shouldering some of her due blame, but I don’t think she will go unscathed when she is under strict scrutiny. My question is, will it have enough of an effect to keep from getting elected?

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