Filling Vacancies

4 responses to “Filling Vacancies

  1. Special elections are costly but the only way to ensure the least amount of corruption and cronyism. The voters may not always make the best choices, but it’s still their right.

    Plus it keeps people like me employed!

  2. Ashley Fitzgerald

    A special election is the best choice to fill a US Senator/ US Representative’s vacancy. It would ensure that the proper person is being put into the seat because the majority thinks they’re the best option. If the governer appointed them, it wouldn’t be fair because it would basically be favoritism and consequently, be someone who is not best fit for the position. Leaving the vacancy open wouldn’t be the best idea because they can easily fill it and give someone new an opportunity to uphold the position.

  3. Hands down special election because it avoids corruption of a politician to buy a seat in Government. The people voted in the first time so they must vote again even though its a little troubling but its a duty as a citizen. With the current case of Jesse Jackson a prime example of what now? He was elected then dropped out due to medical issues but now its a question of who will win that spot and can they meet the expectations and responsibility?

  4. Without a doubt vacancies should be filled via a special election and that’s saying a lot coming from me. I strongly believe in cutting costs wherever possible from the government but when it comes to our elected officials doing it right is the only way to do it. The people of this great nation of the right and obligation to choose their leaders.

    Luckily to date Gerald Ford has been the only president who was not elected by the electoral college to the officer of President or Vice President.

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