The “Fiscal Cliff”

6 responses to “The “Fiscal Cliff”

  1. i really don’t think U.S could ever be able to balance its gov. budget and pay off the fisical deficit, because American people are get used to the way they live now. The way they live is so comfortable compare to many developing countries, but is so expensive and cost. I’m not saying having comfortable life is a bad thing. I’m just saying a fact that social serurity, madicare, medicaid and some other income security programs are the major burden to the gov. budget. And american people are the benifiter and owver of these burdens. So how can american people pay back all the budget deficit, when they have lived on it for decades?

  2. I agree that we (american people) have given this country a real burden for the past decades along with the baby boomer effect doesn’t help. But just as a comment I think that to many Americans are abusing the system of welare and unemployment. To me that is just a crutch that enables people to be lazy and have low expectations. I understand that some people actually “need” it but if this goverment did a better job of overseeing this then I think we would be in a better position than we are now. Not letting every Tom, Dick and Harry that doesnt want to work collecting unemployment is a major down fall where this counrty has dropped the ball. Now a days its way to easy for a person to get unemployment and or welfare. In my opinion form this point on Social Security should be privatize; divide out what left in that account and from now on if you don’t work than you don’t get any money in the future when you retire. Keeep track by their social security where they have no one to blame but themselves. Then if you are legally disables (not on drugs) then a percentage will be to your assistance but not ment for you to live off of. Unemployment…..get ride of it. There are to many jobs out there (might not be the one you want but it is a job) for anyone to be unemployed. If you lost your and can’t find one withinn 1 month the only possible outcome is that you are lazy so why should this country continue to go in dept for the stupidity of lazy Americans. Wake up people of Congress you complain America is in dept but yet you continue to substain people you don’t need to. Its time for American to actually stand on thier own two feet. God gave it to them so why aren’t they accountable for using them!!

  3. A better question would be, How do we fix the problem? Instead of playing the blame game, which all politicians are notorious for, we should focus more on fixing the problems and loopholes with the system. As Tiffany said, too many people are abusing the system. The government needs to put stricter laws in effect to stop the abusers.

  4. Ashley Klutcharch

    I agree with Sarah. We shouldn’t really blame anyone, we have to find a way on how to fix it and solve the problem.

  5. In recent weeks, the “fiscal cliff” conversation has overwhelmingly dominated the headlines. I believe the fiscal cliff was designed to be bad policy, but I strongly believe the tax increases and spending cuts contain mostly positive, but painful elements. For instance, raising my individual tax rate will leave me less money to repay my student loans, save for a more fuel efficient car to commute to work, and further delay my plans to move out of my parents’ house. Unfortunately, these tax increases are painful and unjust in many respects, but I am confident the pain will outrage the American people to demand a more accountable and responsible. More or less, I hope the government self-destructs to a certain extent. Such chaos might illustrate how the government has overstepped and overreached its initial function and purpose outlined by the constitution. Essentially, the President wants to tax the wealthy because the federal deficits and debt has now more than ever become a serious threat to the United States economy and national security overall. However, the federal deficit and unsustainable level of debt was not created by the wealthy –it was created by congress. Why should the wealthy be responsible for congress’s spending problem? I believe President Obama should receive most of the blame.

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