Looking Ahead to 2016

It’s not even the end of 2012 and names are already being thrown about for the 2016 Presidential contest.  President Barack Obama is term-limited, so that leaves the Democratic nomination wide open.  Governor Mitt Romney will more than likely not be running for the Republican nomination in 2016.  Since neither 2012 candidate is eligible nor likely to run, both political parties will have their work cut out for them in deciding who their Presidential nominees will be.  Voters, of course, will be the ultimate deciding factor in choosing the party nominees.  On the Democratic side, Vice President Joe Biden, newly elected US Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are most frequently mentioned.  Outgoing Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer and current Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper are also discussed as possible candidates for President.  The Republican side, after two straight Presidential defeats, also has a strong list of possible candidates.  Among them are former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, US Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, and Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey.  Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney’s chief conservative opponent in 2012, has also made overtures about running for President in 2016.  Former US Senator Scott Brown, who lost to Elizabeth Warren in his re-election bid this November, is also seen as a dark horse candidate for the White House.  What should we be watching out for when trying to determine who will run for President in 2016?  Pay attention to those who visit Iowa and New Hampshire in 2013.  Those two states conduct the first caucuses and primaries respectively.  Historically, Iowa and New Hampshire help narrow the field of candidates from the serious and not-so-serious.  Since they are first, it is understandable as to why those with Presidential aspirations visit them.  With that in mind, who do you think will run for President in 2016?

3 responses to “Looking Ahead to 2016

  1. Rand Paul is another potential candidate for the Republicans. As aire to his fathers hardcore libertarian following, Paul has a young base that he can expan from. However, he will have to become less ideologically strict, something his hardcore followers will almost certainly frown upon. Paul has already been making an effort to get his name out and to lessen his reputation as an unflexible partisan. Recently, he said he was willing to work with liberal democrats on common ground issues such as marijuana reform, and he is supposedly working on an immigration reform plan that would allow undocumented immigrants an eventual path to citizenship. Nothings forsure this early in the game, but Paul looks like he may be getting into shape for the presidential marathon -or sprint- of 2016.

  2. I feel like Hillary Clinton would make a good candidate as well as Mark Rubio. Hillary Clinton could throw around the woman card being that everyone was gung-ho about voting for Obama because that would make him our first Black President. I remember that year was very intense because everyone was excited to possibly have such a President. I don’t know much about Mark Rubio, but being a senator for Florida, he could possibly win Florida’s vote. He would just have to win a lot more of course. I just think that they both could find a good angle to work off of and make it a very intriguing race.

  3. It looks right now like Hillary Clinton may be the best name for the democrats because it seems like her last name still seems to synonymous with economic prosperity. I’m not sure how likely a Bush candidacy would be because his last name is synonymous with quite the opposite. It also looks like there is a high chance that Marco Rubio may be the Republican candidate because the republicans are starting to notice an importance in both the hispanic and youth vote.

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