Black Friday


5 responses to “Black Friday

  1. I feel unless you are looking for electronics black friday is a waste of time. Yeah you can get some percentages off but if you just stay at home and do not shop, you will save even more money! Its ridiculous to me how shoppers rave over nonessential items just because it on sale!

  2. so i went shopping on black friday and well WOW is all i can say…My first stop was target i wasn’t there to get anything big just a few small gifts…i was amazed to see how many children were there with there parents shopping picking out there toys and im not even talking about teens….i felt like what kind of christmas spirit is that…all we are showing is that kids can get what ever they ask for….Then my final stop was woodfeild mall just to see what it was like for it to be open at 12am…..once again i was in shock that at 1:30 am there were kids playing in the play area …and how many teens were there it was worse then on its busiest holiday shopping day….i was just pure madness.. what have we come too? i mean really do people even spend time with there families anymore…or set any boundaries for there kids…. the only reason i was able to go was because my gf kids were with there father and neither on of us have a big family so we had the time to kill… Family value has really gone down the drain ….its quiet sad.

  3. I did not go Black Friday shopping but I did here all different kinds of stories from there exsperiences. While I was at home watching the news on thanksgiving some one in line waiting at best buy said, “my mom said if I didn’t save her a spot in line I couldn’t get a thanksgiving meal.” I just thought how crazy people get to get good prices on clothing, but there is also the people who make a tradiiton out of it and is like a second holiday for them. So Black Friday is a never ending argument on how good or bad it is that cant be settled.

  4. Margoth Rodriguez

    Being pushed and irritated does not seem like my idea of fun. Also, standing in lines in not on my top 10 list of fun activities to do. I would rather just pay the extra $10 dollars and purchase it. However, I am a huge proponent of “Cyber Monday.”

  5. Black Friday is just a name for shopalcoholic people and that supposed to have deals but actually the stores think smarter they simply higher the price and then tag it as a sale when actually that the actually price from the get go and when we here the word sell we go for it plus the stores are even crowded is a disaster long lines sleeping outside of store plus the items that’s on sales its only a few in stock so it could be a waste of time and sleep.But i think if u want anything it doesn’t matter how much it cost just save and buy it depending on deal are not.

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