How To Make A Successful Internet Ad

The following Internet ad is from 2010 for Dale Peterson, a one-time candidate for Alabama Agriculture Commissioner.  This ad, for the obscure state position, gained a lot of international attention due to Peterson’s candid nature and the creativity of the ad.  Peterson ended up finishing third in the Republican primary, but a follow-up ad, which was as creative as this one, was made where he supported one of his GOP opponents in the runoff election.

In your opinion, what made this ad stand out?


2 responses to “How To Make A Successful Internet Ad

  1. Courtney Michalik

    I think this ad received so much attention because he was very personable and talked about things that others would know about. Like he spoke of Facebook and the drama that it can cause in a situation, such as an election. Also, he brought his everyday life into the short ad and promoted his farm life and at one point held a gun in his arms. He was trying to make the people of a particular state or group come together and have all sides understand his view points. He got the attention of everyone as he planned by having animals present, guns for the southerners, Facebook talk for the younger crowd, and him genuinely and gossiping to keep attention to viewers.

  2. In my opinion, all political candidates look like clones. They all wear the same business attire and give off the “I’m better, smarter, and richer than you” impression. Sure, that maybe be a bit judgemental, but it’s true. They represent what “success” is supposed to look like. Now, although this man is obviously successful, he took a more personal approach when filming this commercial; He wore his cowboy attire and is holding a gun. In addition, he also mentioned his other careers: a cop, farmer, businessman, and a marine in the Vietnam War. Due to these experiences, he is able to connect with others in these career paths, or have shared his experiences. Taking this approach is more beneficial compared to the businessman one because he is running for The Alabama Agricultural Commission. Basically, he took on a personal connection with the general society and used it to his advantage. People tend to vote for those that share the same opinions and beliefs.

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