President Obama’s Second Term


4 responses to “President Obama’s Second Term

  1. Margoth Rodriguez

    The economy should be the first priority of the President. Stimulating the economy by increasing jobs and decreasing federal spending are areas that should primary points. Next, on his agenda should be education because as a teacher I see everyday what it our students deal with everyday.

  2. Margoth Rodriguez

    The economy should be the first priority for President Obama. This country needs to figure how to keep jobs in this country and increase jobs. Second priority needs to be education. As a teacher, I see what my students endure regarding to the inequalities of the education system. It needs to change.

  3. I think the first thing the president should focus on is pretty obvious, and it is our country’s economy. I see many Americans view that Obama didn’t really do much for our economic state in the past four years, but people don’t understand that when he took office our economy was dramaticly going down and he put it to a halt. Wich is why I think his first priority should be our economy becouse it is something I see that needs more work than any of the other choices above.

  4. I strongly agree with Danny V. The president needs to focus on improving the economy. I also think it is unfair to blsme him for the bad state of our nation’s finances. I am hopfully that this term we will see some improvment in this area.

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