What was most surprising to you? (Election Edition)


8 responses to “What was most surprising to you? (Election Edition)

  1. Although I was strongly against Romney becoming the president, I’m extremely surprised that he didn’t. I thought for sure he was going to win Florida and the electoral votes. The votes in general seemed to be very close throughout the entire election. However, Obama is the president again, and I hope to see him focus on our country this time; NOT focus on getting re-elected. (Even though that’s what they all do the first term).

  2. Honestly, the biggest surprise for me was that Romney didn’t win in Massachusetts. He talks about how he was such a great Governor there but they didn’t even vote for him.

  3. I was vey astonished he did not win Florida ,I forsure thought he was going to win that paricular state. Eventhough i am against Romney, i assumed he would win Florida.Overall i am glad to see Obama re-elected and hope he does many accomplishments within his tem.

  4. i honestly didn’t pay enough attention. i voted for who i wanted and found out who won and didn’t say anything

  5. Although I knew MA was traditionally a blue state, I was surprised the Republicans lost Michigan and Wisconsin too. Once MI and WI were called on election night, I knew Obama would also win Ohio this election cycle and ultimately the presidency.

  6. My biggest surprise was Obama getting re-elceted because so many people were saying how they want change and how terrible Obama was. Seeing Obama get the most popular votes was very shocking to me. I really thought Romney was going to become the next president.

  7. Margoth Rodriguez

    I was extremely surprised that Romney did not win Wisconsin and Massachusetts. These two states were represented by these candidates and neither state chose them.

  8. I really thought Romney had a chance. A lot of people who voted for Obama 4 years ago were considering voting for Romney this time around, mainly becuase he was a successful business man and seemed to have more knowledge on how to be run businesses, and how the economy really works.

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