Will You Vote?


3 responses to “Will You Vote?

  1. Yes do get out and Vote but if you are waiting till the ballot comes out to get involved in the political system You have already lost your best chance to make a difference in how it comes out.

    I don’t like the trickery we are finding in our voting system. It is not enough to know how you stand, It isn’t even enough to be extremely careful and well informed. The out and out open fraud makes our political system almost pointless.

    This year I am left voting a straight Democratic ticket without any possibility of doing otherwise. I would vote for true Republicans that I saw as fair and honest but now it’s impossible to find one sense the current Romney supporters have taken over the internet we can’t know the truth about anyone anymore.

    The Republican party is now run by people who are not Republicans…they are Terrorists! The kind that says we don’t care that YOU PAY US to represent you we have our own agenda. We don’t care if you have a job. We don’t care if you can feed your family. We don’t care about anyone who doesn’t already have money. Dishonesty doesn’t matter, Fairness doesn’t matter. YOU DON’T Matter!


    My vote is my way of saying that I don’t like that way of doing business.

  2. I am not registered to vote. However, I do not like either candidate, and therefore, I chose not to vote. I wish that third party candidates had more power and money to run and campaign, because odds are they have better ideas and plans than the typical “Democrat or Republican.” Unfortunately though, this will never happen.

  3. I look forward to my right to vote. Also, I believe that the country has been politically divided for some time and that there exists very few undecided voters.

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