The Second Presidential Debate

8 responses to “The Second Presidential Debate

  1. I felt Governor Romney won the debate his record shows he knows how to fix the economy and restore jobs. President Obama’s record shows in nearly 4 years no improvement and did not in my mind say anything to make me think another 4 years would be any different.

  2. While he did not always play by the rules, I think Gov. Romney came out a bit stronger. His direct questions to Obama (albeit not allowed) put obvious pressure on the President. In particular, the question of whether he called the attack in Lybia an act of terror the day after. The other aspect of that question I think needs to be noted was the moderators interjection on behalf of the President. Apparently she didn’t always play by the rules as well.

  3. In my opinion one one won. It’s politics!!!!! which people sometimes forget. They are supposed to get in front of the camera and sale themselves by any means necessary in order to “win” the country’s trust and vote. At the end of it all the only party that is GUARANTEED a definite benefit is the financial supporters; those multi-billonaire businesses that are INVESTING attached money on the candidate. And as for Rick above, I think that you need to do a bit more research(with all respect)

  4. I can’t believe people really thought that Mitt Romney actually held up a legit debate. Romney said a lot of things that just made him look unfit as a leader of this country. One thing he said was “I went to a number of woman’s groups and said ‘Can you help us find folks?’ and they brought us whole binders full of women.” A whole binder full of women? Come on Romney, you know how ridiculous you sounded when you said that? There was also another moment when Romney tried making Obama look bad when he tried saying that Obama had not called the Benghazi attack an “act of terror,” when in fact he did say it was an act of terror. This shows that Romney would try to say anything to make Obama look bad, and for those who thought the moderators interjection was on behalf of the President, she was just stating a fact that Romney tried lying about. When are they suppose to report that the candidate lied? After the debate when everybody stops watching? Yea, I don’t think so. Which is why I believe that President Obama won this debate hands down. ( I hope this is enough for the extra credit)

  5. Obama won the second debate here. If anything it seems Romney dug a hole for himself with some of his remarks. It just seemed like he was not as prepared as Obama was. It almost sounded like he used his impromptu speaking skills at one point; which essentially gave his opinions and statements little to no depth. Despite who won the debate, it doesn’t matter. You all have a “winner” in mind before the first word is even spoken. Naturally we do not want to admit we are wrong, and will selectively consider what we hear to convince ourselves our “winner” actually won.

  6. I thought Obama hit this one out of the park. Mitt Romney failed to get his “knockout punch” through because the moderator stepped in and corrected him when it came to Libya. I was kind of glad that she did even though she is not supposed to, but honestly I think it’d be pretty nice if moderators did step in to do fact check. It would be nice to not have to wait till the end to know what lies or mistruths Obama and Romney are telling us. If undecided voters could see how the candidates react when they’re caught lying right away, their decision would be much easier.

  7. Elton Gjikdhima

    It’s the first debate that matters most. It usually has the biggest audience. It sets the stage for the subsequent debates and indeed for the rest of the campaign. For a decisive comeback, Obama needed a weak performance,and probably a gaffe or two by Romney. He didn’t get that. Instead, the same passionate and focused Romney who buried Obama in the first debate showed up again. Even though Obama won the second debate and maybe the third one ,what it is more important for some undecided voters is the first debate, because it is about the inside issue rather than international politics.

  8. First of all I dont know who rickmahler is from above(1st one) but he needs to get his facts straight before he puts out ignorant B.S like that. Have you not researched the unemployment rate, percentage of soilders returning fron Iraq and all other things that has been going on but wasnt when Bush was in office. A little advise do your own research instead of watching the T.V….. P.S Obama Rocked it!!

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