Vice-Presidential Debate Poll

3 responses to “Vice-Presidential Debate Poll

  1. I think that Biden won the debate. He pointed out concrete facts about what happened and will happen, where as Ryan used generalized statements. Also, the news pointed out that Paul Ryan lied about certain statistics, such as the unemployment rate.

  2. I was not impressed with Biden’s demeanor during the debate. I think he came across as smug and because of this some of his comments (although well stated) were distracted.

  3. I felt that Congressman Paul Ryan won the debate. I only watched about 45 minutes of the debate but within those 45 minutes I felt that Ryan was more confident in his responses and also very much more respectful. I also didn’t like the way Biden acted during the debate and also found it distracting. Especially when they do the split screen with an image of both the candidates. Also, when it comes to the facts I think both parties are wrong in some of their statistics, it’s just a matter of who had the most incorrect statisitics. This should be an interesting election though.

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