President Obama at the First Presidential Debate

3 responses to “President Obama at the First Presidential Debate

  1. I watched some of the debate. I noticed how Romney kept repeating how Obama was going to cut Medicare/Medicaid, even though Obama explained the purpose of cutting it. However, Romney seemed to disregard it.

  2. I don’t think Obama even did bad and I don’t get why people keep saying he did. He played it laid back and cool. At least Obama didn’t flip flop the entire debate unlike Romney

  3. In all honest President Obama seemed a little to relaxed. I don’t know if that was his stragey but it seemed like he was going over a check list more so than entertaining a debate. Romney on the other hand was a straight bull dog. From go he came out wanting to bite his head off. A debate is suppose to be a firm stance of communication of your position so in that sence Romney won.

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