Younger Voters in 2012


7 responses to “Younger Voters in 2012

  1. Since the generations that were young when September 11 happened are now able to vote they want to have an impact in what happens for the future generations.

  2. I turned 18 on November 7th 2008, one day after the electrion. During this time I was in government class in high school. Although we discussed obama and mccain until the point where i wanted to rip my hair out, most people did not pay any attention in my class. We discussed both parties’ plans of action and beliefs. However, due to the fact that most of the students still remained ignorant of the election, i feel that many of the students only voted because they finally could. They didn’t actually study the election and make an informed decision. A lot of students voted because Obama was black. Others voted because of who their parents were voting for. Basically, I think that with age comes wisdom, and maybe now these young people will make a different decision this time around.

  3. I fall at the end o the age group in this poll. Unless something catastrophic happens I’m pretty much going to vote.

  4. Ashley Fitzgerald

    I think about the same amount of people will be voting. Last election was a bit more exciting so I feel like more people wanted to vote then especially young people. However, many people will still vote because they know every vote counts.

  5. Margoth Rodriguez

    I feel like younger voters will vote this time around in high numbers because many of the things being voted on will have dramatic effect on their future. When I was in college people were able to get jobs when they graduated and get loans in order to go to college. Now, many are having trouble finding jobs because of the state of our economy and I hope that they want to see a change. Also, with the huge push in social media and the news for younger Americans to vote I think it will have an impact on them.

  6. I feel it will be 10-14% because there are people away at school and probably will forget to vote with all the school work and distractions they have. Also, with 18 and 19 year olds they are not that involved in politics like the united states use to be. We are losing voters because some just dont care because it doesnt matter or too much time consuming. I am one of the people who forgot to register to vote, but watched every debate.

  7. I believe that the percentage will stay about the same, around 15%. Many peole that are now 18 and able to vote are now realizing the issues that are arrising. They see how this will effect them, in school, jobs and many more.

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