The Responsible Party Model

According to the responsible party model, political parties have distinct platforms which they should carry out when their members get elected.  To accept this model, you must believe that they are clear ideological and philosophical differences between the parties.  Those distinct parties would accept responsibility related to the government’s performance while they are in charge.  With the Presidential debates upon the American people, both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will attempt to draw distinctions between each other.  Once elected, they, as members of their respective parties, would then take responsibility for the performance of government.

Do you believe that parties adhere to the responsible party model?  Do you believe there are clear distinctions between the parties and the Presidential candidates?  Do you follow the mantra of Huey P. Long, the brash Louisiana politician who had a disdain for the two-party system? His comments can be found in the video below.  What are your thoughts?


4 responses to “The Responsible Party Model

  1. I do believe each party has distinct platforms, however even if you believe either one is correct it will not make a hill of beans unless you if you change congress.

  2. Political party platforms are used to highlight party positions on a wide range of topics. If they were not different there would be no need for different political parties. On the campaign trail, nominees strive to gain public support based on the current hot topics. Whenever something controversial or major occurs, they tend to take the opportunity to say they would do whatever they believe the majority of public wants to hear. Thee cynicle side of me agrees with Huey Long’s no difference comparison. The fact is that candidates have their hands tide , once ellected, if they do not have overwhelming public support or the party control of the Congress.

  3. Ashley Fitzgerald

    I feel that neither candidate is EXTREMELY far left or right. It seems like the lines between the two platforms are becoming more and more blurred. Democrats are taking on rebublican ideas and vice versa just to win the vote.

  4. I believe there are differences between the two major parties. The republicans and democrats have different approaches to foreign policy, social programs and the role of government. However, I think we have a system that resists change. As a result, most politicians who are elected find it difficult to adhere to their promises. Therefore, most politicians and political parties don’t follow the responsible party model, not out of choice, but because of circumstances beyond their control. There are probably politicians who lie to get elected though. We also must understand that candidates sometimes make promises and when they get elected they find out that what they were promising to do was wrong.

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