Will You Vote?


5 responses to “Will You Vote?

  1. I intend to vote, the sad fact is that many people feel as though their vote really doesnt matter. More so in states that are strong red or blue.

  2. Wars have been fought and lives have been lost for our right to vote. I have a difficult time understanding the rationale for making the decision to not vote.

  3. I would love to vote, but i can not because i am not a citizen, but, in 2016,, I will be one of the first to register. One thing is in my mind that neither from candidates does not convince me to give the vote. If i could vote would be difficult to choose, but one thing is for sure. I will use my right to Vote.

  4. Ashley Fitzgerald

    I am going to vote because I really want the candidate I’m voting for to win and every vote counts!

  5. From being in the class and learning more about politics i wish i have registered to vote because i have watched every debate and seems like a pretty good match. I definitely know who i would of voted for from watching and hearing what they have to say.

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